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Florida Advances!

Effective tomorrow (today in Miami-Dade County) full marriage equality is the law of the land in Florida … at least for now.  The ruling (and then clarified ruling) from Federal Judge Hinkle dictates that the now infamous 2008 Florida Amendment 2 passage declaring as part of the Florida Constitution that marriage can only be recognized as between One Man and One Woman is itself Unconstitutional at the Federal Level, and thus must be considered null and void.  Couples have already begun marrying in Miami-Dade County at the time of this writing, which makes me smile to no end.  It also means that this map now needs an update.


(Map Courtesy of Freedom To Marry)

While this ruling could still potentially be overturned by a Supreme Court Ruling declaring that Marriage Equality is in fact not guaranteed under the rights put forth in the Constitution of the United States, for now Florida can say that it’s caught up to the other 35 States that recognize the fact that loves knows no gender or sexual boundaries between fully informed, consenting individuals.  I’m still not proud to live in a State that voted to deny this right, but I am beyond thrilled that such bigotry and narrow-mindedness is at least being overturned.

Maybe someday Polyamory will see a similar social acceptance, and marriages will be extended beyond the basic couple structure.  Only time will tell …

Stay SINful, friends.

SINFul Year in Review – Personal

Oh my goodness, SINful friends, the calendar year — if you’re of Gregorian persuasion — is at an end!  Drink!  Watch things explode!  Have drunken exploding sexual encounters! (Hey, can Mrs. AP and I get in on that last one with you?) Don’t do what I’m about to do, by which I mean look back on the past year and wonder how in the world you ever got through it.

No, seriously, stop now if you like.  The rest is being hidden behind this handy little “click to read more” option.


Don’t Spread Hate

In the aftermath of the horrible shooting tragedy in Newtown, CT the Westboro Baptist Church — a Hate Cult posing as “Christian Soldiers” while operating under a tax-exempt status out of their stronghold complex in Topeka, KS — declared their intention to travel to Newtown to picket the funerals of the victims and to “sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.”

Hacktivist group Anonymous immediately went on the offensive against the WBC — not for the first time this year — by releasing an extensive document containing personal information of every person involved in the group’s hierarchy.  Releasing such information is tantamount to encouraging harassment of every member of this group.  Despite the abject loathing I have for this group, I do not condone reacting to them in a harassing matter.  As deeply misguided and blindly uneducated as their stances are, and as vitriolic as their rhetoric is, waging war against them in such fashion only enables them to view such an assault as justification for their cause.  Their religious fervor combines with their abject idiocy and unconscionable bigotry to become a self-sustaining group sociopathy; any attempt to attack the group behavior only strengthens their delusions.  The only way to treat this disease is not to feed it but instead to starve it out.

To that end, Anonymous also started a White House petition to have the WBC labelled as a Hate Group.  As of this writing this petition has received nearly 175,000 signatures, 150,000 more than is required for the current administration to review and consider the petition.  This petition remains open until January 13 — 30 days beyond the day it was started — which allows a significant amount of time for more signatures to be placed.  The reclassification of the WBC could pave the way to revocation of the group’s IRS Tax-exempt status, although this is a legally grey area, as the IRS is not necessarily beholden to Congress on matter of tax-exemption.  Should this status be revoked, and possibly applied retroactively, it would severely impair the groups ability to continue their shameful, hateful behavior.

Please join me in this fight and add your signature to the petition.  At the current pace, the petition could top 2 Million signatures!  Such a response is both surely unprecedented.


Stay SINful, friends.

Open Sexuality; Open Mind

Mrs. AP and I have had many an interesting, sometimes frustrating conversation over the past few years regarding politics in the United States.  When she first met me — and indeed for some time thereafter — I as very staunchly holding to the views I developed from being raised in a Southern, Military, Lutheran household.  While not entirely on the right of the political spectrum, and in fact testing as a conservative-leaning Libertarian, I found myself more often identifying with the Republican Party than the Democratic Party on matters of spending, defense, and social programs.  Where I vehemently disagreed was in matters regarding sexual and identity freedom, but thought that by tending to the GOP priorities first the road would more easily open for the social changes required for sex, gender, and orientation equality.   I realize now that this view was misguided, a product of a misinformed youth and an ignorant, naive approach to life.    Like many others, I find I can no longer balance the iniquities of the Republican Party against the good I assumed they could do.  What changed in me that I can no longer, in good conscience, align myself with the ideologies of my yesteryears?  In short, I finally matured.


Rape is Never Legitimate

This one takes the cake, SINful friends.  Of all the asinine, uninformed, deliberately ignorant statements I’ve ever heard a politician make — and I’ve been following politics since I was 14 and first picked up an issue of Time Magazine — never have I heard somebody make such a boldly boneheaded statement.

As reported by damn near everybody by now, Republican Senate Candidate Todd Akin of Missouri, during a KTVI-TV (a FOX affiliate in St. Louis), said that he does not believe women can become pregnant during “legitimate rape“.  Now, I don’t know what “legitimate rape” is, because as far as I know there is no such thing.  But wait, there’s more!  Mr. Akin went on to say “From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare.  If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist.”  I’m sorry, I have to sit down and process this for a minute.  Angry tirade’s full of inappropriate language to follow…


My Responsibility

SINful friends, I had a different post entirely lined up for you today, in which I was going to issue my views on a subject that’s been running amok in the news and among bloggers everywhere the past few weeks.  I had the first few paragraphs written, I had links lined up, and I was starting to get on a roll in my diatribe.  It was becoming incendiary.  My page views would have lit up, I’m sure, and many who would never find me otherwise would have stumbled here, likely to leave and never return.  Halfway through the writing I realized that I couldn’t post it.  It was too negative, too inciting, too destructive.  It dawned on me in that moment that I cannot push such negativity forward.  No, friends, I have a different responsibility here.  In fact, I have several.