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Doubling Down

Last week I finally got a chance to fulfill one of my fantasies, thanks to a great deal of understanding and assistance from Mrs. AP and a timely visit to our house by Red.  You might remember Red.  He was the featured guest in An Unexpected Threesome last year.  He’s also properly medicated now, which makes him a great deal of fun to be around.   He’s jovial, witty, a bit raunchy, and overall a much better version of himself.  It’s refreshing to see him like this.  Compare to the four years I knew him while he had no access to the proper medication, the difference is incredible.  It makes me like him far more than I expected I could when we first met.  He’s told me the feeling is mutual.  We’re cool.

Moving on.  While Red was staying the night, getting away from pressure of work and family and generally needing to decompress, he retired to his usual spot when he stays over; on our bed.  You see, our place is small, and the best place to gather to watch TV together is the bedroom, so on the bed he flops.  Also, he’s family.  It works.  And while on the bed, once the kids were all tucked away for the night, he made himself more comfortable by stripping.  Not much had to come off, mind you; he was in his boxer briefs prior to that point, but he finds them confining.  I understand.  Boy bits need room to breathe, after all.

After he was naked for a bit, I joined him in the land of nudity and removed by jeans and underwear.  This left only Mrs. AP wearing anything, nestled between us in her tee shirt and underwear.  I curled up on my side and nestled against her, caressing her legs and rubbing her arms, all the while glancing at Red fully on display and ever so slightly plump in the warmth of the room.  My thoughts started racing, imagining the possibilities now that there were two naked men on the bed sandwiching a mostly naked Mrs. AP.  To no surprise to me — or really to Mrs. AP, for that matter — I was soon rock hard and pressed against her leg, which soon led to me dripping down her leg as a gentle river of precum began to meander about.  She noticed this, repeatedly, and alternated between pretending to be shocked and being deliciously amused.  This went on for ten to fifteen minutes, before Mrs. AP pretended to need to stretch and leaned forward on the bed, arching her back and rocking up on her knees.  In this position Red and I had a fantastic view of Mrs. AP’s barely covered ass and pussy, and we both wasted no time in caressing every inch of her we could reach before I hooked a finger into her skimpy underwear and pulled it to the side to reveal her plump, sweet lips.  Red and I both reached for her, his fingers against mine, as we teased Mrs. AP’s lips and gently slid just inside her.  As she moaned, I slid one finger down to tease her clit while Red pushed a finger farther inside her, filling her slowly.  Mrs. AP rocked her hips back against us, before leaning back — pulling both our hands away in the process — and teasingly mentioning that she hadn’t issued an invitation.  We all laughed, and Red quipped “Fine, can we get you naked and play with you?”  Mrs. AP looked at me questioningly.  In response, I pressed my throbbing, hard cock against her leg and nodded.  Just like that, off came her shirt and thong.

As Mrs. AP leaned back into the pillows Red and I both reached for one of her magnificent breasts.  Of all the breasts I’ve felt in the world, Mrs. AP’s are by far the most full, best shaped, and most fun with which to play.  She’s sensitive, but not overly so, and loves having not only her nipples but also her entire breast squeezed and twisted and pinched and bitten.  Too many women want only nipple play or only want a hard squeeze, but Mrs. AP loves it all and gets more aroused the longer any breast play goes on.  It’s fantastic, and in short order Red and I were catering to that by pinching and biting on her nipples or sucking on them while squeezing large handfuls of her 38 DDD breasts.  As we feasted upon her bosom our free hands wandered, and in short order she again had two hands teasing the luscious lips of her pussy and the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.  That moment, when she had a mouth on each nipple, a hand on each breast, and a hand from Red and me each, exemplified why I love group sex with another man involved.  There lie Mrs. AP, resplendent and magnificent, with two strong, broad, hard men worshiping her body with hands and lips and tongues in near perfect symmetry.  Red is a little more rough while I tend to be more gentle, and the combination does wonders for me and, I believe, for Mrs. AP.

Don’t get me wrong.  Mrs. AP and I are incredible on our own, and I’d not trade anything in the universe for the bond we have.  It often feels that we’re connected at the molecular level, so great is my ache and need to be by her side and have her near mine.  Nothing compares to those times when it’s just her and me, alone, losing track of all space and time and everything except each other and we feel ourselves blend and swirl and become one in ways that would make the cynical person believe in magic.  Our time alone together is beyond compare.  But sometimes, adding the right person at the right time to provide a counter-balance to my style can really light things up, and admittedly, I get fired up seeing Mrs. AP get into it with another guy.  It’s one of my strongest kinks.  Mrs. AP knows this, and thankfully shares in this kink of mine.  It works well.

