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SINFul Year in Review – Personal

Oh my goodness, SINful friends, the calendar year — if you’re of Gregorian persuasion — is at an end!  Drink!  Watch things explode!  Have drunken exploding sexual encounters! (Hey, can Mrs. AP and I get in on that last one with you?) Don’t do what I’m about to do, by which I mean look back on the past year and wonder how in the world you ever got through it.

No, seriously, stop now if you like.  The rest is being hidden behind this handy little “click to read more” option.


New job offer.  Finally came off of Contractor status, was given a fancy title and everything.  Told to expect to move to NYC during the summer.  Planning commences.  Mrs. AP is 5 months pregnant and WAY low on iron.  Iron IV injections (1 gram each) are scheduled to bring her levels up to par.


Still in the planning stages for incoming Baby Girl and moving to NYC.  Also learned that DVP is amazing, pregnant or otherwise.


Most of the NYC-friendly baby items have been purchased.  Took a mini-vacation in Orlando because work needed me there and we needed some family fun time before Baby Girl arrived and made the schedule all about her.


The busiest of Aprils!  We took Red on a mini-vacation during the kids Spring Break, again to Orlando, this time to a more fun-centric resort.  A great time was had by all!  Following that Mrs. AP and I officially wed, with Red as a witness.  Just over a week later we welcomed Baby Girl into the world!  Spring is when new things begin, and we pulled off a two-in-one!


Baby Girl shattered our sleep schedule into millions of pieces.  Work threw up a curveball, said they wanted me to relocate to Orlando instead of to NYC.  An easier move, but not what we’d planned; we’d sold off many of our things in expectation of moving 1150 miles.  This also increased the size of our new house hunting from under 200 square miles to over 4000 square miles, a rather formidable task.  Meanwhile, Mrs. AP reminded me of her incredible manual and oral skills.


We looked for a new place to live.  I flew across the country and back (for work).  Baby Girl did a fine job of maintaining her erratic sleep schedule, as breast fed babies tend to do.


We continued to look for a new place to live.  I spent a week in Denver, again for work.  Sleep schedules partially normalized.  We also continued to scale down on the amount of stuff in our apartment.


We found a place!  We moved! My appendix tried to kill me and I found myself in hospital!


I came out of hospital.  We tried to unpack.  I went back in hospital. I documented the entire ordeal.  We shopped for furniture for the (mostly) empty apartment.


We found the best deals on furniture known to man!  I flew across the country again, this time to both San Francisco and to Las Vegas (which, incidentally, mostly resembles a very large, high end outdoor shopping complex).  Also, Halloween with the kids!


Baby Girl can stand while holding on to things!  She can toddle along the edge of the sofa!  Thanksgiving!  My birthday! Celebrations!


Baby Girl can stand unassisted! I pulled a day trip to NYC and back (wow, what a commute!).  Mrs. AP and I had a chat about me finally recovering from this year and letting my needs and desires spring forth again.  Work is again considering moving me to NYC in the summer; we’ll be ready if we need to go or if we stay.

At this point, I’m not setting any resolutions for next year.  I got married, had a child, moved across the state, nearly died, and am still here.  With everything I’ve weathered — that Mrs. AP and I have weathered together — I don’t need resolutions.  I’m simply going to live, freely and fully.

Stay SINful, friends.

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