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The Not So Revelatory Revelation

I had absolutely no topic on my mind tonight.  I wasn’t certain I even wanted to write.  However, I try to follow my own advice, and it occurred to me that one of the things on which I briefly touched in my quick-hit update last week could be segued into a larger post.  Ergo, I write, despite not initially having any idea.  Take notes, kids.  There will be a test someday.  I think.

I must also thank my fellow blogger Bi_and_Bi, who’s most recent post about why she’s a sex blogger got me thinking about why I’m doing what I’m doing here, and how I want my life to progress at this point.  Thank you, Bi_and_Bi.  You’re an inspiration.

You see, when I started this blog here in my own little quiet corner of the internet, I intended it as a place where I could practice self-therapy and talk about all kinds of fun kinky sexual adventures along the way.  As a man who has struggled repeatedly over the years with his sexual identity and desires, it seemed a practical approach.  Also, my job doesn’t pay me much, and blogging is cheaper than professional therapy.

As a therapeutic place of rest, this little space of mine has served brilliantly, I think.  I’ve been able to open my mind and let things flow in ways that still, frustratingly, are difficult when trying to voice those same thoughts.  Something about the way my mind organizes when writing allows for more insight and introspection than when I’m trying to keep my mouth working at the same time.   That one I’m still working on.

Nevertheless, as I’ve mentioned many times, some of the bloggers found over in my blogroll were instrumental in helping me decide that a sex blog in particular was the kind of self-therapy in which I wanted to engage.  You see, Mrs. AP and I had been dancing around making a visit to Eyz Wide Shut for some time — I’ve wanted to visit a Swinger’s Club for years, but could never quite work up the nerve to make such a visit happen — and Mrs. AP is incredibly thorough in her research when deciding how best to support me.  In said research she stumbled upon the writings of Kissin Blue Karen, who is a regular at Eyz Wide Shut and mentions the establishment repeatedly.  At the time, Karen had recently been listed by Red Region Inferno as one of the Sexiest Blogs of 2011.  Perusing the list led to me finding a multitude of wonderful writers, most notably Josh and BB at Our Open Marriage Adventures and Mr. No Name.  Reading their raw accounts of not just what they were doing but how they felt about it and seeing their respective personal growths along the way helped me understand that I, too, could use such an outlet and be in good company.


Advice For Aspiring Sex Bloggers

Hello there SINful friend!  If you’re reading this posting you fall into one of a few relatively small categories: somebody who is a sex blogger, somebody who wants to be a sex blogger, or somebody who stumbled here accidentally through a cheeky inclusion by a rogue search engine.  If you’re here because a search engine drove you astray, don’t worry, we don’t bite around here without expressed permission to do so.  In fact, that’s one of the tenants of being a good member of the sex-positive community; always get expressed consent.  Lots of bad things happen when you don’t, so it’s a good rule to live by.  Please feel free to follow this post to the end while you’re here, and if you feel so inspired do explore further through additional posts.  My archives to the right are organized chronologically; you can start with the first post or the most recent and read through them all, or just bounce around as you see fit.  Whatever works for you.

If you’re one of my long-time friends (or even a new friend, to whom I say thank you for joining!) you will likely already know most of the advice I’m about to dispense.  In fact, as I’m still a relative newcomer to this community, you likely know even more than I!  Your comments are welcome as always to help expand upon my limited foundation.

Therefore, I turn to my final set, and the core audience for this posting; those who wish to start a sex blog.  Writing a sex blog is easy, honestly.  Anybody with a sexual thought and the ability to sign up for a WordPress or Blogger account can start one.  Writing a good sex blog, however, requires a little more effort.  To help ease the amount of effort required, I recommend the following:


September State of the Blog Address

SINful Friends, your support continues to amaze me.  During the events of this past week the outpouring of love and support has been nothing short of incredible.  I never would have thought, when I was pouring over every page of writing by Josh and BB or by Mr. No Name (my two primary inspirations to begin writing this blog) that I would reach this large of an audience, much less that I would feel accepted as an integral part of the community.  For this to happen as quickly as it has is nothing short of stunning.