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Hit the ground rolling

In reference to our last post, Mrs. AP posted an ad on CraigsList this morning looking for single males to perhaps join us at Eyz Wide Shut to help make our first appearance rather memorable.  Before the first posting was flagged and removed we had 20 responses in 6 hours, and a re-post with a new title this evening has resulted in at least another 10 responses in the first hour alone!  So far we’re batting a little more than .500 for guys who are Bi or Bi-Curious and looking for a couple who can help them along those lines.  Who knew we would be the Unicorn Couple for single Bi males?!  No complaints at all, really, I just don’t think we were fully prepared for the flood of attention — and this despite having an account on SLS!

I want to give a big thank you to Josh and BB  and Mr. No Name for welcoming us so warmly.  You guys are all wonderful.


Stay SINful, Friends. ^_^