An Absinthe-Loving, Polyamorous, Kinky, Sex-Positive Couple talk about all things Sex, Kink, and LGBTQ.

Sweet Dreams and Hard Mornings

The other night I had a deliciously dream of debauchery.  I’m sure it means my subconscious is telling me that I have needs or wants or desires that are unfulfilled, which makes since considering I’ve spent the last 18 months recovering from one medical emergency or another.  This dream, however, was the most vivid a dream I think I’ve ever had.  I could not only see everything, but also taste and smell and feel everything, which is perhaps the best way to have a dream that includes wanton submission to all things hedonistic.  Come along for the ride, won’t you?

This dream started out simply enough; Mrs. AP and I were on a date with Our Crush, only this time he had a new lady love of his with him who was deliciously androgynous in a Ruby Rose meets Mia Jovovich sort of way.  We all hit it of together smashingly at a delicious, low-key dinner, during which Mrs. AP was flirting stronger than I think I’ve ever seen her flirt, with the majority of it directed at New Lady Love.  As we were all finishing up our meals, Mrs. AP leaned into my side and whispered heatedly into my ear between nibblings, “She’s shiny, can we have them for dessert?”

I nodded my head and invited OC and NLL to join us for more private drinks at a hotel room nearby we’d acquired for the night.  The room was mildly lavish; 1 king sized bed, a large couch/chaise combination, and an in-room jacuzzi that could fit about 6 people.  As soon as the door closed Mrs. AP pounce NLL with a deep, full kiss that left all 4 of us breathless; their lips and tongues seemed to be engaged in a dance that would have left the Russian Ballet jealous, while their hands roamed up and down each other’s bodies — first the backs, then migrating to the fronts — more diligently than an Englishman on safari.  After what seemed liked forever they paused at looked at OC and me.  Taking our non-verbal cues well, he and I mimicked the kiss we just witnessed, our tongues competing like hockey players going for the puck.  When he and I came up for air we turned, embraced, cocks pressing hard against each other through our pants, to see Mrs. AP and NLL staring at us with glassy eyes and slack jaws.  Faintly, the room was beginning to gain the hint of lust and hot bodies.  Somehow during all of this, we’d each individually kicked off shoes and socks without breaking any of the kisses or embraces.

Mrs. AP had a hungry look in her eyes slowly light as she stared at OC and me, and she broke away from NLL’s embrace to approach us men.  Her hips swayed as only those of a confident woman’s can, and she ran each of her hands through the hair of OC and me before leabing in to give each of us a deep and passionate kiss, starting with OC.  NLL took the hint and sashayed around to the other side of us.  Thus began a series of two, three, and fourway kisses,  Mouths and tongues were everywhere, and soon necks and earlobes were being nibbled and licked from all sides as hands began slipping underneath clothing to feel the hot skin of each of our lovers.

OC was the first to lose his shirt, as NLL and Mrs. AP leaned in to each lick and suck a nipple while I trailed my fingertips up and down the center of his chest before running my hands through Mrs. APs long hair and NLL’s pixie cut.  His low moans turned into a sharp gasp when one or both of them bit down on his now screamingly hard nipples.  I chuckled, but my chuckle was transformed into a deep moan when Mrs. AP reach back and squeezed my hard cock through my pants.  NLL pulled away from OC’s nipple to look at me, then looked down at Mrs. AP’s hand and smiled a cheshire cat grin.  Her hand started to reach toward me as well, but she paused halfway, looked studiously at Mrs. AP, and reached for her divine chest instead.  NLL’s hand gripped Mrs. AP’s breast firmly, causing Mrs. AP to gasp around OC’s nipple; through his pants I swear I saw his cock throb. I looked up and him and nodded my head in Mrs. AP’s direction; he smiled and nodded, and we both reached a hand over to grab the bottom of her shirt and pulled up, exposing her bra to the room. NLL joined in the fun, and the three of us soon had Mrs. AP topless, having worked in concert to remove her bra as well.  Her E-F cup breasts hung firmly and proudly on her frame, her nipples full and dark and begging for attention.  OC lifted one, I lifted the other, and we squeezed them together as NLL leaned in to lick both nipples simultaneously.

The moan that escaped Mrs. AP’s lips was the sweetest sound I’d heard all night.  It crashed around the room and back over us again, enveloping us all in need and desire.  I leaned in and bit Mrs. AP’s neck, while OC leaned in to kiss her firmly.  She groaned into his mouth, her animal lust vibrant and ready.

