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Business and Pleasure Can Mix: A Wicked Wednesday Post

The following story is a work of erotic fiction; a fantasy inspired from my younger, more timid days.  Feel free to skip it if such things do not appeal to your sensibilities.


Doubling Down

Last week I finally got a chance to fulfill one of my fantasies, thanks to a great deal of understanding and assistance from Mrs. AP and a timely visit to our house by Red.  You might remember Red.  He was the featured guest in An Unexpected Threesome last year.  He’s also properly medicated now, which makes him a great deal of fun to be around.   He’s jovial, witty, a bit raunchy, and overall a much better version of himself.  It’s refreshing to see him like this.  Compare to the four years I knew him while he had no access to the proper medication, the difference is incredible.  It makes me like him far more than I expected I could when we first met.  He’s told me the feeling is mutual.  We’re cool.

Moving on.  While Red was staying the night, getting away from pressure of work and family and generally needing to decompress, he retired to his usual spot when he stays over; on our bed.  You see, our place is small, and the best place to gather to watch TV together is the bedroom, so on the bed he flops.  Also, he’s family.  It works.  And while on the bed, once the kids were all tucked away for the night, he made himself more comfortable by stripping.  Not much had to come off, mind you; he was in his boxer briefs prior to that point, but he finds them confining.  I understand.  Boy bits need room to breathe, after all.

After he was naked for a bit, I joined him in the land of nudity and removed by jeans and underwear.  This left only Mrs. AP wearing anything, nestled between us in her tee shirt and underwear.  I curled up on my side and nestled against her, caressing her legs and rubbing her arms, all the while glancing at Red fully on display and ever so slightly plump in the warmth of the room.  My thoughts started racing, imagining the possibilities now that there were two naked men on the bed sandwiching a mostly naked Mrs. AP.  To no surprise to me — or really to Mrs. AP, for that matter — I was soon rock hard and pressed against her leg, which soon led to me dripping down her leg as a gentle river of precum began to meander about.  She noticed this, repeatedly, and alternated between pretending to be shocked and being deliciously amused.  This went on for ten to fifteen minutes, before Mrs. AP pretended to need to stretch and leaned forward on the bed, arching her back and rocking up on her knees.  In this position Red and I had a fantastic view of Mrs. AP’s barely covered ass and pussy, and we both wasted no time in caressing every inch of her we could reach before I hooked a finger into her skimpy underwear and pulled it to the side to reveal her plump, sweet lips.  Red and I both reached for her, his fingers against mine, as we teased Mrs. AP’s lips and gently slid just inside her.  As she moaned, I slid one finger down to tease her clit while Red pushed a finger farther inside her, filling her slowly.  Mrs. AP rocked her hips back against us, before leaning back — pulling both our hands away in the process — and teasingly mentioning that she hadn’t issued an invitation.  We all laughed, and Red quipped “Fine, can we get you naked and play with you?”  Mrs. AP looked at me questioningly.  In response, I pressed my throbbing, hard cock against her leg and nodded.  Just like that, off came her shirt and thong.


What’s Your Fantasy?

Fantasies.  We all have them.  Some are relatively tame, some are relatively wild, but they all come down to one thing — satisfying some part within that yearns.  Yearns for a tropical vacation for a week; yearns for a backpacking trip across Europe; yearns for a sexual experience that would make even Jenna Jameson blush.

Sometimes people repress their fantasies.  I know for a great time I did.  My emotional state was in such turmoil that I stopped fantasizing.  I had Mrs. AbsinthePassion satisfying so many of my needs and was so scared of ever losing that security and comfort that my fantasies went on their own fantasy vacations.  Only as I’ve become comfortable with myself again, and worked through my own issues, hangups, and mental blocks have my fantasies been returning.

Thankfully, gratefully, Mrs. AP and I being both open and active on the Poly/Swing spectrum enables us both to pursue fantasies that would leave most Vanilla couples balking.  A MMF threesome?  Some couples can’t handle that, but as my lovely regular readers (thank you all!) know, Mrs. AP and I are no strangers to having another guy involved.  Thus far, our action in such threesomes has involved either having Mrs. AP being spit-roasted (whether by 2 cocks or by cock and hand, whatever) or the other guy and I being involved in some male-on-male oral action while Mrs. AP watches.  Some variation of these themes has thus far stayed true.  But in my mind (and hers) there are things we still yearn to do.  Things we crave to try.  Things about which we fantasize.


A hard friend is good to find

I may have mentioned this before, but in my current job my work schedule is an overnight shift Saturday through Tuesday.  While this diminishes my ability to get out and about over the normal weekend, I still get time off from work as soon as I get home Wednesday morning until I have to leave again Saturday evening.  Keeping to that schedule of “up all night, sleep all day” isn’t as glamorous as rock stars make it out to be, but it does mean that when Mrs. AbsinthePassion and I want to go out late it’s not impacting our ability to function very much.  Wednesday was one of those nights.

