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Hedonism – A Fantasy

The following is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy of how I would like one lovely night in Hedonism to occur, assuming Mrs. AP and I could ever get there with the two boyfriends with whom we got along best. It contains graphic details of consensual congress between three bisexual men and one woman between in a public setting. If that suits your fancy, please come join the ride.

It was the second night of our say at Hedonism. Mrs. AP, our two boyfriends (Our Well Hung Lover and Michelangelo), and I had been recovering from the jet lag from the day before and had spent most of the day either sleeping in or lounging on the chairs at the nude beach, occasionally jumping in into the water to cool off and tease each other by making water drip off luscious body parts. After washing the sand and salt off our bodies and enjoying a lovely dinner, we were now on the nude pool deck enjoying some fancy cocktails while lounging in the hot tub. It was late, after midnight, so we had the place all to ourselves except for another couple off at the far end of the pool mostly ignoring us.  One of the nice things about us being a foursome was that most couples and all single men pretty much left us alone except to exchange brief niceties. I guess most people assume that when a woman is dating three men simultaneously, there’s no room for more. Who knows, maybe they’re right?

As the drinks hit us and we all wiggled closer to each other in the warm night air, Mrs. AP was sandwiched between Our Well Hung Lover and Michelangelo with me to Our Well Hung Lover’s right. I didn’t mind, of course; all three of us men are Bisexual, and all of us would freely love on any one of the other three at any given time. When all four of us were together, though, it was electric.

Michelangelo leaned in to give Mrs. AP a deep kiss. As he did so, Our Well Hung Lover turned and started kissing me. Hands started wandering underneath the water, and to no surprise at all I found his already impressive member growing more firm as our tongues wrestled for dominance. His hand wrapped around my own erection, and we teased each other slowly as we broke our kiss and looked longingly into each other’s eyes. With a nod of my head I indicated we should pay attention to our lovely wife, whose head was thrown back in bliss as Michelangelo was eagerly sucking on her right nipple as his hand obviously exploring between her legs. Our Well Hung Lover spun to face her, and I slid down into the deeper water of the tub. As Our Well Hung Lover’s lips encircled Mrs. AP’ left nipple, her eyes shot wide open before softly closing again. A low moan escaped her lips.

I reached out toward both my boyfriend’s cocks and wrapped my hands firmly around them, Our Well Hung Lover’s impressive footlong firm yet supple in my right hand and Michelangelo’s 7 inches of “so hard it might burst out of it’s skin” throbbing desire in my left hand. My hands pulsed in time with their own phallic pulsings. My strokes were slow, deliberate, and firm, using only the elasticity of their skin for movement. (After all, even the softer water of a salt-system pool does not provide the greatest sexual lubrication.) As I coaxed both my men to full, raging, throbbing hardness, I watched as both of them each used one hand to explore Mrs. AP’s pussy beneath the bubbling surface while they continued to suck and nibble on her nipples and breasts. Our Well Hung Lover, always one to take control, had his other hand around Mrs. AP’ throat. Michelangelo, the eager and hurried one, was sucking and biting on Mrs. AP’ nipple like it was the last meal he would ever have.  Mrs. AP was moaning nearly constantly now, her face awash in pure pleasure.

Her face was also flush and awash in a growing sheen of sweat. The combined heat of the water and the action was starting to get to us all, so I tugged upward on both cocks to get Our Well Hung Lover and Michelangelo’s attention. I nodded toward a set of deck benches that had cushions on them, and waggled my eyebrows at them. Huge, tipsy, lustful smiles burst onto both their faces and they nodded in silent understanding.

Extricating ourselves from the human sex pile we’d formed against the wall of the hot tub, all three of us men — with prominent erections — helped Mrs. AP out of the hot tub and walked her over to the benches that were conveniently wide enough to straddle comfortable while still being able to support somebody lying down without fearing falling off. Our Well Hung Lover sat down behind her as we helped her, indeed, straddle the bench. Michelangelo and I sat down in front of her, slightly offset so that I was closer. She and I leaned into each other for a deep, soul-searing kiss as Our Well Hung Lover reached around her to firmly squeeze both of her breasts and Michelangelo reached down to stroke my cock. I leaned back into Michelangelo as his other arm wrapped around my chest, and Mrs. AP came with me, rocking forward and up onto her knees.  Our Well Hung Lover’s hands fell away from her chest to caress down her back and squeeze her ass before sliding down farther out of my view. Her gasp against me a moment later told me all I needed to know; Our Well Hung Lover’s hand (or hands) had found her pussy. She dropped her head to moan against my chest. Michelangelo slid backward and pulled me with him, causing Mrs. AP’ head to slide down my chest and stomach; she took advantage of the position to slide her amazing lips and mouth — oh gods, so hot! — mouth down my cock. I was so hard I felt like I could break steel.  Michelangelo’s equally hard cock was hot and hard and dripping against my back, and I wanted it. I yearned for it. I twisted slightly, gasping as Mrs. AP sucked in particularly hard and moaned around me in that way that somehow only she’s ever managed to do.

