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SINfully Sexy Blogs

Today is a happy day here in my little corner of the internet, SINful friends, for my journey as a Sex Blogger has run around full circle.

As I’ve detailed a few times, I got the idea to begin my own blog after following breadcrumbs from the wonderful Kissin Blue Karen, upon whom Mrs. AP had stumbled while looking up info on our local Swingers Club Eyz Wide Shut.  Karen had recently been featured on a list of the sexiest bloggers of 2011, and by following that link I found other powerful, confident, vulnerable, normal people who shared their thoughts, experiences, and explorations of all things sexual.  I found kindred spirits, most profoundly in the (now silent) Our Open Marriage Adventures and What’s In A Name.  I found my voice.  After running the idea past Mrs. AP, AbSINthe Passion was born.

Today that same site through which I found other wonderful blogs was updated for 2012.  I am deeply humbled and honoured to find myself among those chosen as The Sexiest Blogs of 2012.  I feel like the loop has closed; the list through which I found others now includes myself.  The idea rather makes my head spin.  More to my delight, however, is how many of my fellow bloggers — bloggers whom I follow regularly and consider to be friends — also made the list.  Please, visit the list and explore somebody new, or revisit old friends.   Every author on that list — and thank you Red Region for compiling this list year after year! — is a strong, powerful voice that never fails to provide a new and wonderful perspective.

Also, the variety is quite sexy.


Stay SINful, friends.

SINful Inspirations

There comes a time when I am weary
Seeking a place whereupon my head may rest
Or comes a time when I an nearly
Like to rip a hole out of my chest
Perhaps libido flares with need to rise
And seeks release where it loves best
There is a place all turn with no surprise
To find warmth and comfort upon my lover’s breast


SINful Tease – A Sinful Sunday Post

I can’t help but want to show you
My urge to reveal is strong
But I need some motivation
Tell me my urge isn’t wrong
Tell me what you want to see
What you want your eyes to adore
Beg for me with lips and eyes
Only then will you see some more



Dressing the Part

When it comes to any event, it’s always best to dress in accordance with the accepted norms for the event.  Just as one would not wear a bikini to a formal event or vice versa, one should be mindful of the proper attire when visiting a place like Eyz Wide Shut.   While EWS is a Swinger’s Club and the idea is to “dress to impress”, everybody has a different idea of just what exactly that entails.  EWS attempts to make this easier for attendees by laying out a dress code that is, I expect, very similar to other similar establishments.  As they outline in their Dress Code portion of the FAQ, men and women should wear as follows:


  • Business Casual
  • Sexy Dresses
  • Stylish Jeans
  • Dress Pants
  • Heels, Sandals, or Dress Shoes


  • Business Casual
  • Collar / Tailored Shirts or Pullovers
  • Stylish Jeans
  • Dress Pants
  • Dress Shoes

This all sounds simple, right?  It’s general Club Attire, designed to catch the eye and let others know how ready to play one might be.  But what if your idea of Club Attire is different from the norm?  What if the only club you’ve ever frequented, in fact the only club where you’ve ever felt a sense of belonging, has a different sort of dress code?  What then?