Our friend R — whom Mrs. AP has known for years — scheduled in a get together for us after our soiree in Ybor City that eventually led us to The Castle last Friday.  We ran a little late in the shower, and by the time we got to Tijuana Flats to meet him they were 10 minutes to closing, so we opted to get it all to go and head back to his place.  It was more convenient, and as a successful member of an IT branch of a large corporation, this also meant we would have the solace of R’s 3-bedroom townhome all to ourselves.

We got to R’s place and broke out the food while we put Inception on the TV in the background; none of us really paid close attention to it, but the lack of total silence when we weren’t talking seemed to ease tensions a little.  We settled down to eat while Mrs. AP put the 3 bottles of extra Riesling we brought with us into R’s fridge.

Side Note:  Mrs. AP and I inherited 20 bottles of late 1990’s German Riesling from friends of her family 2 years back, and we’re still trying to move through them all.  Improper storage over the years has led to dry cork on many of them, so any opportunity to empty a bottle of two is greeted with enthusiasm.

After breaking out the first bottle and talking for a bit, and subsequently finding our glasses drained, we opened the second bottle and sat down at the table, where R broke out a pack of cards and started shuffling.  I think it was more to keep himself occupied, but as having a pack of cards in one’s hand often does, he soon started dealing and we found ourselves playing 7-Card Draw for absolutely no stakes.  After reviewing Hand Ranks and setting a 3-card draw limit and establishing there were no wild cards at play, we set to down to re-acquaint ourselves at the Gentleman’s Game of poker, where it was very quickly established that Mrs. AP and I could hit strings of good luck that left R with the lowest hand.  This, of course, left R feeling non-plussed, and after losing several hands in a row he declared “Okay, this next one’s real.”

We found out the very next hand what “this next one’s real” meant, as R lost yet again and in frustration quickly yanked off his shirt and dropped it one the floor.  About this time we all realized our glasses were drained, so we paused to pop open the third and final bottle and sat back down.  A few quick banters and nervous half-jokes later it was determined that our game of No-Stakes Poker had just elevated to Strip Poker.  Did I mention the table was a glass, see through top?  This night was now getting interesting.


The joy of group sex

It’s no secret here that I’m a big fan of group sex.  Granted, my experience in the realm so far is limited to three total people involved at any one time, but nevertheless, the experiences I have had encourage me to seek more — both more threesome free for alls and more people involved total.  But how did this come to pass?  How did a good little Christian Air Force Brat end up here, actively seeking a third (or more) to join him and his partner in bed?

I could point to a bevy of sources for inspiration, but I think it mostly comes down to Penthouse.  When I was in 5th or 6th grade my good friends found a stash of Penthouse in their parent’s bathroom, and we sneaked peaks at them often.  Sometimes the pictorials would feature threesome, and admittedly, I was intrigued.  Later, when I was purchasing and reselling older editions of Penthouse in 7th grade, I devoured every story in the Letters to Penthouse section, in which threesomes or group scenes were fairly regularly featured.

Often theses scenes would become sources of masturbatory inspiration.  A long shower in my teenage years more than once involved imagining what it would be like to share a girl with another guy, to have two women double-team me, or to have my partner and me join another couple or two.  And finally, after years of wondering, at the ripe young age of 16, I got the chance to turn fantasy into reality.  Sort of.   (more…)

Popped that cherry

Last night we made highly anticipated first visit to Eyz Wide Shut.  We had added our names to the Event list on Swing Life Style two days before, and because of it were recognized by some very friendly other members.

To regress, Wednesday we went shopping.  Mrs. AbsinthePassion wanted a new slinky dress and some new stripper/fuck me heels to wear for our first visit, and we needed to pick up a pair of crotchless fishnets.  We figured in the heat of the moment being able to just lift the bottom of the dress, drop the top, and pull the thong to the side would make for some easier access.  (Turns out it’s good to be prepared!)  We ended up with three new dresses — two very clingy, dropped back affairs that barely cover her ass but don’t do much for showing her cleavage, one in a silver zebra print and the other in the print, but in hot pink.  The third dress is a short, flowing, empire waist black dress with a deep plunge cut for the cleavage.  The cuts of both dresses required picking up a new bra and some new thongs as well, and while we were at it we picked up some new makeup to better complement the pink dress, as we decided that would be the best outfit to wear to keep from projecting the  Newbie image.  We wanted everybody there to know we had no intentions of being spectators!

Prep work for our first visit was exhausting.  Mrs. AP spent a good portion of the afternoon dyeing her hair to bring her trademark flame red hair back to proper order, and we both needed a good Veeting to make sure all of our pretty parts were as smooth and sexy as could be.  We both prefer being practically hairless from the neck down anyway, so it’s a once a week routine for us anyway.  We spent the entire afternoon while getting ready discussing what our expectations were, what our hopes were, what we wanted and did not want to see happen, and how to let each other know when somebody caught our eye, something felt wrong, or when we wanted a little something more.  We both know that good communication between us requires constant effort, especially on my part as I did NOT come well trained when she met me, and we wanted to make sure we had ways to handle nearly every situation.

After showers, hair, and makeup were all in proper order we left to go pop our Swinger Club cherries.   (more…)