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T.M.I. Tuesday – 6 Jan, 2015

SINful friends, did I mention I plan on being more active here?  I didn’t?  Here I am!  It’s T.M.I. Tuesday Time!  Click below to see how well I play along this week!

Starting the new year off sexy…

This is a re-post from TMI Tuesday, January 2011.

1) What book or magazine have you read recently that turned you on?

I don’t read magazines that feature anything sexy, but in books the most erotic thing I’ve read of late is “Jason” by Laurell K. Hamilton.  It’s a sex-focused novella that hits (almost) all of my kink switches.  I know the Anita Blake world doesn’t feature much male-on-male action — and this work holds to that trend — but that’s all that was missing for me.

2) What sort of porn do you watch to get aroused?

Amateur Group.  If I’m going to watch anything (which I seldom do; only when traveling and Mrs. AP isn’t around to lend a hand) that’s it.  Oh, how I love the internet and all it’s dark, seedy, sexy corners where people film themselves and friends having a good time and uploading it for the world to see.

3) What is the sexiest song?

She Wants Revenge – “Tear You Apart”  It just oozes hard, pounding, grinding, hot, sweaty, kinky sex.

4) What music do you like to have on while having sex?

Mrs. AP and I usually don’t have music playing when we’re having sex — we make our own lovely sounds, after all, and whispering over music gets tricky — but when we do have music playing it’s usually either something from the aforementioned She Wants Revenge and VNV Nation,  or something more along the lines of the 1990’s / early 2000’s techno-rock scene like The Chemical Brothers and Orbital.

5) When masturbating do you prefer
A) reading smut
B) imagination
C) watching porn
D) I don’t masturbate

I don’t masturbate when I’m at home; only when traveling and I need something to kick-start my system into “time to sleep” mode.  For those times, it’s either reading smut (courtesy of my lovely blogroll or Literotica) or looking for some home-videos of 2 or 3 guys with one woman.

Bonus:  What is the sweetest sexy song?

I’m not going to go for sappy here, but instead for a song that epitomizes (for me, at least) the long lasting desire for the same person no matter where in the world each of us may be: “Rock Your Body Rock” by Ferry Corsten


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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  1. Good song choices 🙂

    Happy TMI!

    January 6, 2015 at 9:43 pm

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