The four of us shifted closer to the bed, Mrs. AP pressed backward against it, as OC, NLL, and I pushed Mrs. AP backward.  OC and I followed her onto the bed, taking turns nibbling on her breasts, her nipples, her neck, and her luscious lips while using our hands to help NLL unbutton Mrs. AP’s pants and lift her hips to help bare the rest of her to the room.  As NLL pulled off Mrs. AP’s pants, she paused to disrobe as well; suddenly both women were fully nude while OC and I still had on our pants.  Still OC and I continued our oral assault on Mrs. AP’s upper body as NLL kissed and licked her way up Mrs. AP’s legs.  I tapped OC’s shoulder to get his attention, and silently directed him to first look at NLL, then licked my lips and looked down at Mrs. AP’s breasts as her deep breaths caused them to rise and fall like hedonistic waves.  We leaned down to lick those hard, throbbing nipples, all while watching NLL slowly get closer to the sweet apex of Mrs. AP’s thighs.  Hoping our timing was accurate, we waited until we saw NLL’s head dip down just a little lower, then each bit down on Mrs. AP’s nipples.

The result was electric.  Mrs. AP practically screamed as teeth hit both her nipples at the same time a hot tongue hit her clit, and her back arched nearly a full 180 degrees off the bed.  OC and I hung on for dear life as Mrs. AP’s hands gripped the sheets and her head thrashed back and forth.  Her yell went suddenly silent as the breath caught in her throat, and her legs clamped down tightly on NLL’s head.  The three of us maintained our oral locks on Mrs. AP until she slowly came back down to the bed and remembered how to breathe again.  I raised my head and cupped her head with one hand while caressing her breast with the other, in awe at how powerful her first orgasm under the ministrations of another woman had been.

As Mrs. AP was collecting herself, NLL stood and started crawling up the bed to kiss Mrs. AP.  NLL’s tongue thrust between Mrs. AP’s the way my now steely hard throbbing cock wanted desperately to thrust between other lips.  As they slowly broke their kiss, Mrs. AP grinned languidly at me, then looked down and frowned over OC and me still wearing pants.  “You two are overdressed,” she said, “and those hard cocks need to come out to play.”  OC and I needed no further encouragement, and somehow stayed (mostly) on our knees as we stripped down and tossed our clothing somewhere on the floor.

Mrs. AP reached for both our cocks and pulled us closer.  She held OC’s cock to NLL’s lips, and watched from bare inches away as NLL slowly took the while thing deep in her mouth.  Once OC was buried to the hilt, Mrs. AP turned her head my direction and urged me closer, taking me to the hilt as NLL pulled away from OC to watch.  As Mrs. AP slowly pulled her lips back up my cock she grinned, then held me up for NLL while turning her own head to swallow OC.  Back and forth they went for several minutes, taking turns on the two throbbing cocks in their faces, before Mrs. AP released her grip on me and grabbed OC’s ass with one hand and his cock with the other, encouraging him to fuck her face.  I raised an eyebrow at NLL, but she shook her head and then motioned her head back behind her.  Wanting no room for misunderstanding, I asked “do you want me to lick you, or fuck you?”  She lifted her head off my cock and purred “lick me later, right now I need to get fucked.”  In response, Mrs. AP pulled her lips off OC’s cock long enough to look at me and say “make sure she cums before you do, Mister,” before swallowing OC’s cock again.  I looked up at OC, who nodded while doing his best impression of somebody trying to hold back an oncoming storm and failing.

With permission granted, I slid off the bed and grabbed a condom from the overnight kit Mrs. AP and I had prepped.  As I was wrapping myself like the world’s sexiest holiday present, NLL had slid back down the bed some and pushed Mrs. AP and OC more onto it; this left NLL’s upper body on the bed, her lower body off the bed with her legs firmly planted on the floor, and her mouth and tongue in perfect position to resume licking Mrs. AP’s now well loved pussy. As NLL lowered her mouth to give Mrs. AP’s lower lips more french kisses, I teasingly slid two fingers up and down NLL’s very wet lips.  Clearly she enjoyed giving as much, if not more, than she enjoyed getting, and I needed a moment to let my cock calm down, so after a few slow caresses I slid those two fingers into NLL, curling them down to hook against that slightly textured spot that always seems more sensitive than the rest.  She gasped into Mrs. AP’s spread legs, which caused Mrs. AP to moan around OC’s cock, which caused him to groan and lean forward to better support himself.  Oh, this was going to be fun!

