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T.M.I. Tuesday – SEXpectations

Time for another edition of T.M.I. Tuesday!  Click below to see how well I performed!

This week on TMI Tuesday let’s talk sexual expectations or…

sexpectations art

1. What are some challenges related to your sex life?

Right now it’s the fact that we have a nearly 10 month old daughter sleeping in a crib in our room.  Our sleep schedule revolves around hers, so we don’t always get the alone time together that we want and when we do we have to be quiet enough to not startle Baby Girl awake.  She’s been a little cockblocker as of late, too …
2. Is quality or quantity most important?

Mrs. AP and I both get cranky if we go more than 3, maybe 4 days tops without at least *some* sex, even if it amounts to little more than using each other to get off.  Sometimes we’re exhausted and don’t cause the kind of fireworks we’d like, but the reconnecting is key.  With the wrong partner, though, when quality and quantity are low, it’s just miserable all around.

3. How much sex is enough?

Yes!  I mean, uhmm … Mrs. AP and I agree that 4 or more sessions per week is our good number.  Less than that and we seem to get more snarky with each other.

4. I want to have more _____ .

Long sessions with lots of oral sex and teasing.  I refer you back to answer number 1 as to why this has been lacking in opportunity lately.
5. I would like to attempt new sex positions such as _____ .

Lucky Pierre!
6. I would like to stop doing _____ sex position.

None.  Mrs. AP and I haven’t really found a bad one yet, and if we did, we dropped it from our repertoire.
7. To me foreplay means _____ .

The mental and physical stimulation that begins sometimes hours, even days, before engaging in any penetrative sexual acts.
8. Something I think about a lot related to sex is _____ .

How very damn proud I am to be with Mrs. AP, and how she encourages my kinks without casting judgment or shame, especially when I bring up the subject of finding another guy with whom we could both relax and explore.

Bonus: Tell us something you love about your sex life.

Read my previous stories.  No, seriously, there’s dozens of them on here.  If you’re still wondering anything after those, just ask.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

One response

  1. Kids are such a deterrent. I’ve had three and cannot handle them being in the bedroom with me.

    February 18, 2015 at 3:25 pm

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