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Discovering New Kinks

As I mentioned in my last post, Mrs. AP and I had a long talk wherein she helped me realize that I hadn’t been paying the amount of attention to her that a dedicated loving partner should.  I had, in truth, been behaving selfishly.  At some point during the discussion, Mrs. AP brought our her Coffin Case and opened it.  Her Coffin Case is her Domme toolkit; within it she has multiple floggers, a small whip, and several riding crops with various tips.  To work out some of her frustrations, she started testing each of them out across my ass and back.  Although she stayed mostly light with her lashes, some of her instruments deliver a sharper bite than others and left marks that stung for hours.  It’s only the second time she’s broken out the toys on me — I have sensitive skin that welts easily and with that comes a remarkably low pain threshold — but this round lasted longer than previously.  All told, I think she spent about 10 – 15 minutes on me.  I think.  I’m not entirely certain, for you see, I think I started entering subspace.