I started slowly finger fucking NLL, caressing her tender spot with the tips of my fingers on every outward motion, and slowly built up a rhythm until her hips were rocking hard against my hand and she had to turn her head sideways to just ride out the motions.  I felt her vaginal walls beginning to tighten on my fingers, so I held my pace and coaxed her over the edge.  Her scream nearly matched Mrs. AP’s, but was deeper in tone and pitch and was interspersed with sharp intakes of breath.  As she started to come down and leaned forward to lick Mrs. AP in earnest once again, I slid my cock slowly inside her, just under my fingers.  My cock slid in as my fingers slid out, and the deepest, longest moan I’ve ever heard from a woman came roaring out from deep inside NLL.  I wasted no time, fucking her without abandon, and I looked up to see that OC had begun doing the same to Mrs. AP’s mouth.

Mrs. AP had wrapped her hand around the base of OC’s cock to help control how deeply he could fuck her mouth.  She lay there, taking OC deep as he fucked her mouth and NLL’s tongue fucked her pussy, and I fucked NLL.  We’d become a human sex daisy chain, and it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I gripped NLL’s hips as I fucked her, she gripped Mrs. AP’s thighs to hold her legs open, and Mrs. AP gripped OC’s cock as he fucked her mouth.  Our moans filled the air with the harmonious chorus of lust being, but still needing to be, fulfilled.

NLL was the first to cum.  Her body started shaking in front of me as she buried her face in Mrs. AP’s pussy and screamed.  This triggered Mrs. AP, who let out a long, low moan around OC’s cock, who in turn threw himself forward to catch himself as I watched his balls pull up tight against his body and he groaned his release as he filled Mrs. AP’s mouth.  All of this was too much  for me, and I fucked NLL like I was wolf in heat for only a few brief moments before I felt that hard tightness in my cock. I growled my climax as I exploded inside NLL’s still clenching pussy.  As I fell forward I somehow managed to pull out and twist just enough to not leave a trail of cum-filled condom across NLL’s ass, and we all lay there gasping for breath and touching each other as best we could while we recovered.

When we’d all come back down to Earth, OC moved first, lifting himself off Mrs. AP to kiss her depeply, burying his tongue between her lips.  He then leaned down and kissed me; the taste of his cum lingered on his lips and tongue as we explored each other.  I felt the bed shift, and glanced up to see NLL crawling up Mrs. AP to start kissing her, gently and slowly this time, in a loving leisurely way.  I broke the kiss from OC so I could sit up and dispose of the condom; not 3 seconds after I’d pulled it off and tied it up was OC slipping down further to take my cock in his mouth.  I’d started to go soft, but his expert tongue soon had me at full mast again.  A moan escaped my lips; which led Mrs. AP and NLL to glance over and watch some manly cocksucking.

I tugged on OC’s chin and urged him to crawl further onto the bed.  He and I crawled up beside Mrs. AP and NLL, and we started making out as our hands wandered.  NLL and Mrs. AP were assumedly doing the same, as soon moans started filling the room again.  I had OC’s cock in my hand, he had mine in his, and when Mrs. AP let out a gasp we glanced over to see that NLL had slid two fingers inside Mrs. AP’s obviously soaked pussy.  Another hard thrust from NLL had Mrs. AP’s eyes rolling back in her head, and she gasped out “Oh, somebody fuck me!”

I nodded to OC and pushed his cock in Mrs. AP’s direction.  He glanced at NLL, who grinned and nodded, and he slid himself between Mrs. AP’s long legs and looked up at me knowingly.  I rolled off the bed and grabbed a condom for OC, tearing open the package and leaning forward so that I could roll it onto his throbbing cock.  He let out a gasp when I grabbed him to hold him still, and all of us watched as I slowly rolled the latex covering down his cock with my thumb and forefinge in a tight, torturous circle.  Once the condom was all the way down his cock I continued to hold the base of his cock and angled it downward while he grabbed Mrs. AP’s legs and put them on his shoulders.  As I held his cock against her pussy I teased her by slapping her labia with his cock.  They both shrieked, but it quickly turned into a moan when I angled him downward more and teased her clit with the head of his cock before pushing him right against her entrance.  He started pushing in slowly, but Mrs. AP spoke up and said fiercely “I said fuck me, dammit!”