As I pulled Michelangelo up by his cock and lay back onto the bench, Mrs. AP shifted up more to take me in to the hilt. She gasped around me again and let out a deep, low, primal moan that made both my cock in her mouth and Michelangelo’s cock in my hand twitch. We both looked over to see that Our Well Hung Lover had slid up behind Mrs. AP and had obviously slid at least part of his monster cock inside her. We paused for a moment to watch that divine moment where our wife gets fucked before I turned my head toward him and pulled his cock against my lips. He took the hint with gusto, and thrust his delicious cock into my mouth. Oh, how I loved the taste and feel of him. Even through the pool salt I could taste him, male and sweet and musty, and it made me all the more needful to devour him. I turned my head just enough to see his face, and he was focused on me with a look that was both loving and predatory. It made me throb in Mrs. AP’ mouth. She wrapped a hand around me and squeezed, I think both to balance herself and to help keep any potential explosions from me at bay. Her moans were escaping more urgently around my cock. For that matter, all of us were moaning softly, creating our own symphony of ecstasy in the night. Mrs. AP was leading the orchestra, her moans becoming more insistent around my cock. I glanced at Our Well Hung Lover to see a wicked grin across his face as he rocked his hips in just the slightest of motions, and knew he was pulling that trick he loves to pull where he just rubs the flare of his massive cock head against Mrs. AP’ G-spot. Sure enough, she popped her head away from my cock to let out a wail as her whole body started shaking with a massive orgasm. Our Well Hung Lover kept thrusting as Michelangelo and I just watched, his cock throbbing in my hand.

Once she recovered, Mrs. AP pulled herself forward off Our Well Hung Lover’s cock and spun around to face him. I watched her delicious ass bounce as she pushed Our Well Hung Lover backward. Michelangelo and I both watched, entranced, as Mrs. AP then performed what has been since our first night with Our Well Hung Lover and probably will always be my favorite sight; she crawled up on him so that her hips were aligned with his, leaned forward to crush herself against his chest, and slid her plump lips down his throbbing cock in a slow, smooth motion. The view of any cock disappearing inside her always triggers deep, strong lust within me, but there’s something about her taking Our Well Hung Lover to the hilt that elevates it into a religious experience. As her lips settled at the base of his cock and hugged the top of his balls, she sat up, braced against his chest, and twisted to look at Michelangelo and me. That pose embodied her perfectly, a sex goddess able to master any man thrown her way, yet still eager for more. Not to disappoint, Michelangelo and I both stood to come closer, one on either side of her.

Mrs. AP reached out a hand to take a hard cock in each, and guided Michelangelo and me into position so that she could lean forward and take one of us in her mouth while stroking the other. Our Well Hung Lover, with a look of mischief and delight on his face, joined in the fun by caressing our balls or helping stroke whomever wasn’t embraced by Mrs. AP’ lavishing lips.  We set a rhythm, her sucking on me for a few strokes before switching to Michelangelo, all while she casually rode Our Well Hung Lover’s cock like he was just a comfortable seat. Okay, he was, but still, for a moment it amused me, and I giggled. Mrs. AP stopped her oral attention to ask what amused me so, and when I told her she looked like she was just having a comfortable sit on a bench she said “Well, I guess I need somebody to join me to make it more alluring.” With that, she tugged on my cock and glanced behind her.

I took the hint, and slid around behind her to start licking her sweet little rosebud. She was still wet from the pool, but none of the angles she’d been in had let any of her natural lubrication drip toward her backdoor. Gently, as I licked, I stroked the base of Our Well Hung Lover’s cock and starting sliding a finger around the edges of their joining. I collected all the combined juices that I could — I’d had Our Well Hung Lover in my mouth enough times to know that he could probably fill a shot glass with the amount of pre-cum he secreted when he was excited — and after making sure my fingers were soaked I used them to gently tease the entry to Mrs. AP backdoor. She moved ever so gently on Our Well Hung Lover’s cock the entire time, I think partly because he’s too filling to not fuck, and partly because the continuous movement helped keep her level of desire up. As my fingers slowly and gently slipped inside past that first muscle wall, I could feel the pressure of Our Well Hung Lover’s cock squeezing against my fingers even tighter. I was glad this wasn’t our first time trying this, though I’m certain the exhibionistic nature of it would have helped us overcome any difficulties anyway. It’s amazing what four people who like to show off can do.

