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Here We Go Again?

Oh. Wow. It’s been quiet around here for some time, and for those who have been poking in every now and again to see if this thing is still on, thank you. I appreciate that. Now, well, it’s been awhile and I don’t know how good at this I actually am anymore, but let’s see how this turns out, yeah? Perhaps jumping on the #JanuaryJumpstart train will help get these creative wheels rolling.

Many things have happened in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. AP since last anything was posted here, and it’s all been mostly terribly unsexy. We’ve had adult children move back in, along with a child of their own, so the house is packed. Work continues to have high demands, but it still mostly doesn’t suck and I still love those “Eureka!” moments when I finally solve a problem with which I’ve been struggling, so that’s good. The Wee Lass who was born back when this place was regularly active is closing in on 8 years old and still prefers sleeping in my room to anywhere else, so Mrs. AP and I don’t get a lot of time alone just the two of us. When we do, it’s often in the shower together, which isn’t ideal but can be a lot of fun.

One of the downfalls of several of the last few places we’ve lived has been that the shower stalls have been too small for us to engage in any kind of actual sexual play together. Our naked height differences mean that Mrs. AP can’t simply just bend over and have me slide insider her; she has to kick her legs out wide and I still often have to get on the tips of my toes. When the shower stall is so narrow that I can bump both elbows against it while washing my hair, let’s just say that the best thing we’re going to be able to do to each other is get creative with fingers while we make out — which is totally valid by itself, mind you, and also fun when already soaked!

Our current place, however, has enough room that we can both sit down and stretch out legs and not get into horribly cramped positions in the process, which means I can do one of my favorite things to do with Mrs. AP, and that’s to let her lay back and relax while I explore that luscious junction betwixt her legs. Slowly, teasingly, sliding one finger between her timid lips while I kiss her encourages her to relax, until that one finger slides lower and dips ever just to gently inside … caressing … testing … teasing … before oh so very slowly pushing deeper inside her. Her hot velvet caress against my knuckles is intoxicating. Her gasps as she opens for me, divine. The way her hips start to rise and fall as I start to slowly pull out and push in is glory made flesh. From there, slowly, determinedly, I start adding first a second finger, and then a third.

I love having 3 fingers inside Mrs. AP. From a control standpoint, it’s practically perfect; the use of my index, middle, and ring finger together is one of the least tiring positions for my hand to assume, and it allows for both thrusting and caressing in place deliciously. From a size standpoint, well, those three fingers together are a close equivalent to the width of my cock when it’s hard and throbbing, a condition in which it is guaranteed to be while my fingers are stretching and filling Mrs. AP. And goodness, does that seem to hit the sweet spot with Mrs. AP as well.

When her hips rise to meet my hand, and her hands start slapping against the shower floor, and her head starts to thrash back and forth while she’s biting her lip, I know I’ve hit just the right tempo and note to bring our sexual symphony to a crashing crescendo. While my fingers dance a bolero inside her, curling up to tap and flick and thrust against just that right spot, and her breath catches and her own wetness floods against my hand, no better chorus or verse can be found. As the tempo increases, and her back arches and her head throws back and a low, deep, guttural growling moan escapes her lips while she pulses wave upon wave of inner muscles trying to trap and keep my fingers inside her and torrents of release flood against my hand and up my wrist and splash against my arm, never has a more divine ending movement to a piece existed.

Mrs. AP is a goddess divine when her orgasms hit. Having her already be wet from the shower before she adds her own flood to the mix always makes for an invigorating and worthwhile shower, no matter how unforgiving the tile of the shower floor. Plus, cleanup is easier, since we’re already there.

Perhaps now she and I need a January Jumpstart of our own while we scrub each other clean, yeah?

Stay SINful, friends

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