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Getting Back to the Swing of Things

As my most recent post details, I’ve had some health issues of late that have compounded or correlated with a lackluster libido.  Thankfully both the health and the libido issues are being resolved — I’ve been off antibiotics for nearly 48 hours and am starting to feel a slight increase in my energy levels — and I can get back to my sexy self.

But what is my sexy self?

As a former athlete who now resides in a non-athletic body, I often times find myself fighting the disconnect between the way I perceived myself as sexy when I had nary an ounce of body fat and had stamina for hours of continuous rigorous exercise versus the current state, where my midsection is protruding more than I’d like and I can’t even walk 5 flights of stairs without getting winded.  My body and my mind are not in agreement over my current state at all, which often leads to silly things like me thinking I really can run after the kids at the park without killing myself.

This past month, in which I’ve stayed in two different hospitals, has led me to resolve to change my lifestyle, which in turn will (I hope) lead me back into My Lifestyles.

Once I get this drain line removed, I’m going to begin a slow, progressive exercise regimen.  Mrs. AP and I both chose our new neighborhood based on that fact that we can walk to nearly everything, or ride bikes once we obtain them.  Our community gym has 24 hour access; we will use this to our advantage.  We will bring our fitness levels up to the point that we can play with the kids at their pace instead of only ours, and chase after Baby Girl when she gets to the walking and running stages.

The side benefit of all this increased activity, of course, will be a returning for both of us to the more athletic, trim bodies with which we were accustomed when we were younger.  As this happens, it is my full intention to start venturing out more into the various alternative and fringe groups in Central Florida.

Maybe we’ll start visiting Playalinda Beach for some skinny dipping and people watching.
Maybe we’ll head toward Tampa and spend a weekend at Caliente Resort for some more naked swimming and partying.
Maybe we’ll start making visits to Secrets and/or Ranch 4 Play for some exhibitionistic, voyeuristic, group involvement sexy fun.
Maybe we’ll start making regular trips to The Woodshed  to add some pain to our pleasure.

Whether it’s one, some, or all of the above, we will get healthy, we will get fit, and we will get back into the swing of things.  Together.

Stay SINful, friends.

One response

  1. Preaching to the choir, there…Mr. AbSinthe. I totally understand.

    November 22, 2014 at 11:30 pm

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