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Sign of the Times

Today is Monday.  August 27.  The scheduled start of the Republican National Convention (now delayed), being held here in the Tampa Bay area.  It is also the day forecasters expect the strongest winds and most amount of rain from Tropical Storm (possibly Hurricane) Isaac.  To them both I say this:

Go Away.


When it Rains…

We all know the saying, right?  It’s all too applicable tonight.  As I type this, Tropical Storm Debby is nearly stationary in the northeast Gulf of Mexico.  The feeder bands from the storm are pounding the Tampa – Clearwater – St. Petersburg statistical metropolitan area.  The rain has been nearly constant for over 24 hours, possibly 36.

As a naturalized Floridian (I’ve been living here almost a decade, I have to count myself as one now) I am accustomed to named storms hitting Florida.  I was living in Orlando in 2004 when we were hit by 3 hurricanes in 4 weeks.  When a storm rolls through quickly it can do some decent damage, but at least it passes.  This thing has just been sitting and doesn’t look like it’s moving anywhere soon.  Some forecasts estimate Debby will sit where she is another 2 days.