Fuck her he did, pulling back steadily and slamming his hips into hers.  Her tits bounced with every thrust, so NLL and I leaned over and took her nipples into her mouth and held, nay, crushed her breasts in our hands.  The combination set her off, and she screamed out as she came on another man’s cock while his girlfriend and I teased her breasts.  OC slowed down, drawing it out, and suddenly I saw Mrs. AP do something I never thought I’d see.  With one hand she reached for my cock, but with he other she reached for NLL’s pussy.  NLL shifted to give Mrs. AP access.  I saw Mrs. AP’s hand disappear between NLL’s legs, then heard NLL gasp and watched her eyes lose focus.  Mrs. AP must have been doing something right, because NLL just lay her head down on Mrs. AP’s breast and rocked her hips while being finger fucked by my wife.

I leaned up to kiss OC again as he was doing this, then slowly shifted into a kneeling/standing combination on the bed and offered him my cock again.  He sucked slowly and gently, relishing the feel of me in his mouth while taking care not to bite me while he fucked Mrs. AP.  I reached a hand down between them and used two fingers to tease her clit, which caused her hips to buck and knocked NLL loose from her position.  She rolled with it and turned it into a deep kiss with Mrs. AP.  I could see their tongues wrestling, and when they broke the kiss NLL raised her head and looked deeply into Mrs. AP’s eyes before asking, almost timidly, “would you please lick my pussy and make me cum all over you?”

In another first for Mrs. AP, she nodded.  NLL slid to her knees and while she shuffled into position I leaned forward to give Mrs AP a deep kiss before whispering in her ear “show her what your long tongue can do.”  NLL slid into position, hovering over Mrs. AP’s face before slowly lowering herself.  Mrs. AP reached her hands up to grip NLL’s thighs, and OC stopped moving as he and I watched Mrs. AP get her first direct taste of another woman’s pussy.  As her tongue made the first tentative sweep of NLL’s labia they both let out what sounded like a relieved sigh.  Mrs. AP grew more bold, darting her tongue up to part NLL’s folds and get a deeper taste.  NLL gasped as Mrs. AP hit one of the right spots and leaned reached out for support.  OC and I each grabbed a hand, then NLL shook mine off to reach farther down my body and grab my throbbing cock.  She pulled me closer, so I shifted to stand between her and OC.  NLL leaned forward and slowly took my cock deeply into her mouth, but pulled back before she got all the way down.  OC then leaned forward and took his turn on my cock.  The two started a double-team on my cock while he fucked my wife, who in turn was licking NLL to gasps and moans.  Our daisy chain had somehow folded itself to become a sexual circle.

Soon Mrs. AP’s ministrations were becoming too much for NLL, and my cock was wanting more than to be licked and sucked, so I slid down off the bed and grabbed a condom and some lube.  NLL settled herself down just a little further onto Mrs. AP and closed her eyes, rocking back and forth as her moans and gasps became more frequent and urgent.  I tore open the condom packaging and rolled it down my cock, then generously lubed myself as well.  I then squeezed some more on my hand and fingers and teasingly caressed OC from his balls backward and up before teasing the tight entrance to his cute little ass.  He paused to look back over his shoulder and stated matter of factly, “good, I’ve wanted you to fuck me since we first met.”

I climbed onto the bed behind him and he leaned forward.  Slowly I teased the head of my cock against his asshole before gently pushing in until the head had passed both sets of muscles and I was firmly entrenched in his ass.  His moans were long and loud, and both Mrs. AP and NLL were moaning as well.  Gently, slowly, I filled OC’s ass with my cock until my balls were touching his, and I stayed there.  As he settled around me I flexed my cock (like doing Kegel exercises) inside his ass, which made him twitch.  Mrs. AP moaned, which triggered a moan from NLL.  SLowly I pulled back, then pushed forward again, feeling less resistance.  I built up to a medium tempo, fucking OC as he fucked Mrs. AP while she licked NLL’s pussy.  Again we were daisy chained, and the increased moans from OC, Mrs. AP, and NLL were lustful music around me.  As I slowly increased my rhythm, NLL suddenly screamed again and started shaking, here whole body thrashing atop Mrs. AP’s face, before she flopped to the side and lay there gasping for breath.  This spurred OC and me on; I fucked Mrs. AP through him, driving him into her harder, setting the pace I know she loves, and it became too much for him.  I felt his orgasm crash down through his ass and his cock as he clenched down on me and exploded inside Mrs. AP, which in turned triggered her into wild screams and whipping her head side to side as she exploded around OC’s cock.

I slowed down as they came down from their respective orgasms, and slowly pulled out, still hard and throbbing.  I strolled into the bathroom to dispose of the earlier condom and remove this one, then washed my cock and my hands thoroughly.

