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Playing in Public

As early as my mid-teens, thoughts of performing sexual acts in public — with or without either audience or partner — became a common theme in many of my fantasies.   Often I would bounce between that theme or group sex, sometimes combining the two into a mental scene of group debauchery in the woods, or in a library, or at the beach.  Yes, I really am geek enough to fantasize about group sex in a library.  As Jack and Jill can confirm, this fantasy is not unique to me.

My first delvings into playing in public were solo affairs.  As an early teenager my family lived in a planned community still in the early stages of development; there were 32 miles of bike path but only the equivalent of 8 miles of associated neighborhoods.  This left many a wide stretch of nothing but woods and roadway for company.  More than once I would leave the bike path to find a mostly-hidden corner in a clearing where I could still see the road if positioned just right while remaining hidden from passers-by.  I’d strip, bask in the open air a bit, and slowly work myself first to arousal and then to orgasm.  My senses would be overly heightened, listening desperately for somebody approaching.  It never happened, but in my fantasies discovery always led to heated exchanges never to be repeated.


Dressing the Part

When it comes to any event, it’s always best to dress in accordance with the accepted norms for the event.  Just as one would not wear a bikini to a formal event or vice versa, one should be mindful of the proper attire when visiting a place like Eyz Wide Shut.   While EWS is a Swinger’s Club and the idea is to “dress to impress”, everybody has a different idea of just what exactly that entails.  EWS attempts to make this easier for attendees by laying out a dress code that is, I expect, very similar to other similar establishments.  As they outline in their Dress Code portion of the FAQ, men and women should wear as follows:


  • Business Casual
  • Sexy Dresses
  • Stylish Jeans
  • Dress Pants
  • Heels, Sandals, or Dress Shoes


  • Business Casual
  • Collar / Tailored Shirts or Pullovers
  • Stylish Jeans
  • Dress Pants
  • Dress Shoes

This all sounds simple, right?  It’s general Club Attire, designed to catch the eye and let others know how ready to play one might be.  But what if your idea of Club Attire is different from the norm?  What if the only club you’ve ever frequented, in fact the only club where you’ve ever felt a sense of belonging, has a different sort of dress code?  What then?


Popped that cherry

Last night we made highly anticipated first visit to Eyz Wide Shut.  We had added our names to the Event list on Swing Life Style two days before, and because of it were recognized by some very friendly other members.

To regress, Wednesday we went shopping.  Mrs. AbsinthePassion wanted a new slinky dress and some new stripper/fuck me heels to wear for our first visit, and we needed to pick up a pair of crotchless fishnets.  We figured in the heat of the moment being able to just lift the bottom of the dress, drop the top, and pull the thong to the side would make for some easier access.  (Turns out it’s good to be prepared!)  We ended up with three new dresses — two very clingy, dropped back affairs that barely cover her ass but don’t do much for showing her cleavage, one in a silver zebra print and the other in the print, but in hot pink.  The third dress is a short, flowing, empire waist black dress with a deep plunge cut for the cleavage.  The cuts of both dresses required picking up a new bra and some new thongs as well, and while we were at it we picked up some new makeup to better complement the pink dress, as we decided that would be the best outfit to wear to keep from projecting the  Newbie image.  We wanted everybody there to know we had no intentions of being spectators!

Prep work for our first visit was exhausting.  Mrs. AP spent a good portion of the afternoon dyeing her hair to bring her trademark flame red hair back to proper order, and we both needed a good Veeting to make sure all of our pretty parts were as smooth and sexy as could be.  We both prefer being practically hairless from the neck down anyway, so it’s a once a week routine for us anyway.  We spent the entire afternoon while getting ready discussing what our expectations were, what our hopes were, what we wanted and did not want to see happen, and how to let each other know when somebody caught our eye, something felt wrong, or when we wanted a little something more.  We both know that good communication between us requires constant effort, especially on my part as I did NOT come well trained when she met me, and we wanted to make sure we had ways to handle nearly every situation.

After showers, hair, and makeup were all in proper order we left to go pop our Swinger Club cherries.   (more…)

Hit the ground rolling

In reference to our last post, Mrs. AP posted an ad on CraigsList this morning looking for single males to perhaps join us at Eyz Wide Shut to help make our first appearance rather memorable.  Before the first posting was flagged and removed we had 20 responses in 6 hours, and a re-post with a new title this evening has resulted in at least another 10 responses in the first hour alone!  So far we’re batting a little more than .500 for guys who are Bi or Bi-Curious and looking for a couple who can help them along those lines.  Who knew we would be the Unicorn Couple for single Bi males?!  No complaints at all, really, I just don’t think we were fully prepared for the flood of attention — and this despite having an account on SLS!

I want to give a big thank you to Josh and BB  and Mr. No Name for welcoming us so warmly.  You guys are all wonderful.


Stay SINful, Friends. ^_^

Insert Mandatory Introductory Post Here!

Well, this is where it all starts.  Mrs. AbsinthePassion and I (Mr. AbsinthePassion — original, huh?) are embarking on a new journey together.  We’ve been talking about it for awhile, but this is it, the real deal.

Thursday we’re paying our first visit to Eyz Wide Shut.  We’ve been talking off and on for awhile about it now, and we’re going to make it happen.  I’m trying to go in without expectations, since neither of us have ever been to a Swingers club before, but I’m really hoping we find another guy or two there with whom we click enough to run over to the lodging side and have some fun.  I love being there, touching her, feeling her, and giving her something to play with while she’s being fucked, and it’s been forever since we’ve had somebody else join us.

So yes, we’ve had another guy with us before.  For a year it wasn’t just us two, it was her (now Ex-) Husband as well, and the group dynamics were always fun.  We’ve not had anything like that for awhile now, and I’m hoping we can kill the slump.

Stay tuned here for our further adventures.   Check our SINful Insights section to learn more about us both.

Stay SINful, friends. ^_^