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The Saga Continues

Continuing the updates provided by my previous post, Mrs. AP now has her prescription for her UTI — thank you Lily Lloyd for the offer to help! —  and is scheduled for a D and C this morning.  The number of complex maneuvers required to make this happen would make the Navy Blue Angels blanch.   As I’ve not the time to draw the diagrams required for a proper demonstration I trust my list-making skills will suffice.

  • Medicaid eligibility is determined in Florida by The Department of Children and Families (DCF)
  • Medicaid coverage includes multiple sub-providers or plan names
  • Medical service providers may accept one Medicaid plan to the exclusion of others

Follow me so far?  Here’s what Mrs. AP did — while growing increasingly frustrated, suffering increasing pain, and fighting the fatigue her anemia triggers — to overcome the ridiculous failings of the current system.

  • Call the pharmacy where we tried to fill her prescription Sunday night, learn the (not accepted) Medicaid plan was still in effect.
  • Call Medicaid, sit on hold for 20 minutes before talking with 1 representative and then 1 manager to learn that the Pregnancy plan we need is active on the account but that the unaccepted sub-plan is still attached until November 1.  Furthermore, the account is now marked for all benefits to expire October 31.
  • Call the sub-plan provider to obtain a list of Obstetricians who will accept said sub-plan.  Try not to yell at the representative who is surprised to find not a single office in the county.  Obtain a list of the 3 closest offices, a respective 24, 33, and 56 miles from our house.  Also be told that “most everybody accepts the prescription coverage, just not Walgreens.”
  • Call the closest office to learn they only have Doctors and Mid-Wives available on Wednesdays.
  • Call the next closest office, get an appointment scheduled at their closer office for mid-afternoon yesterday (Tuesday now).
  • Call the closest non-Walgreens Pharmacy.  Be told they no long accept the particular sub-plan.
  • Call the next-closest Pharmacy, arrange for a transfer of prescription, to be available for pickup around noon.
  • Call DCF to determine why coverage now expires on Halloween.  Sit on hold for 30 minutes.  Give up and give in to exhaustion; take a short nap.


Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Thank you, SINful friends.  It is with great pleasure I pass the word that Mr. No Name came out of his surgery Friday safely.  He was in good enough spirits to insist the nurse calling his wife to refer to his wife as sexy.  He also seems to have recovered some missing range of motion in his feet.  I am certain all the well wishes, prayers, etc. helped skew the good karma in his direction.  Job well done, everyone.

And Mr. No Name, be ye ever so humble, you deserve the attention my friend.  Good on ya for pulling through.

Stay SINful, friends.

Show Some Love

SINful friends, I have a request.

Today Mr. No Name is having back surgery.  As he once put it:

I know the infection rate at the hospital I am having itdone at is nearly zero and my doctor’s infection rate is zero. I know the doctor has never lost or paralyzeda patient. I know the worst outcome willbe a lack of improvement, but the likely outcome is , increased stability andmobility and absence of pain.But Iremain concerned.

Keep Mr. No Name in your thoughts today, please.  Send him good energy, pray for him, wish him well, etc.  The man is a staunch supporter of us here at abSINthePassion, and we want do all we can to return the favor.

Thank you.

And you, Mr. No Name, I expect to be reading this post the weekend or week after your surgery as you recover safely and successfully.  I want to be seeing more of you, my friend.


Stay SINful, friends.