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SINfully Sexy Blogs

Today is a happy day here in my little corner of the internet, SINful friends, for my journey as a Sex Blogger has run around full circle.

As I’ve detailed a few times, I got the idea to begin my own blog after following breadcrumbs from the wonderful Kissin Blue Karen, upon whom Mrs. AP had stumbled while looking up info on our local Swingers Club Eyz Wide Shut.  Karen had recently been featured on a list of the sexiest bloggers of 2011, and by following that link I found other powerful, confident, vulnerable, normal people who shared their thoughts, experiences, and explorations of all things sexual.  I found kindred spirits, most profoundly in the (now silent) Our Open Marriage Adventures and What’s In A Name.  I found my voice.  After running the idea past Mrs. AP, AbSINthe Passion was born.

Today that same site through which I found other wonderful blogs was updated for 2012.  I am deeply humbled and honoured to find myself among those chosen as The Sexiest Blogs of 2012.  I feel like the loop has closed; the list through which I found others now includes myself.  The idea rather makes my head spin.  More to my delight, however, is how many of my fellow bloggers — bloggers whom I follow regularly and consider to be friends — also made the list.  Please, visit the list and explore somebody new, or revisit old friends.   Every author on that list — and thank you Red Region for compiling this list year after year! — is a strong, powerful voice that never fails to provide a new and wonderful perspective.

Also, the variety is quite sexy.


Stay SINful, friends.

Celebrate Each Other

It is with the deepest gratitude that I write this post.  The 2012 Top 100 Sex Bloggers List was released by Rori over at Between My Sheets, and she honored me with the New Voice of the Year Award.  To be included, even in passing, among the many talented writers in the group is nothing short of breathtaking.  The very first post on this, my little corner of the internet, was on April 04, 2012.  To be handed this award less than 8 months later is absolutely amazing.

More amazing, however, are the scores of other writers listed.   It tickles me pink that 22 of the writers in my blogroll made the list; every single one of them are greatly deserving of the honor.  I knew I was keeping good company around here. 😉

This is a time of year for reflection, for celebration, and for giving thanks for all the wonderful things and people we have in our lives.  With great sincerity and pride I can say that this is the best year for me in that regard.  I am thankful for having found every single one of you this year; thankful for having been accepted and embraced by a community that encourages me to grow and explore every facet of my personality and sexuality and, of course, to share it all here.  Most of all, I am thankful for the incredible amounts of support Mrs. AbsinthePassion has bestowed upon me during this venture of mine.  She has jumped at the chance to help every time I’ve asked, she has been my sounding board when something is rattling around in my head and refuses to coalesce, and she has been my cheerleader at every possible opportunity.

Please, visit the list Rori so painstakingly compiled.  Find some new reading material, some new people to add to your blogroll or your reader software.  I know I can’t wait to start browsing through all the new names and to find some new favorites.

Come.  Celebrate.


Stay SINful, friends.

SINfully Versatile

The ever adroit Kinky DeSoto took it upon herself to nominate our little corner of the internet for yet another blogging award.  In her own post she explains her reasoning by saying that “Mr. and Mrs. AP are the real deal. They love and lust in all the right ways.”  Her reasoning deeply and truly humbles me.  I try very hard to hold nothing back in this blog, and I know in doing so I don’t always cast myself in the best light.  I err, sometimes badly.  I make mistakes, and do my best to learn from them.  I try always to let my love, appreciation, respect, and deeply ingrained need for Mrs. AP to show through every time I mention her.  I don’t present some idealized version of the woman I love.  The picture I paint of her — of US — here is as true as I see it.  If my vision or judgment is clouded she would call me on it (and she has, but seldom) and let me know what I am doing wrong.  That’s one of the many great things about her; she correct me when I’m wrong but loves me enough to allow me to make my own mistakes as I grow.  She is, hands down, the best partner and sexiest lover I have ever had.

Wait, where was I?  Oh yes, award time.  Yes, Kinky DeSoto has declared this space to be home to a Versatile Blogger!


The “Somebody Thinks I’m Awesome and Beautiful” Award

The ever lovely Conina over at Exploring Surrender (seriously, check her out, she’s fantastic) has included  my cozy corner of the internet in her list of those blogs worthy a combination award.   What began as

The META Awesomest Blog Unicorn Award 

grew to also include

The Beautiful Blogger Award 

which I believe combines into The META Awesomest Beautiful Unicorn Blogger Award.  Or Captain Planet.  I’m still uncertain as to which.  Either way, the combined powers are, indeed, the awesomest, but as with any awesome power comes certain responsibilities.  The Terms and Conditions to graciously accepting these awards — seriously, I’m still new here people, I’m not certain I deserve these yet — is to follow the rules accompanying the awards and then post said rules for all to see, thus ensuring aforementioned rules are properly followed.

Following me so far?  Goodness, that’s a lot of following, and assumedly followers.  Wait, I want followers!  Follow along!