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Ride the Pain Away

I came home from work with one of the most debilitating migraines I’ve had in ages. I fought through traffic and held it at bay, but by the time I walked up the stairs and through the front door Mrs. AP was able take one look at me and firmly say “I love you, go lay down in the dark.” Knowing better than to ever argue with her when she uses her Domme voice, I kissed her and made my room to comply. As I lay there trying to hide all light and sound from obliterating me into millions of pieces Mrs. AP came in and softly asked how I could help. My whimpers must have translated into something because she left the room to come back a few minutes later with Excedrin and a cold coffee blend of the various pre-made flavored coffees we keep in the fridge. She disappeared again, leaving me in silence.

On her next return she came bearing food; perfect wife that she is, she made dinner and handled the kids while I lay in the room trying not to feel like death had become me. Dutifully I ate, thankful for the mix of spices and savory elements she combined to hit every flavor element I so love. Once I finished eating I lay the plate back down and rested, eyes closed, hoping for relief.

When Mrs. AP came back in she asked if there was anything else she could do to help. I whimpered some more, to which she responded by laying next to me and cradling me, caressing my head and letting her hand wander further down my body. As she slipped a hand inside my pants she asked if there was *anything* she could do to help, and my cock rose in response. Feeling how eager my cock was to greet her Mrs. AP whispered mischievously “feels like I know just the thing.” She got up to lock the door, stripping as she rose, and in my pained stupor I somehow managed to strip so that by the time she turned around I was ready, waiting for her.

Mrs. AP crawled up from the end of the bed, slowing to glide her tongue up the length of my throbbing cock before sliding up the rest of me to rub just the head of my cock against her already dripping pussy.  Slowly she teased the head back and forth, rocking her hips, rotating them, swirling me around as I lay beneath her.  She worked her way down deliberately until her pelvic bone rest against mine, then just as deliberately slid back up, caressing every throbbing millimeter of my cock with her powerful muscles.  Like a rising tide she build up speed, and my hands reach up to cup her magnificent breasts while she rode me.  Her nipples begged for my attention, and I was helpless to resist.  Hard I pinched them, twisting, pulling them away from her breasts while squeezing the surrounding tissue with the rest of my hands, helping lift her off my cock with every bounce.  Mrs. AP’s breath caught suddenly, the tiniest of a whimpering moan escaping her throat as I felt her slam down hard onto me and quiver in orgasm around me.  I maintained my sadistic grip on her nipples, each tweak coaxing forth more whimpering.

As Mrs. AP came down from her orgasm I felt mine beginning to rise.  Even through the still nearly unendurable pain from the migraine my cock and balls were overcoming the rest of me and demanding release.  As I felt the pressure build I pulled Mrs. AP close, gripping her shoulders with my hands and holding her tight against me as my hips drove up into her.  She was no longer in control; I had her pinned and I was fucking her mercilessly, no matter the position.  Our breath was sharp and fast in each other’s ears, and as my hips rose to meet hers I felt Mrs. AP quivering in another orgasm.  This brought me closer, but the pressure was still only building.  I pulled her tighter, slightly altering the angle of her hips, and suddenly I was in the perfect spot.  Every thrust from me brought moans from us both.  Our breath was catching, gasping, and in one hard simultaneous spasm we were both there.  I slammed my hips into her as hard as I could, driving my cock completely inside her, as I exploded , feeding her own overwhelming orgasm with my own.   My throbbing made her muscles grip me harder, which made me throb harder, and we created the kind of feedback loop that only exists in sexual union.  We rode each other through the waves of ecstasy until we were fully spent and collapsed back onto the bed.

As she lay atop me recovering, gasping for breath and body still recovering, Mrs. AP whispered in my ear “that should help relieve some of the pressure.”  The migraine took another hour to alleviate, but in every other way she was absolutely correct.

Stay SINful, friends.

2 responses

  1. First off, I’m in love with your wife.
    Secondly, when I have a migraine, I still have sex, as the orgasm is at least a few minutes pain free. Even if I does come back as a bitch when we’re done. I try not to move much during these moments, so the fact that you were slamming up into her is amazing to me.

    February 3, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    • I’m in love with her too, so I must say, you’ve got great taste!

      Sometimes my primal urges overwhelm everything else, and headache be damned, I was going to get us over that edge together!

      Stay SINful,
      Mr. AP

      February 3, 2015 at 3:06 pm

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