Slowly, I fucked Mrs. AP’s ass with first two fingers, and then worked up to three. When she was taking all three fingers smoothly and pushing back against me, I used my free hand and a whole lot more of her and Our Well Hung Lover’s combined juices to coat me completely — I’ll admit, I pulled the cliched porn move and added some of my own spit to the mix — and maneuvered myself to start gently pushing my cock inside Mrs. AP’s ass.  She and Our Well Hung Lover froze, him throbbing inside her, and I looked up to notice that Michelangelo had started playing with both of Mrs. AP’ nipples to help distract her.  When she’s in the high stages of arousal her nipples are directly connected to her clit, and I knew Michelangelo was trying to keep her on that edge of needing more. Just as I thought it might not work and I’d have to go back to the room for more lube, Our Well Hung Lover grabbed Mrs. AP by the throat and she relaxed completely, like a rag doll. I slid fully inside her, and stayed there.

The feeling was, as always, nearly indescribable. Our Well Hung Lover’s cock was throbbing against mine through that ever so thin membrane that separates Mrs. AP’s ass from her pussy. Her pussy was throbbing around Our Well Hung Lover’s cock and her ass was throbbing around mine. Just the amount of pressure and throbbing was alone to send me over the edge if I wasn’t practiced in this by now. Thankfully, we had some experience as a group.

I started moving slowly, fractions of an inch at a time until I worked up a good thrusting rhythm. Our Well Hung Lover started thrusting in time with me, so that we both pulled out and both pushed in together, making us a giant hot cock. Michelangelo pulled Mrs. AP’s head closer, and she wrapped her lips around his cock. There, in that moment, in the open air, the world slowed down for me. My cock was buried inside my wife’s ass, while she had one of our boyfriend’s cocks in her pussy and another of our boyfriend’s cocks in her mouth, all while we were where anybody in that section of the resort could see us. It felt, literally, like a dream come true.

A hard throb from Our Well Hung Lover and moans from all us broke me from my reverie, and we all started moving faster. Our moans intermingled. Our Well Hung Lover and I fell out of sync in our thrusts. Mrs. AP started screaming around Michelangelo’s cock as she exploded in a squirting, thrashing, overpowering orgasm. I felt it wash over me as well as run through me, her energy swirling around me and Our Well Hung Lover and Michelangelo again, linking us all, connecting us in bliss and release. I felt Michelangelo explode into Mrs. AP’s mouth as he yelled out his explosion. I was lost in the need of it all, the movement of Our Well Hung Lover’s cock against mine inside Mrs. AP too much. I felt that pressure build and rush and explode out of me. Growling, yelling, thrusting like the very existence of nature depended on it, I scratched my nails down Mrs. AP’s back as I fired volley after volley of cum deep inside her. Just as I started to come down from my peak, I felt Our Well Hung Lover stiffen and heard him gasp and growl and saw his hand wrap itself in Mrs. AP’s hair. His explosion rifled up his cock — I could feel every throb and pulse and shot — as he growled into the night and emptied himself inside her.

As we call came back down to earth, a sweating, panting, sticky mess of drunken love and lust, and my senses all came back to me, I heard clapping from the far end of the pool and from some of the surrounding rooms. We’d had an audience, at least for part of the show, and apparently we’d put on a good one. We disentangled ourselves. Michelangelo and I helped Mrs. AP and Our Well Hung Lover find their feet, and we gathered our drinks before half stumbling, half wobbling our way back to our room. We didn’t even bother to close the curtains when we closed the sliding glass door that we didn’t bother to lock. If somebody saw us cleaning up before we continued for the night, that was fine. We could put on another show if they liked. Who knows, we might even invite one or two of them to join us. It was Hedonism, after all.

Stay SINFul, friends.

2 responses

  1. That’s one hell of a fantasy! I like it!

    January 11, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    • Thank you! One of my unfulfilled fantasies with Mrs. AP is to get her airtight, and another is to put on a show as a Threesome or more in a club or other openly sexual setting, and Hedonism provides the perfect mental setting for just such a thing to happen. Maybe some day …

      January 11, 2018 at 4:37 pm

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