When I returned to the bedroom, OC was cuddling Mrs. AP from one side and NLL was cuddling her from the other.  It was a sweet, sexy, sensual picture of perfection, and I paused staring at it for several long moments before climbing on the bed and laying just above their heads so I could touch all of them.  This put my cock near NLL’s face, but she ignored it for now as the four of us and savored the moment.  We basked in the afterglow of a foursome … right until bladders started demanding release.  We took our turns in the bathroom, with OC understandably lingering longer than the rest of us.   I went last, and as I came out I was greeted to the delicious site of three gorgeous naked bodies on the bed all in an oral circle; NLL was sucking OC’s cock, OC was licking Mrs. AP’s pussy, and Mr. AP was giving NLL a thorough tongue thrashing.  I stood watching, my cock slowly growing hard again, until NLL glanced up and saw me.  She beckoned me to the bed and shifted, breaking the chain.

I crawled onto the bed and lay between the three of them.  Three hands from three different people grabbed my cock, and Mrs. AP asked “So, now that you boys are all hard again, what do we do now?”  Before I had a chance to answer, she dropped her head and wrapped her lips around my cock, swallowing me to the hilt.  She slowly rose to her knees, swaying her hips and she sucked my cock like she needed it to become a part of her, and I rolled my head back, eyes closed, as I was again lost in a world of pleasure.  When she paused I slowly opened my eyes to see that OC had fetched another condom and was rolling it on.  I watched Mrs. AP’s face, her lips pressed against the head of my cock, as OC entered her from behind in one hard thrust.  Her eyes went wide and her lips went slack.  The force of OC’s thrust pushed her down on my cock again, and she closed her eyes to revel in the feel of being filled by two cocks at once.  NLL then straddled my face, blocking my view, and dropped her pussy so that her lips met mine.  She tasted sweet and earthy, like a spring meadow filled with wildflowers, and I licked every drop of her sweet nectar that I could before darting my tongue up and forward to flick her clit.

As I orally assaulted NLL’s pussy I felt Mrs. AP shift, then felt the familiar feel of her hot pussy slowly sliding down my cock.  She settled her full weight on me, then leaned forward and held still.  I felt OC push my legs together, then felt him settle on them.  Suddenly I felt his cock pushing against the base of mine, and he was sliding inside Mrs. AP alongside me.  Just as I’d loved in the hot session Mrs. AP and I had with Red once upon a time, OC and I were now putting Mrs. AP in the Double Vaginal Penetration position.  I had paused my licking of NLL’s clit and pussy, but resumed with a fury, fully intent to not only make her cum but also leave her shattered in ecstasy on my face.  As my tongue darted between her lips and licked up to flick her clit she rocked her pussy on my face and Mrs. AP rocked her body on OC and me.  I felt the head of his condom-covered cock rubbing against the flare of my cockhead, and with every thrust it felt like I was being bathed in sweet electricity.  Determined not to cum too soon, I focused all my energy (that I could) on licking NLL to orgasm after orgasm, feeling her legs clench around my head and distantly hearing her moans.  Her spasms were coming faster, and soon so were mine.  I felt the sudden, unexpected rush flooding my cock and I screamed into NLL’s pussy as my tongue danced on her clit.  I could hear her screaming as she clenched hard enough to make me think my head was going to pop, and in the midst of this I felt OC’s cock pulsing alongside mine and heard Mrs. AP also screaming as I was bathed in the sweet, hot wetness that only comes from her squirting.

Again we all collapsed onto the bed, gasping for breath and blinking furiously as we tried to remember how to see in the really real world.  Again NLL shifted first, and before I knew it her mouth was descending on my cock to lick the combined juices of Mrs. AP and me.  OC shifted somewhere, then lay back down on the other side of Mrs. AP, who was curled up in a sexy ball.  OC curled himself around her and they watched as NLL licked every inch of my clean, which, again, left me hard and throbbing, and ever so slightly sore.  Only then did NLL look over and start crawling to Mrs. AP and OC.  I rolled with her, and we made a giant puppy/kitty pile on the bed as we held each other in sexual aftercare.

When we could all talk again, NLL was the first, and whispered “I’ve always wanted two cocks inside me.  Can we put me in the middle?  I want to be a sandwich!”  We all laughed, and Mrs. AP said she was happy to loan me in use of that since we’d all fucked and sucked each other into oblivion anyway. NLL grinned and laughed and practically sang “I’m going to get tag-teamed, I’m going to get tag-teamed!”