Knowing this, Red and I started teasing the edges of pussy.  As I felt him start to slide a finger deeper into her, I moved up to her clit and began rubbing it gently, all the while nibbling in her nipple and flicking the tip of it with my tongue.  Paying close attention, I started matching Red’s rhythm with mine, so that his finger, my hand, and my tongue were all moving in unison.  Every upward thrust brought forth another moan from Mrs. AP, and soon her moans and gasps grew more wanton.  I released her nipple and slid up her body, pressing my lips firmly to hers as our tongues danced together passionately.  My lips muffled her moans, gathering and absorbing them as the heat in her body rose.  I reached down to pinch her nipple hard, twisting it as I did, and her hips bucked against Red’s hand as the breath caught in her throat.  Pulling away I could see that her eyes were fluttering slightly, and I knew she’d had her first small orgasm of the night.  Now we could really get started.

Red slowly disengaged and moved further up Mrs. AP’s side as I grabbed a couple towels and bundled them up underneath us all, again cursing the fact that we did not yet have a Liberator Throe or twelve.  Back on the bed with our protection all smoothed out, I nestled between Mrs. AP’s legs and began caressing her absolutely gorgeous pussy lips.  Every woman is differently shaped and built, just as is every man, but I swear to you Mrs. AP has the best looking lips I’ve ever seen.  Works of art pale in comparison to the flowery perfection that are her inner lips, tucked demurely behind her full, plump outer lips.  I traced her lips with my fingers, teasing the edges of her entrance, before pulling my fingers together and slowly sliding two fingers to the hilt inside her.  I curled my fingers upward and began a slow, gentle circling motion against that patch that is ever so slightly textured.  She moans and gasps every time I tease it, and this time was no different.  Red was giving her breasts some much needed manhandling as I rubbed Mrs. AP inside and out, my hand on her clit matching the rhythm I was setting with my fingers inside her.  Our pace built quickly, and soon her hips were thrusting against my hands as her breath started to catch again.  At this point I shifted from a circling motion to using the “come hither” motion with my fingers inside her, ringing her clit like a bell at the same time.  Red wrapped hand around Mrs. AP’s neck and hit just that right choke point that helps set her off while twisting her other nipple.  She came undone, and started gushing and squirting against my hand.  Every flick of my fingers brought another wave crashing out of her.  Her eyes rolled back in her head, her back arched, and she flooded my hand, my arm, her legs, and the towel underneath us.  On this went, the three of us time-locked in one big energy swirl of orgasmic release, until finally Mrs. AP came back around full circle and collapsed on the bed.

Slowly I brought my thrusting to a stop while Red relaxed his grip, and we held Mrs. AP as she found her way back inside her body.  One of the things she taught me long ago was that every strong orgasm requires aftercare just as much as any other strong D/s experience would, and this time was particularly intense.  I cupped her pussy with my hand as I leaned forward and covered her lower half of her body with my chest.  Red held her head and shoulders.  Slowly, gently, we felt her come back together again.

When she could move again, she hobbled her way to the bathroom.  All those pelvic and abdominal contractions had built up the need for a different kind of release.  As she got up I gathered up some very wet towels — which had thankfully saved the bedsheets — and put them off to the side to be washed later.  Upon Mrs. AP’s return to the room she found Red and I side by side, cocks at full mast.  As she stood at the end of the bed, her full breasts riding high on her chest and her hips flaring with that perfect hourglass curve, we both pulsed in anticipation.  I never knew that synchronized cock throbbing was an event before that moment.  I smiled, amused by the just how similar Red and I can be.  Mrs. AP then crawled up onto the bed, breasts and hips swaying in time, which led to Red and I each throbbing again.

Mrs. AP took one of us in each hand, mirroring perfectly the handjob portion of the last time the three of us an all been together, and began a slow teasing of our cocks.  Up and down her hands rose and fell, the palms rolling over the heads of each of our cocks, eliciting gasps and moans and twitches than can only come from a man yearning for deep release.  Slowly Mrs. AP played up, the tempo slow and gentle, yet insistent enough to keep up both very much ready for anything.  I don’t remember what she talked about as she languidly stroked us, but it doesn’t matter now.  It was full of love and care for both of us, and it fit the mood perfectly.  It also helped keep Red and me both distracted enough that we didn’t get close to exploding, which was good.  We needed all our energy for what came next.

