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One For the Road

Tonight is my thirteenth night away from home, which also makes it my thirteenth night away from Mrs. AP.  Except for that one bad stint in the hospital last year, this is the longest she and I have been unable to sleep beside each other since February, 2010.  When I left for this current business trip we thought I would only be gone nine nights.  Obviously that has changed.  Delays for the job led to delays coming home.  There’s been naught I can do about that, no matter how lonely the bed feels when I’m the only occupant.

The night before I left was also the end of our first full day home after evacuating from Hurricane Matthew — we live on the coast now, which made us a rather high target zone — and we’d had no time or privacy in which to engage in any amorous bonding while we were dodging the storm.  The friends who took us in are wonderful, but we couldn’t exactly ask them if we could borrow their room and their bed for some spousal alone time.  Etiquette is a real party spoiler sometimes. But hey, no damage to the house, and we saw good friends we’d missed, so I guess that’s the silver lining there, right?

Regardless, knowing I was going to be leaving and knowing we hadn’t been able to play when we’d wanted to for far too many days, even while exhausted, while Mrs. AP and I were cuddling very late into the night, and once I heard our youngest finally settle down for the night I, started caressing Mrs. AP’s delectable body in that way that very clearly broadcasts that I’d like to do more than caress.

I teased her breasts and her nipples, letting the edges of my palms just brush the edges of her areolas, and our mouths explored each other.  Her tongue darted against my lips, seeking, imploring entrance, which was granted eagerly.  As our tongues danced to the rhythm of our needs my hands grew more insistent, cupping her nipples and her breasts and squeezing.  Gently at first, and then more firmly, my hand pulsed in time with our lips and tongues.  My efforts were rewarded with her luscious nipples hardening under my ministrations, becoming firm and puckered in that way that begs for attention.  With a gentle squeeze I obliged, but only momentarily before sliding my hand down her silky smooth skin and across the valley of her pubic mound before dipping between the folds of her perfection. As my middle finger slipped between her lips, it was greeted with a warm, wet welcome.  The body of my wife, my lover, my beloved was entreating me to enter her.  How could I decline such an enthusiastic invitation?

Slowly, I slid one finger against the entrance to Mrs. AP’s eager pussy and pushed, just slipping inside her.  She gasped against my mouth, her tongue losing the rhythm of the dance.  Deeper still I pushed, slowly feeling her both grasp at me and open in invitation in the way only she has ever done with me.  When the palm of my hand was fully pressed against her I rocked the heel of my palm against her clit before curling my finger and pulling it back toward her entrance.  With just that right curl, I brushed that ever so slightly rough spot inside her.  Her back arched, just enough, and her mouth left mine as she muffled a moan.  I grinned, and shifted downward to take her still engorged nipple into my mouth, feeling her hardness brush against my tongue as my finger continued to explore her below.  My finger and tongue set a rhythm, slowly fucking both her pussy and her nipple.  Mrs. AP tossed her head from one side to another, the intensity of my touches having escalated quickly.  Grinning around the nipple I had caught between my teeth, I shifted while slowly pulling my hand back until just the very tip of my finger remained inside her, then slid another in beside it as I shifted to my knees.

With the new angle, I dropped my wrist a little more and started fucking Mrs. AP with two fingers angled up against her front wall.  I was brushing that perfect spot inside her on the stroke in and the stroke out.  She thrashed her head side to side and tried to keep her hands from flailing, which resulted in one hand gripping my cock and squeezing.  Her grip, as always, was divine, and she quickly transitioned from just gripping me to stroking me. Now it was my turn to moan, first around her nipple and then lifting upward, letting my head toss back with the divine feeling that is my wife’s hand around my throbbing, dripping cock.  Never have a I met anyone, man or woman, who knows how to stroke a cock as well as Mrs. AP.  Her grip, wrist movements, and palm rolls across the head all combine for sheer ecstasy.