We asked how she wanted it, and without skipping a beat she said “I want to start with Mr. AP in my mouth and OC in my pussy, but before either of them cum I want OC in my pussy and Mr. AP in my ass!  After watching you take them both I have to know what a doublestuffing feels like!”

We all agreed and got into position, me laying on my back as NLL got on her knees between my legs and started licking and sucking my cock.  Mrs. AP swung off the bed to go pee, then came back with a condom.  She then took advantage of being able to move by alternating between kissing me and kissing OC, or reaching under NLL to play with her high and firm B cup breasts.  OC slid into NLL’s pussy with ease, and stared a gentle rhythm that soon had NLL moaning around my cock.  OC shifted his weight, and NLL gasped and whispered “oh fuck” before she dug her fingers into my thighs and moaned out a long, low, deep moan of pleasure.  When she could move again, she looked up and me and motioned for me to move.  I slid out from under her and grabbed a condom.  When I turned back around to the bed, OC was on his back, Mrs. AP was making out with him and NLL, and NLL was sliding her pussy down OC’s cock.

I took a moment to take in the scene, watching NLL’s pussy lips stretch to wrap themselves around OC.  That view, of watching a woman slide down a hard cock while I’m by the man’s feet, is one of the views I love most when Mrs. AP and I are in a threesome with another man, and it was just as arousing in this instance.  NLL all too quickly ended the scene for me, though, as she came to rest on OC’s pubic mound, his balls tucked up against her ass.  As Mrs. AP made out with them both I rolled the condom down mu cock and grabbed more lube and prepared to fuck my second ass of the night.  Mrs. AP saw, and she reached around to help stroke the lube up and down my shaft, taking a moment to swirl her hand around my head, and then she did something else new for us; she held the base of my cock as I slid forward and pressed it against NLL’s backdoor.  Firmly I pushed as Mrs. AP held me, and OC held NLL still in his arms, until I slipped in with an almost audible “Pop”, and NLL had two cocks buried inside her.  SLowly I pushed in as she caught her breath, and she started muttering “oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” as I pushed until I felt my balls resting against OC’s balls.  I stayed there, holding NLL’s hips, and Mrs. AP leaned forward to kiss me, then leaned forward to kiss OC, and finally to kiss NLL.  Mrs. AP and OC each reached out their hands, and NLL found herself with a cock in her pussy, a cock in her ass, and four hands on her breasts.  As she gasped, I slowly pulled back, then pushed forward again, slowly starting a fucking rhythm.  OC dropped his hands to NLL’s hips to help her move, and he started thrusting his hips as much as he could to match my rhythm.  Together we slid in and out, alternating between leaving NLL nearly empty and impossibly full, and together the three of us gathered speed.  I felt a shift in front of me, and leaned to the side to see that Mrs. AP was sitting on OC’s face and had started rocking her hips while she gasped and moaned.  We all started slowly gaining speed, NLL’s gasps and screams interspersed with her yelling “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck my ass fuck my pussy give me those cocks oh fuck oh yes oh fuck oh fuck Oh Fuck Oh Fuck OH FUCK!”

As she screamed out a release that had to be audible from the International Space Station, OC and I both shoved our cocks inside NLL as deeply as we could.  Through that thin membrane we felt each other’s cocks exploding, and I leaned to the side to lock eyes with Mrs. AP just as her eyelids drooped and she let loose a long, low moan that was the sign of another one of her strong orgasms. As my orgasm eventually subsided I pulled out of NLL’s ass, causing her to gasp and yelp, and then she slid fell to the side next to me.  I wrapped my arm around her and held her, as we watched Mrs. AP lean forward and take OC’s still twitching cock completely in her mouth.  He yelped.  She grinned around his cock. And just as he started beginning to thrash on the bed under the devlishly skillful talents of my wife …


… I awoke to the brutal sound of my alarm telling me it was time to get up for work.  Never had I ever  been so outright upset to have my alarm go off, nor had I ever awoken with such a raging, dripping, throbbing erection.  My precum had left a puddle on the sheet next to me — I was sleeping on my left side, you see — and it looked like somebody had spilled a glass of water.

Slowly, despite my desperate desire to slip back to sleep and see how the rest of the dream would play out, I had to get up for work, so I fought myself awake and rolled off the bed to stumble into the bathroom for my morning routine.  I could still feel lips and hands and pussies and asses on my cock.  I could still taste NLL and OC and Mrs. AP and all our jumbled juices.  I could still hear the moans and groans and screams echoing in my head.

Several days later, I still can.


Stay SINful, friends.

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