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All Things Being Unequal

Tonight at work I was shaken by having to deal with some very outspoken white male bigots.  I heard one in particular shouting at somebody over the phone (and I beg you, please, excuse the language) “listen to me, you fucking nigger!”  Several people in the group laughed, showing genuine amusement at the use of such a negative racial epithet.  The same person performing the shouting later remarked that one of the members in the group was “a long-haired faggot” because he was neither drinking with the rest nor had any means of lending assistance to their situation.  Again, members of the group laughed, but I could see the pain flicker in the eyes of the victim of the verbal abuse.  He knew his compatriots were in the wrong, and attempted several times to apologize in their defense.  I felt sad for him.  He felt intrinsically complicit in the vitriloic behavior of his comrades yet seemed to me to appear powerless to stop it in that moment.  I wished them well, him most of all, and left them to their own devices.

In a similar fashion, there was evidently quite the uproar at the end of last week over some very contentious articles written for various UK publications.  The Trans community took offense to some writing by one authori in particular, who in turn rebuked the commenters via what I understand to be ad hominem attacks.  This led to attacks on both sides, and spilled forth from there into more public forums.  Both sides handled things particularly badly, but some good seems to be coming of the incident.  In particular are those providing details of attacks they have suffered from the medical and media communities in addition to private persecution for having the courage to be resolute in becoming inwardly and outwardly comfortable with themselves.  The fact that those in the Trans community suffer persecution, particularly in the form of violence, is no secret.  What is surprising is how blind to that fact so many people seem to (willingly?) be.


Don’t Spread Hate

In the aftermath of the horrible shooting tragedy in Newtown, CT the Westboro Baptist Church — a Hate Cult posing as “Christian Soldiers” while operating under a tax-exempt status out of their stronghold complex in Topeka, KS — declared their intention to travel to Newtown to picket the funerals of the victims and to “sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.”

Hacktivist group Anonymous immediately went on the offensive against the WBC — not for the first time this year — by releasing an extensive document containing personal information of every person involved in the group’s hierarchy.  Releasing such information is tantamount to encouraging harassment of every member of this group.  Despite the abject loathing I have for this group, I do not condone reacting to them in a harassing matter.  As deeply misguided and blindly uneducated as their stances are, and as vitriolic as their rhetoric is, waging war against them in such fashion only enables them to view such an assault as justification for their cause.  Their religious fervor combines with their abject idiocy and unconscionable bigotry to become a self-sustaining group sociopathy; any attempt to attack the group behavior only strengthens their delusions.  The only way to treat this disease is not to feed it but instead to starve it out.

To that end, Anonymous also started a White House petition to have the WBC labelled as a Hate Group.  As of this writing this petition has received nearly 175,000 signatures, 150,000 more than is required for the current administration to review and consider the petition.  This petition remains open until January 13 — 30 days beyond the day it was started — which allows a significant amount of time for more signatures to be placed.  The reclassification of the WBC could pave the way to revocation of the group’s IRS Tax-exempt status, although this is a legally grey area, as the IRS is not necessarily beholden to Congress on matter of tax-exemption.  Should this status be revoked, and possibly applied retroactively, it would severely impair the groups ability to continue their shameful, hateful behavior.

Please join me in this fight and add your signature to the petition.  At the current pace, the petition could top 2 Million signatures!  Such a response is both surely unprecedented.


Stay SINful, friends.

30 Days of Truth, Day 01 : Something you hate about yourself

When Mrs. AP and I came up with the idea for this blog, we were inspired by the likes of Josh and BB and Kissin Blue Karen.  We wanted to talk about all our sexy happenings, and the journeys we’ve each taken to get there.  With much thanks to Red Region Inferno’s Must Read List for 2011 we stumbled on even more blogs and journals and advice sites than we knew what to do with.  Some we liked, some we didn’t, but all were educational.  Among some of the ones I devoured was the 30 Days of Truth series.

30 Days of Truth demands openness and honesty of the writer.  It is brutal, it is raw, and it is something I am uncomfortable approaching.  I despise dealing with my own emotional insecurities.  I’ve shied away from doing so ever since I was a small child.   Mrs. AP has been helping me see that I cannot hide from myself, that I cannot run from myself, and that to grow as a better person and husband and father and partner I need to face myself head on.  30 Days of Truth will help me do that.  And so I begin.

30 Days of Truth.

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself (more…)