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Flog Me and Fuck Me

So you want to ravage each other tonight?”  Mrs. AP asked, a deep shiny gleam in her eye as she pounced me.

Ohhh, that sounds delightful, ” I responded.

What do you want to do?”  She asked, sitting back a little, beaming down at me.

I want you to flog me and fuck me.”  I stated my intentions boldly, not giving myself time to think about how big a step this would be, or how much I would have to let go.  I was letting my body and my needs lead me, and I needed to be Hers in ways people outside of BDMS just don’t understand.

She sat up a little more, looking at me quizzically for a moment, before leaning forward and asking “How do you want this to happen?  What do you want me to use?  This is our negotiation time; I want to make sure I won’t take things too far and hurt you.

I looked into her eyes and held my voice steady as I said “Use your fingers, use toys, than take the strap-on and fuck me.  I trust you.  You won’t hurt me.

Good, ” She said.  “Then go to the bathroom and when you come out I’ll have some tasks for you.


Switch It Up

In the realm of BDSM the grouping of individuals is generally regarded in Binary terms.  Dom and sub.  Master and slave.  Many of you readers strongly identify with one of these labels; just a quick look down the blogroll even shows these terms in several of your blog titles.  Whether you’re training your slave to follow orders or you just really need your partner to bend you over and spank you sometimes, the deep need to operate within that mode is such a strong part of you that you feel something is missing when you don’t get proper playtime.  In a way, I envy you, because the need to feed just one mode does not exist within me.  I do not have the strong, overwhelming urge to be a good little submissive to Mrs. AP all of the time, nor do I feel that correlating urge to dominate her all the time.  No, SINful friends, I have it much better and much worse.  When it comes to those kinds of urges, I get them both.

I am a Switch.