Determined not to let her ministrations distract me too much, I leaned forward and took Mrs. AP’s other breast and nipple in my mouth, and moved my free hand up to tease and tweak the nipple my mouth had just left.  Mrs. AP’s nipples have always been incredibly sensitive, but she crosses a threshold once her arousal level peaks where rough play on them is not only an option, but also often a mandate.  If she’s on the edge of an orgasm, the right pinch, twist, or bite on a nipple (or both) will send her over the edge into that sweet oblivion.  This time was no exception; between my fingers furiously fucking her, my tongue and teeth assaulting one nipple, and my other hand and fingers being equally vicious on her other nipple, Mrs. AP soon found herself crossing that threshold and tumbling into her orgasm.  Her body trembled, her back arched, a low, soft moan escaped between her lips, and the muscles inside her crashed in waves up my fingers as if coaxing more.  I slowed my pace, ever so slightly, than curled my fingers while pushing them as deeply as possible and strummed her spot forcefully to encourage her second, stronger orgasm to send her bounding yet again over that wonderful precipice.

As I slowed the pace of my fingers and tongue, I could feel Mrs. APs body trembling beneath me.  I could also feel my cock throbbing, pulsing in her hand; she’d never relaxed her grip, merely stopped stroking me as she rode the waves of bliss.  I kissed my way up her chest and neck before losing myself in a kiss with her.  We melted into each other, and somehow during this sweet embrace shifted so that I was atop her.  Lips locked in love and lust, I slid my cock inside her still quivering body, eliciting another gasp and moan from us both.  Slowly I sank into her, feeling her grip me in that satin, velvet, hot –so hot — soaking grip that only she has.  Just as every cock has different shapes and curves and textures, so does every pussy, and Mrs. AP’s is perfect for me.

I pulled back, slowly, feeling the exquisite caress of her inner walls squeezing me and her lips caressing me, before plunging back in again.  I pushed myself more upright, gazing into her eyes, watching her face relax into bliss and flush with lust and need all at the same time.  My gaze slipped lower, watching her voluminous, luscious, perfect 38DDD breasts bounce with every thrust.  I straightened more, shifting my legs under me and leaning back, gripping her breasts as I thrust up and into her, watching her eyes begin to glaze and her lips begin to part in that perfect “fuck me” face that Mrs. AP gets.  Her expressiveness, of face and body, is equal only to her talents. I really am a lucky man to be married to a living sex goddess, and now my body needed to worship her.

I mauled her breasts, gripping them firmly, and used them for leverage to begin fucking Mrs. AP with a need that bordered on desperation.  I could feel the muscles of my ass clenching with every hard thrust.  Every thrust from me was met by an equal thrust in return from Mrs. AP, herself also lost in need.  We drove into each other, our eyes sometimes locking, seeing the fire, the passion, the lust and the love, all burning inside each other, for each other.  Somehow, even when we fuck, we make love.

I felt the pressure building deep within the base of my cock, and reached one hand down to stroke my thumb across Mrs. AP’s clit.  Her hips rocked up like she’d been shocked, and the moaned.  Faster, I stroked her clit, her hips now off the bed with need, until she crashed her orgasm around me and her hips dropped back down to the bed.  At this point my legs were starting to hint at cramping, so I leaned forward, shifting until my hands were cradled under Mrs. AP’s shoulders.   I pulled her into me as I thrust myself inside her, my lips just against her ear, and hers against mine.  I don’t know if I said it aloud, or if she did, or we both did, but somehow “cum for me” was uttered, and cum we did.

As I continued to thrust deep inside Mrs. AP, driving her into yet another orgasm, I felt that building pressure crest, and release.  From the depths of my cock, my balls, and the very core of my being, I released myself inside the pulsing, throbbing, gripping pussy of Mrs. AP as we exploded against each other.  We tumbled through time and space together, melded, joined in the kind of existential bliss that is only found in religious texts and science fiction.  We thrust and grasped and moaned and gasped, and after bending reality around us, we collapsed into each other, spent.

