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T.M.I Tuesday on a Wednesday!

Oh no!  T.M.I. Tuesday ran late this week, but never fear, the answers are here!

TMI Tuesday on a Wednesday!

Folks my life has been crazy. And the States had a holiday on Monday so I lost track of days, nights, weeks. I wrote the following TMI questions late Sunday night and forgot to post. Oopsy!

1. I am in need of an intervention for my obsession with _____ .

Technology.  Sure, I’ve made my career out of supporting it, but I’m on something with an operating system ALL. The. TIME.  Just ask Mrs. AP, she’ll tell you.  I have to actively make an effort to put the damn phone/laptop down.  It’s probably not good.

2. You are being auctioned off. What is your unique selling point?

“Strong enough for a woman, versatile enough for man.”

3. On a scale of 1-5 how many stars did your mom or dad give your current significant other or your favorite, longest lasting love? (1 is bad, 5 is great)

Don’t know.  We’ve not discussed it much.  Honestly, don’t care.  I don’t need the approval of anybody other than Mrs. AP, and she’s given me every assurance that she intends to be my amazing supportive wife forever.  That’s good enough for me.

4. Most of the meals I eat are:
a. Cooked in a microwave
b. Cooked in the oven/stove
c. Made by someone else

Mrs. AP and I take turns cooking most nights, depending on schedules and the behaviour of children, etc.  Sure, we sometimes head to restaurants or order in, but unless absolutely necessary I avoid the microwave and she uses it only sparingly.

5. When work and life stress me out, nothing relieves the tension like _____ .

A blowjob followed by hot sex.  Mrs. AP is the flat out best, and we’ve had some mighty fine lovers join us over the years.  However, if that’s not available, cuddling on the couch while we do our best to not fall asleep while tending to Baby Girl is a damn good second option.

One response

  1. 1. Yeah. I sort of get my life from technoolgy. If I am not on the laptop, smartphone, or tablet and I stay home I am streaming Netflix, while playing smartphone games.

    Good thing I go out 3-5 nights a week.

    2. I like that 🙂

    4. Good.

    I enjoyed your TMI.



    January 21, 2015 at 4:07 pm

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