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Love in the Time of Toddlers

I wish I could be bringing you a sexy update, SINful friends. I know, we’re three posts into the new year and I’ve not given details on any mind blowing orgasms, incredible blowjobs, or delicious squirtings. It’s hard, you see, to have such wonderful times when there’s a three year old sleeping in your bed. Although things can get amusing when she decides to wake up after sleeping in her “big girl bed” on the floor next to yours.

Being Kinky Parents

Mrs. AbsinthePassion and I are far from a Vanilla couple.  Even by many Swinger standards we sit outside the accepted norms.   She’s straight-ish, while I’m Bi (more properly, Queer, which is a whole discussion unto itself.)  We’re Polyamorous.  And we’re active in the BDSM lifestyle;  she’s been going to Fetish Circuit for years on end and is a VERY good Domme, I’m still learning but make a good Switch so far.  We both have profiles on FetLife, where I have 147 fetishes listed as being into in one manner or another and an additional 14 about which I am curious.  We have a good variety of impact and bondage toys in the house, with a good focus on whips, crops, paddles, and cat-o-nine tails.  It’s a curious thing, as the exposure in the BDSM Lifestyle can, at times, make basic swinging seem, well, Vanilla.

Between looking for a boyfriend, looking for swing play, and the BDSM exploration on top of our very active sex life anyway, we are often stuck with one very serious, sobering question.  “How do we deal with the kids?”

Mrs. AP and I are both very sex positive.  We tell the 14 year old Genius Child that, when it comes time for him to start exploring things, we want him to be safe and responsible.  We have had several talks on proper safety procedures, proper emotional preparedness, etc.  While we know he’s intelligent enough to understand health risks and pregnancy scares, we’re not entirely certain his emotional intelligence is quite at the level yet to grasp things.  Nevertheless, we keep the lines of communication very open, and encourage him to come to us with any questions or concerns.  Usually this means he talks to me, as “talking to Mom” just makes him uncomfortable.  As a former teenage male, I understand, and I take great honor in being close enough to him after only 2 years in his life that he will discuss his concerns with me.

Then there are the 2 younger ones; Princess and Tank. (more…)