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Altered States

Along with the historic votes on Marriage Equality in four states in the United States in November, 2012 also came two historic decriminalization measures passed in the stats of Colorado and Washington.   With the passing of these measures there now exists the regulated control of previously illegal substances — specifically marijuana, which is still illegal at the federal level — with which consenting adults can choose to alter their mental states.  Until a recent bout of agony did I begin to understand the appeal.


Stress Sucks

SINful friends, thank you for weathering the relative absence felt here over the past few weeks.  I know my posts have largely been limited to my 30 Days of Truth updates — a noble endeavor in it’s own right — which aren’t incredibly titillating.   My absence is largely attributable to that one common malady of the modern human condition; stress!

(Pun intended) I can’t stress this enough; I don’t always handle stress well.  While I can usually maintain a calm demeanor and keep a cool head about me, the trade-off of me not going into screaming rages and becoming hostile to those around me is that my interest level in non-critical aspects of my life takes a severe beating.  While I love this space and love my regular readers, when I can either dedicate my time to Mrs. AbsinthePassion and our family or make an posting here, this web space will lose out.

I don’t want to leave all of your in the lurch, though; our relationship is still developing, but I’m still dedicated to being open and honest here and using this space to connect with people.  Whether I don’t reach anybody at all or I eventually help somebody better cope with his situation, I want this little corner of the digital realm to be one where truth, openness, and acceptance prevail.

As such, here’s a little bit of what we’ve been dealing with lately that has kicked my stress level into insanity levels: