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A Changing of Winds

Hello again, SINful Friends.  It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything of substance, hasn’t it?  My dearest apologies.  Many happenings have intruded upon my writing schedule (what schedule? Hah!), so today shall be a combination of recounting all we’ve missed over the last year and some musings over the future of things.  So grab a snack, pour a glass, and get comfy.  Potential exists for this to take some time.



In January I was offered a full-time position with a company for whom I had been contracting since late August.  In doing so I returned to doing full time IT Administrative work after a four year absence.  One of the major advantages to this position is that I mostly work from home, allowing me to lean over and kiss Mrs. AP whenever she or I feel the need.  It’s also led to more than one mid-day break wherein I am fully compelled to bend Mrs. AP over and ravage her.  Who could blame me?  She’s gorgeous.

Part of the offer for this new job included the condition that relocation this summer would be required, specifically to New York City.  While a daunting task, moving from Florida to the largest city in the U.S. with a family in tow, the prospect excited me.  I love NYC.  I’ve spent time in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn and have always been able to find new things to appreciate during every visit.  In particular, the ability to just get up and walk to the ridiculously efficient bus and subways system makes me feel more free to move about than when I have to get into a car and drive about. Simply strolling, taking in the sights and sounds, and finding new places is easier as a pedestrian.  I rather wish more of Florida was pedestrian friendly.

We also found out late last year that in celebrating my contracting position we let our passion overwhelm our senses and sense of timing, resulting in a Mrs. AP becoming pregnant yet again.  Many of you may recall late 2012 when Mrs. AP had to be admitted to the hospital due to her miscarriage.  We were cautious about doing anything or telling anybody before we knew everything was in the clear, and the joy we felt during every visit and ultrasound when the doctors proclaimed all to be well was incredible.  Though it must be said, being pregnant rather puts a small damper on celebrating the winter holidays when no alcohol may be consumed.  Also, the doctors advised Mrs. AP that due to her anemia — which had to be treated with iron intravenous injections because she doesn’t process the pills — during her pregnancy that she was not allowed to drive.  So neither of us were drinking, which is a pity, because I love my wine, and Scotch and bourbon, and my absinthe.  Oh, how I miss absinthe.

Still, Mrs. AP’s pregnancy had little effect on her libido, and whenever I could overcome the stress and demands of my job I did my absolute best to rise to the occasion.  Also, for those who have been keeping track, yes, that does mean that one of our recent escapades did occur during the pregnancy.  Not even pregnancy stops us from being our delightful kinky, pervy selfs.  Nor should it, I think.  The endorphin release during sex is beneficial for all, and goodness knows as long as everybody is risk-aware and conscientious of potentially damaging positions or behaviours there’s nothing off-limits during pregnancy.  Play safe, play smart, play sexy.

Play SINful



Mrs. AP and I had a very small ceremony recently with one of our best friends presiding, in which we legally bound our lives together to match what was already true in our hearts and souls.  Red was on-hand to bear witness.  I know he tried to hide it, but I saw him tear up some.  He was smiling, so I’m assuming the tears were of joy.  Mrs. AP and I were beaming, as was our dear friend who performed the ceremony.  We’ll have a large renewal of vows ceremony later.  This small, intimate gathering was for us.

Work threw a curveball at me.  Relocation to NYC has been delayed at least one year, but a move this summer is still happening.  We’re leaving the Tampa Bay area to head inland toward the tourist hell of the Orlando Metropolitan area.  I was initially resistant to the idea — I lived in Orlando for 7 years and was happy to leave — but the more we consider it the more at peace I become with the decision.  While I will miss the coastal breeze and better food options in the Tampa Bay area, I can find and explore portions of the Orlando area that I’ve not seen for a decade.  The schools are (generally) better there as well, and rent is lower for higher quality housing in more child-friendly neighborhoods in comparison to where we currently live.  Even if only for one year, it’s a good move for the family. I can’t feel bad about that.

The family has one new member now as well.  Baby Girl was born April 30, and is currently asleep in my lap as I write.  She’s had no health complications, and Mrs. AP’s only lingering issues have been the normal aches and pains that come from somebody with fibromyalgia and anemia giving birth under the influence of an epidural, which is to say she’s bruised and sore and tired.  We’re both tired.  Baby Girl is the hungriest baby I’ve ever seen!  She’s laid full claim to Mrs. AP’s breasts — which look beyond amazing right now — and grabs a bite to eat every 60 to 90 minutes, it seems.  I’m not complaining, mind you.  I want Baby Girl to grow up strong.  I just can’t help but wonder when I’m going to get a shot at Mrs. AP’s beautiful breasts again.



Moving to the Orlando area is going to bring several changes for us.  We’re planning on rewriting all of our “alternative social” profiles to reflect the recent addition of Baby Girl and help update based on what changes we feel need to be addressed in the things we seek.  I find myself bouncing between two worlds, trying to find my footing.  On the one hand, I like the idea of finding a full-time Poly Bi Boyfriend with whom Mrs. AP and I form a Triad.  On the other hand, I also like the idea of being, if not full-on Swinger, at least Monogamish enough so that when opportunities for some sexy fun with friends begin to develop we can explore them.  On the third hand, despite the fact that our one experience at Eyz Wide Shut left us wondering where the pretty people are, I still like the idea of being in a group-room setting while Mrs. AP and I put on a show and possibly have somebody eye-catching join the fun.  I find myself unable to really categorize the intersection of all those desires, and not all of them express simultaneously or  to the same degree.  The closest I can approximate is that I am a Hedonist who enjoys exhibitionist, voyeurism, and group experiences who hopes to find a special somebody with whom a full relationship with both Mrs. AP and I can develop.

Additionally, Red’s paramour lives in the Orlando area.  She’s not in the best relationship, but for multiple reasons is unable to exit it quite yet.  She’s thrilled at the prospect of spending more time with Red, more time with us, and being able to establish more of her own independent social group again.  Red has expressed hopes that the four of us can somehow end up, if not a full-on Quad, at least sometime foursome playmates.  Mrs. AP isn’t quite keen on this idea — this other woman just doesn’t light up Mrs. AP’s radar in that way — which will likely put a stop to anything happening in that vein.  I’m open to the possibility if everybody else is feeling good about things, so I’m taking a “wait and see” approach.  After all, when Red first started pushing the idea of joining Mrs. AP and I the amount of resistance he met from me could have powered a small city, but as we became better friends and understood each other more (and he matured and showed more respect for Mrs. AP and me) the idea became less unappealing and eventually we all gave in to it.

There’s a different kink scene in Orlando than there is in Tampa.  There’s some crossover between the BDSM communities, and probably between the Swinger communities, but the 80 miles between the two cities limits that to a large degree.  Maybe Mrs. AP and I sill start attending the regular Fetish events.  Maybe we’ll try out one of the Nudist resorts, or make a visit to one of the Swinger establishments.  Maybe we’ll make friends with a couple who both rock our worlds and we can’t resist.  Maybe we’ll find that one Boi with whom everything clicks and we find ourselves needing to make more room in the closet.  In a way, this move is a partial reboot.  I’m excited to see how it plays out, and to bring it all to you.


Stay SINful, friends.

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