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Love in the Time of Toddlers

I wish I could be bringing you a sexy update, SINful friends. I know, we’re three posts into the new year and I’ve not given details on any mind blowing orgasms, incredible blowjobs, or delicious squirtings. It’s hard, you see, to have such wonderful times when there’s a three year old sleeping in your bed. Although things can get amusing when she decides to wake up after sleeping in her “big girl bed” on the floor next to yours.
Mrs. AP and I were finishing up a lovely session. It wasn’t anything fancy, there were no toys involved — we didn’t even put down a Throe because Mrs. AP has become skilled at fighting back the urge to flood the bed when she cums — but there was a solid amount of movement and struggling to not be too loud because nothing is worse than coitus interuptus from a small child demanding attention. We found our rhythm. We were at the right angles. Pressure and tempo where both increasing dramatically. Our breath caught. Our eyes locked, then rolled back, and we exploded together in bliss!

We slowed to catch our breaths, kissing gently, when suddenly a tiny little human hand reached up and grabbed my hand near the side of the bed. This was followed shortly by the head of said tiny little human, still mostly asleep, popping a head up to ask quietly, in that sleepy whine that only toddlers have, for Mommy. All of this, mind you, while my still hard, throbbing, and now rather soaked cock was buried deep inside Mrs. AP’s pussy … which gripped me quite firmly as she started laughing.

I couldn’t help but join her. When you’re parental couplings are interrupted by an adorable little person asking for attention in the middle of the night, laughing becomes the only option. Besides, it wasn’t an interruption before the Big Finish, so we still got all the happy release and bonding that comes from the most primal of human interactions. Nevertheless, the post-coital cuddle had been substantially reduced, and now I had to perform a dismount with a little one now trying to climb onto the bed next to me.

Holy crap, that’s right, she was climbing onto the bed of her own accord and neither Mrs. AP nor I had been able to move yet. I pulled the most uncoordinated dismount I think I’ve ever managed, leaving a trail of combined sexual fluids all over Mrs. AP’s thigh as I shifted and slid to the side before rolling over and diving for baby wipes. I swiped the package off the nightstand, opened it, and pulled out a few wipes all in one single motion before handing some to Mrs. AP. While using one hand to hold a child up toward her chest, Mrs. AP grabbed the wipes with her free hand and somehow managed to clean up some of the mess I had just deposited inside her. With the wipes that remained, I cleaned myself before standing and hobbling to the bathroom to relieve my suddenly very awake bladder.

When I returned to the bed, Mrs. AP rolled a mostly asleep child into my arms before getting up and taking her own leave of the porcelain fluid disposal unit. I rocked our little one and hummed songs, doing my best to help induce a state of repose that would lead to sleep again. Mrs. AP returned to bed, slid in adjacent to us, and we slid our progeny off of me into the space between us on the bed. I pushed up on one arm, leaned over, and gave Mrs. AP a deep, soulful kiss before settling down for the night.

That’s how we fall asleep nearly every night, now, with our Baby Girl between us. We’re not always on the same sleep schedules. Mrs. AP and I don’t always have the freedom to have the sex we want, at least not at night. Still, that’s the only time our little one has fully invaded our space while we were in any true stage of the act, and after over three and a half years, that’s not a bad track record.

Stay SINful, friends.

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