When I could move again, I rolled off Mrs. AP to attempt to catch my breath and remember what reality looked like.  Sadly this happened all too quickly, and reality included a desperate need to go release other portions of my anatomy.  After finishing that up and stumbling back to bed, I snuggled against Mrs. AP, basking in the heat of her post-orgasmic body and relaxing into the curves of her body.  She rolled toward me, caressing me this time, from my face to my chest and downward, until her hand wrapped around my cock yet again.  I’d not returned to a flaccid state yet, but I wasn’t fully hard either — not for long, at least.  Mrs. AP started rolling her palm across the flare where the head of my cock meets the shaft, and soon I was again fully erect, throbbing and ready for another round.

Another round was exactly what Mrs. AP intended.  She sat up and pulled me to the center of the bed before swinging one long, lean leg over me and sitting atop me.  I could feel the wet heat of her pussy against my cock, her lips swollen from the already vigorous workout they’d received.  Leaning forward, Mrs. AP kissed me as she rocked her hips, and as her tongue slipped into my mouth she shifted her hips and slid herself down onto my cock.  I thrust up into her, yearning, needing more.  She came to rest with me fully inside her, pelvis to pelvis, as she moaned into my mouth again.  She built speed quickly, rocking her hips against mine before sitting up to hit all the right spots at all the right angles.  I grabbed both her breasts, trapping her nipples between my index and middle fingers while I squeezed both her nipples and the full tissue of her breasts together.  Her eyes rolled back in her head before she tossed it backward.  Her hips picked up yet more speed, her thrust back onto me driving my forcefully into the bed.  Upward I thrust to meet her, encouraging her, willing her to release.  This time I know I said it aloud, as my hands and my hips and my cock worked in concert.  “Cum for me,” I whispered fiercely.  “Cum on my cock, my sex goddess.”

Mrs. AP rocked forward, her hips as blur, as her mouth opened in a silent scream and every fiber of being shook with the release.  Her hips drove down onto me and back again, over and over, as the release of everything inside her spilled over me.  My head rolled back, my back arched, and for one of the few times in my life, and always with Mrs. AP, I joined her in orgasm … but without ejaculating.  We were a living energy feedback loop, increasing the strength of each others orgasms, full bodied and complete.

Mrs. AP collapsed forward onto me, gasping for breath.  Her breasts were hot against my chest.  My cock was still hard and throbbing inside her.  Her pussy was spasming around me.  When she could breathe again, Mrs. AP shifted her head and kissed me, deeply, fully, saying everything with a kiss that her voice couldn’t express.  The kiss made my cock twitch, and she moaned.  I flexed my pelvic muscles to make my cock twitch again, and was rewarded with a deeper moan.  I flexed my cock while also thrusting up into her, and this time she broke the kiss to bury her head against my shoulder and moan again.  Encouraged, I began fucking Mrs. AP from below.  We set a moderate pace, her rocking back against me with every upward thrust, until she sat back up again, that fire in her eyes alight once more.

She put her hands on my chest, and this time we well and truly fucked each other.  We jumped straight from a moderate tempo to a fast charge, desperate for each other, racing for that one last big release of the night.  Once more my hands went to her breasts, but I ignored her nipples this time.  I cupped as much of her breasts in my hands as I could, and I squeezed.  Up, and in, and as Mrs. AP leaned forward I took the full weight of her torso in my hands, on her breasts.  Our eyes met, our pelvises met repeatedly, and just like that we were both suddenly crashing against and around and with each other as Mrs. AP erupted into her strongest orgasm of the night.  She froze on me, nothing moving except the muscles in her pussy and the vibrations of the rest of her body.  As she rolled her head back and thrust her breasts into my hands, she moaned the primal, brutal sound of creation and destruction.  Wave after wave of energy poured off her like a waterfall, and when it crashed over me I joined her, another non-ejaculatory orgasm springing forth from me like an earthquake, strong and powerful and surprisingly long.

Mrs. AP fell forward at last, well and fully spent.  We held each other, her atop me, until she could move again.  We kissed, gently, yet fully, before she rolled off me and onto her side, to give her shoulders some rest.  I curled up against her, spooning her, my still wet cock pressed into the cleft of her amazing ass.  We wiggled into each other, sated, and satisfied, and drifted off to sleep the sleep of long-time lovers and beloved spouses.

Stay SINful, friends.

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