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The Return of Real Sex

Red spent the weekend over for his Birthday, and he’d been joking since the week prior that one of the things he wanted for his birthday was another threesome with Mrs. AP and me — it had been some time since our last one — and as the week went by my mind kept turning more and more to both how much I love watching Mrs. AP when we have another man in our bed and also how much I miss sliding my lips down a nice hard cock and how Red has repeatedly said he needs to be “not so sober” for that to happen.

Lo and behold, during dinner Red availed himself of some recently acquired Sake to become very quickly inebriated.  Aloud, my jokes and innuendos about him joining us became more obvious (to me, at least) while internally I started wondering how he’d taste, if he’d rise to the occasion, etc..  After all, I know I can be persuasive once my lips are on somebody, but I’d need his full consent for that and even drunk he might not grant that.  Still, I wondered, and open flirted, and hinted, and only kept some outright comments to myself because the children were still awake and there are some invitations they just don’t need to hear.  We carried on for roughly 30 minutes with our back and forth bantering and flirting until suddenly!… Red declared himself drunkenly exhausted and stumbled off to bed to sleep for 8 hours.

As I later told Mrs. AP while we were lying in bed, I was a little butt-hurt, but it was of my own making.  I’d not been clear enough in my invitation, and expecting somebody else to properly interpret flirting and innuendo — particularly in an inebriated state — is unfair.  It’s also not like I’ve forever ruined our chances of having another man, or specifically Red, join us in bed; he’s over all the time, plus we’re more actively looking for another lover.  Just because I wasn’t able to satisfy my threesome craving right then and there doesn’t mean I won’t be able to scratch that itch later.  Until then, there are plenty of other ways to meet needs, and Mrs. AP and I had some other needs that were needing met.  Our talk faded into soft kisses, which slowly grew more bold and intense until our lips risked bruising from our passion.  We shifted, one our sides and pressed together, so that my hand could slide down between Mrs. AP’s open legs, where I found her freshly shaven, hot, wet, and ready for me.

My fingers slid over her clit, hard and pulsing and waiting for me, but I wasn’t content to stop there.  Further down my finger slid, gliding through her wetness before my middle finger dipped inside.  Her pussy was hot and wet, welcoming my invading finger as the gentlest of happy sighs escaped Mrs. AP’s lips.  I curled my finger up to caress just that right spot inside that always makes her tremble the most sexy of ways; her sighs turned to low moans.  I slid my ring finger in alongside my middle finger and increased the pressure, keeping the tempo slow and deliberate as I coaxed my sexy wife into a hand-biting, hip quaking orgasm, during which I felt her clenching my fingers as if letting go would bring forth the apocalypse upon us.  Once she relaxed again I slid in my pinky finger, giving her now three fingers.  Her hips picked up a faster rhythm, and my fingers responded in kind.  Again I coaxed her to a hard, rolling orgasm that had her chest heaving, her hips rolling, and her muscles gripping my fingers tightly.   Following an established pattern, as she came back down from her orgasm and relaxed I slid my index finger inside her, now giving her four full fingers.  Our pace was faster now, urgent; instead of coaxing I was now on the verge of forcing, my fingers firm and deliberate against that sensitive spot inside.  Her breath caught and her muscles tightened.  I added more pressure as a long, low groan escaped her lips ; she turned her head sideways and buried it in a pillow as wave upon wave of strong, hard orgasm ravaged her body.

As her hips were still bucking I slid up onto my knees and knelt between her legs, sliding my throbbing, dripping cock (my pre-cum flows copiously) into her.  She gasped in relief and release as my entering head rolled her into another orgasm.  By the time I was buried to the hilt her hips were bucking again.  I met her rhythm, driving hard into her, as she rolled through orgasm after orgasm.   The pressure was building in my cock.  I grabbed her shoulder, pulling her tighter against me.  She rolled her hips up to meet me.  We met time and again, a maelstrom of sexual energy as we felt each other rise and build.  Our lips met, our connection established head to toe, as our most powerful orgasms (yet) of the night overtook us.  I emptied everything I am and was into her and she flowed up and around me; we danced and swirled and dipped and soared through the wonder of each other.  Time froze as we merged and became the unified person of lore.

As we slowly came back into our own bodies and relaxed, both of us were hit with the familiar post-coital sensation of having other pressures to relieve.  Once we were done, Mrs. AP teasingly said “Now you’re going to roll over and go to sleep.”  It’s true we’d been in a bit of a rut, so that I’ve been a “one and done” kind of guy, but I wasn’t in that mood tonight.  I kissed her again, firmly, and slid my hand back down between her legs.  Four fingers slid inside her again, easily, and in short order my ministrations had her back arching and her hips bucking as another orgasm rolled through her.  As she relaxed her grip on my fingers I began thrusting again, tucking my thumb under to rub the webbing between it and my index finger just underneath her clit.  She groaned, her hips rising toward me, but we weren’t getting quite enough sliding action.  I asked Mrs. AP if she could reach the lube we keep on the nightstand; she shifted and stretched, long and luscious, and retrieved it for me.  As I pulled my fingers free to dab lube in all the appropriate places Mrs. AP rolled off the bed to grab a spare thick and fluffy blanket from the linen closet.

Mrs. AP threw it down onto the bed and rolled atop the blanket, landing perfectly in position for me to lean forward and kiss her as I slid all four fingers and half my thumb into her in one smooth, slow motion.  I worked my hand back and forth, slowly fucking her pussy with all five fingers until she opened up just that little bit more and I slid in to the wrist.

