An Absinthe-Loving, Polyamorous, Kinky, Sex-Positive Couple talk about all things Sex, Kink, and LGBTQ.

SINful Insights (About Us)

Greetings SINful Followers.

AbSINthePassion is our portal inside the sexy lives of Mr. and Mrs. AbsinthePassion.  We’re a devoted couple dedicated to exploring sensuality, sexuality, maybe some BDSM, Polyamory, and the occasional sharing with others.  We’re not exactly swingers, but we do both enjoy playing with others, and other guys in particular.   We both also recognize that we have the capacity to love more than one person at a time, and encourage that aspect together.

Mrs. AbsinthePassion was born and raised in the Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater area of Florida, in which she still lives.  She’s been a regular visitor to The Castle Ybor since 1996.  She’s been active with Fetish Circuit since the early 2000’s.  She’s known she’s polyamorous since her mid-teens and lived actively in multiple relationships off and on since 2006.  She’s adventurous, artistic, and incredibly sexual, with a high drive and a high desire to please and be pleased in and out of the bedroom.  She’s also equipped with a fantastic 38DD chest that is absolutely divine.  She considers herself Heteroflexible;  she only takes an interest in the most select of women, but stays open to the possibility.

Mr. AbsinthePassion was born in Texas into an Air Force family and has lived in Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Tokyo, Japan over the years.  He noticed a predisposition for both guys and girls in his young teens, and began fantasizing about group sexual activities during the early onsets of puberty.  He had his first male-male experience at 13.  He had his first male-female experience at 15.  He tried to have his first male-female-male experience with both his girlfriend and his best friend when he was 16.  He began understanding and investigating Polyamory in 2009, and through his searching found Mrs. AbsinthePassion.   Through her he’s been introduced to The Castle and Fetish Circuit and explored much more of himself with her help.  He considers himself Bisexual, though he’s more picky about men than is Mrs. AbsinthePassion.

Together Mr. and Mrs. AbsinthePassion spent their first year together in a polyamorous triad with her (now Ex-) Husband, and we learned from that time that we both respond well to multiple-male on female activities as well as male-male activities with her watching and finding ways to join in and share in the fun.   Now we’re searching for new fun times, experiencing life together, and sharing our adventures here.  We’ll also be answering questions and dispensing advice along the way.

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