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Take a Dive

You ever sit back and take stock of how your life has been lately?  Just some reflection on how you’re feeling, what you’ve been doing, et cetera?  Mrs. AP popped me into that headspace this morning with one very simple comment.  As we lay snuggling after I got home from work she was gently playing with me — no urgency, just enjoying the feel of me in her hand — and after several minutes of me taking my time to respond to her ministrations she asked “Have you noticed your sex drive has dropped?”  And just like that, I was in self-examination mode trying to figure out what’s going on with me.

It’s true, of course.  Mrs. AP is highly perceptive when it comes to me, my moods, and my reactions.  She often figures out what’s going on in my head before I do, which is a wonderful blessing for me because she gives insight I seem to lack, but it’s a curse for her when she knows what my issue is and is still waiting for me to figure it out.  I’ve been trying to get better at understanding how I tick — I can do it with technical stuff all day long, why not with myself, dammit — but I still very often feel like I’m way behind the eight ball on figuring myself out.  Despite that, I started digging around in this cluttered head of mine and I’ve come away with a few things that I think I can change to get me back to being my multiple-times a day randy self again.