I always curl my fingers around my thumb when I have my whole hand inside Mrs. AP, to better prevent a nail from accidentally catching on her sensitive bits.   As I did this I rotated my hand some.  Every turn of my hand, every flex of my fingers, every slow pull or push from my brought more deep moans and head thrashing from Mrs. AP.  Her whole body was shaking, quivering from excitement and orgasms that just would not stop.  I started pulling my hand out, right to the point where my wrist catches just underneath her clit, then pushed back in.  This short fucking motion with my whole hand had Mrs. AP biting her knuckles and practically thrashing around in ecstasy as her hips bucked uncontrollably against me.  I slowed my pace, letting her catch her breath, and just as her eyes fluttered open I pulled my hand back to release my thumb and dug the other four fingers against that spot on her front wall hard enough to lift her off the mattress.  Not that it mattered, her hips lifted of their own accord and for the first time since in nearly a year Mrs. AP began squirting all over my hand, my wrist, and the blanket she had so fortuitously put in place.  I growled, a deep primal sound as I continued to work her spot, bringing wave after gushing wave of release to her.  Shifting my weight I brought my other hand down to push against her clit; Mrs. AP stifled back a scream as she came even harder, soaking my hand anew.

As her back slowly came back down to the mattress I shifted between her legs again, slid my hand out of her pussy but kept it pressed firmly against her clit, and slid rock hard cock inside her again.  I love how hot Mrs. AP is after she’s squirted.  She’s practically scalding, but it feels magnificent against my throbbing shaft and helps unleash the wild, merciless beast within me.  I thrummed my fingers on her clit as I fucked her with abandon, the headboard bouncing off the all with every thrust.  Her moans were endless, and I felt her squirt around my cock every so often.  My pace was relentless, driving into her like a man possessed while in fact I was possessing her, claiming her again as my hot sexgoddess of a wife.  I leaned forward, wrapping my other hand around her shoulder, my fingers digging in firmly, as I drove my hips hard into her, daring her to bruise, until I felt an energy buildup fire up my spine and then back down to explode at my cock.  Waves of energy burst in, our of, and around me as I experienced a full body orgasm without ejaculation; which in turn triggered another squirting episode in Mrs. AP that had her back and hips nigh a foot off the bed.

We collapsed onto each other, spent and drenched.  I rolled off to my side of the bed as Mrs. AP rolled into me, her leg crooked between mine, as she breathed “I’d forgotten how good that felt.”  When we could finally move again she grabbed the blanket and threw it into the bottom of the tun to rest until we could get it into the washing machine.  Our timing was immaculate; Baby Girl was just starting to stir for one of her middle of the night feedings.  Mrs. AP grabbed Baby Girl and sat down on the floor for a quick top off of Mama Milk.  As they were sitting there I made some adjustments to blinds that had been open earlier that day, then turned around to find Mrs. AP admiring my ass.  I grinned and stepped closer.  She reached out with her free hand, grabbed my flaccid cock, and pulled me closer before taking me deep into her mouth.  In record time I was hard and throbbing again, but the position was awkward, so Mrs. AP released me and told me to lie down on the bed.

One to follow orders when outcomes look positive I rolled to my side and lay there, cock throbbing into the cool air of the bedroom.  Mrs. AP wrapped things up with Baby Girl and crawled onto the bed to join me.  She kissed me deeply before asking if there was anything else I wanted.  I said “you can continue what you started over there on the floor if you’re up for it.”  Grinning, she slid between my legs, wrapped one hand firmly around my cock, and leaned forward to take the rest of me deep between her luscious lips.   I gasped as she went to work in spectacular fashion, bringing me very close to the edge in the first minute only to back off and slowly work me with her lips, tongue, and hand.  Up and down she made my pressure wax and wain, alternating between taking me in her mouth all the way to the hilt and using just her hand to tease the crown of my cock.  Back and forth, until my hips were bucking and my arms and legs were shaking in need.  She paused, hand rolling over the head of my cock, and asked me what I needed.  I said, no, I begged for the release of which edge she’d already teased twice, and in earnest she began stroking me and bobbing her head, relentless in the pursuit of my orgasm.  I felt the pressure building deep inside me.  My legs shook.  The pressure build more.  My arms shook.  The pressure built, nearly bursting forth, my hips and back now shaking as well, until suddenly I was there, gasping, moaning, speechless as I felt the universe rush through and out my cock.  Vaguely I was aware that the first volley landed on Mrs. AP’s tongue before she slid back to milk me with her hands, both of them stroking me firmly as I coated her and me and my mound.  I fell back onto the mattress — apparently I’d arched quite a good bit — and relished in the ocean of endorphins while my body slowly rediscovered where all the pieces were.  Mrs. AP came back from her cleanup session in the bathroom with something warm and wet and cleaned me up as well before crawling into bed with me again.

We curled around each other, kissing softly, and Mrs. AP whispered “finally, we’d had real sex again.”  She was right.  For some time we’d just been having quick “get together, get off together” sessions, but the deep bonding and joining and release we’d had regularly for years had been absent the last 10 to 11 months.  We’re getting our groove back, though.  We’re having real sex again.

Stay SINful, friends.

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    January 28, 2015 at 12:14 am

  2. Such a gorgeous and sexy read, Mr. AP…

    February 1, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    • Thank you! It feels wonderful to be finding my voice again and to be able to share the sexy parts of life.

      Stay SINful,
      Mr. AP

      February 2, 2015 at 8:54 am

  3. kinkynastassja

    I know what it’s like to go from a lull to real sex again and it’s amazing. Woohoo! 😉 Enjoying catching up with your posts.

    February 3, 2015 at 9:08 pm

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