Sensing both our needs for release, and knowing one of my deeper fantasies, Mrs. AP directed Red to grab a condom from the bedside shelves.  As he was moving to do that she slid me to the middle of the bed and straddled me, her breasts swaying in my face.  Looking deep into my eyes, she told Red to get behind her.  I throbbed in anticipation.  My eyes were locked with hers.  I tried spreading my legs wide to match hers, but Red asked me to press them against the bed and as close together as possible.   As soon as they were down I felt him straddle my legs, and as my hands cupped and squeezed Mrs. AP’s breasts and my eyes remained locked with hers I watched her eyes go wide and a look of bliss and lust pass across her face as Red slowly slid his rock hard cock deep inside Mrs. AP’s still soaking wet pussy.  As soon as he was buried completely inside her she shifted her weight down, and I lifted my hips.  At the perfect angle, in the perfect moment, my throbbing, dripping, cock slid against Red’s cock and entered Mrs. AP’s pussy alongside him.

Mrs. AP settled down further as I pushed up deeper, and soon I was buried balls deep inside her.  We’d done it!  Mrs. AP had two hard, throbbing cocks buried inside her pussy simultaneously!  We had achieved DVP — Double Vaginal Penetration — and it felt amazing.  Slowly she and Red started moving as I did my best to stay inside her.  The feeling of her velvety pussy walls rubbing against the top of my cock and Red’s hard cock sliding against the base of my cock was more amazing than I’d ever imagined.  The dichotomy of his rigidity and her grip soon was electrifying.  Every time Red thrust into Mrs. AP I felt the ridge of his head brush against mine.  The sensory overload hit me hard, and in far too short a time I muttered “Oh gods, you two are going to make me cum!”  Just as I said that, I exploded, pumping my cum into Mrs. AP while Red continued to thrust into her and against me.  I moaned.  She moaned.  Our voices blended in simultaneous release.

Due to the heightened aroused state I was in and the constant stimulation, I stayed hard as Red increased speed and started fucking Mrs. AP with abandon.  He grabbed her hips and pulled her upright more while I practically mauled her breasts.  I squeezed them hard, lifting her up slightly as I crushed them and twisted them, trapping her nipples between my fingers in a vice-like pinch.  Red was slamming into her hard, his balls bouncing against mine.  Mrs. AP as in a constant state of moaning, being fucked hard by one cock while the other stayed hard and throbbing inside her.  I watched her eyes roll back in her head again and felt the waves wash over her just as Red’s breath started to get faster and deeper.  He started gasping and grunting, animalistic, and I felt his cock pulse against mine with throb after hard throb as he filled the end of the condom, cumming while buried deep inside Mrs. AP.

The three of us collapsed.  When we could all finally moved and untangle ourselves, we pulled out the wipes we keep bedside.  My cum had been whipped into a froth and was all over Mrs. AP’s pussy, my balls and cock, and Red’s balls.  Mrs. AP wiped herself and then wiped both Red and me, taking special care to be gentle to our tender bits.  Red and I took turns making our own pilgrimages to the bathroom, after which we three all arranged the sheets and pillows and cuddled together in one loving, deeply satisfied, post-orgasmic pile of bodies and drifted off to sleep.


Red has been having dreams of that night.  I don’t blame him.  Mrs. AP says, not jokingly, that she thinks I’ve found my new top fetish.  I’m pretty certain she’s right, although I think we need a full on proper DP with Red in her tight ass before I know for sure.


Stay SINful, friends.

10 responses

  1. FUCK! What a hot read. I especially approve of the way you steadfastly refuse to end a sentence with a preposition, as in the start of the fourth paragraph. Well done!

    February 28, 2014 at 2:30 am

  2. Wow, AP, that is insanely hot and fantasy worthy for sure!!! Can’t wait to hear about the next time!!

    Hugs, fiona

    February 28, 2014 at 7:38 am

  3. Oh my gosh, wonderfully hot Mr A.P. . . . I’ve had similar experiences (LOL!!!) but this still has me wet and tingling!!!
    Xxx – K

    February 28, 2014 at 1:55 pm

  4. Congratulations to the three of you, it sounds like such an amazing night. I would love to experience something similar, and I’m including the great friendship and trust that seems so easy in this.

    February 28, 2014 at 4:54 pm

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