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Taking it Deep

The other night Mrs. AP and I celebrated my birthday in spectacular fashion.  Those of you out in Twitter land already heard about some of it, but for the rest of you, here’s a run down (or a marathon down?) of what happened:

Mrs. AP is always very eager to please me anytime something worth celebrating rolls around.  Okay, she’s very eager to please me all the time, as am I with her, so really there’s nothing terribly new in that aspect, but birthdays in particular are extra special.  Anything goes for birthdays, and this night was no exception.  We started the night just holding each other and talking, all distractions like TV and phones put away and turned off.  We’d not well and truly talked about how we’re doing, what we want, and how to approach those things in quite some time.  The best part of our relationship is how well we communicate when we both relax and share ourselves with each other, and while we’d never lost that ability we’d been focusing on so many other things this past year that we’d let slip some of that bonding time we need.

As our talking became more pervy and kinky the conversation delved into group sex and bi-boi play and how well some of our past lovers worked with us then and could again in the future.  Talking of our past lovers always gets me excited, as scenes from our adventures play out on the film screen in my mind; images of Mrs. AP sliding down the largest cock I’ve ever seen in person while I hold it in place; images of her mouth sucking on a cock so intensely that she doesn’t get any warning before it explodes in her mouth; images of her on her back being roughly fucked while my cock muffles her deep moans.  I can’t help but get hard at the thought of what we’ve done and what we might do again.  Mrs. AP takes great delight in this and is sure to stroke and tease my cock until the pre-cum has formed puddles on my stomach.  Talk soon turned to things we’ve not yet done, in which mention of DP and DVP came up.  As we were discussing the pros and cons of the lovely cocks with which these things might happen vis a vis who could actually fit in which locations, one of us made mention of having one of those lovely cocks slide inside my tight ass.

The subject had been breached, and I was feeling relaxed, confident, and aroused enough to agree, or perhaps even insist, on us breaking out the toy box and seeing just how well our collection of toys could fit inside me.  After all, if I couldn’t handle being filled by imitation cock there wasn’t much likelihood of me handling a real one, and it had been quite some time since Mrs. AP had flogged me and fucked me.  In a flash Mrs. AP was off to the shower — I’d showered earlier in the evening — while I prepared the room.  Top sheet and comforter were moved to the end of the bed and tucked neatly into quick-pull piles in case we got cold.  Pillows were arranged at the top of the bed for maximum comfort and bed space.  Candles were lit.  Towels were laid down.  Toy box, cleaner, gloves, condoms, and baby wipes were laid out for easy access.

Mrs. AP came back into the room to find me laying naked on the bed, my cock hard and throbbing for her.  Not for her and one of our lovers.  Not for her and Red and Red’s new girlfriend who were sleeping in the other room.  All for her and for the deliciously deep dicking she was going to give me.  She put her hair up and settled down between my legs, leaning forward to give my pulsing cock a long lick and a slow suck on the head before pulling her head up slowly until I audibly popped out of her mouth.  She asked me which toys I wanted, and with a quick review session of our options I chose all the “life like” toy cocks we have, all of which happen to be Vac-U-Lock compatible.  Toys selected, Mrs. AP slid a glove on her left hand cleaned all the toys with the spray toy cleaner we use.  Those matters settled, she wiped her gloved hand dry of the cleaner and then lubed it up, and with her right hand wrapped around my cock she began teasing my ass with her finger.  Just a gentle tease at first, circling the edge of my tight little rosebud before rubbing across it lightly.  Slowly she added more pressure as the tease became a massage.  As I relaxed into it and felt the pressure grow from pressing to encouraging my backdoor slowly opened and invited her finger in.  As she passed through the first ring of muscle I gasped.  As she passed through the second ring of muscle I groaned.  Oh, how I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this.  My ass was ripe for the taking, and Mrs. AP was ready to take.

Soon Mrs. AP was rubbing her finger deep inside me, pressing against my cock from the underside.  The intense pressure is almost indescribable, like being fucked in the cock from inside.  Combined with the feeling of her hand slowly sliding up and down and twisting on my cock — soaked in my own flowing pre-cum many times over — I felt a massive orgasm building from depths I knew not that I possessed.  I mentioned — breathed heavily? — that if she didn’t stop I was going to cum, and Mrs. AP released her hold on my cock and slowed her tempo with her hand to extend the pleasure.  Dear gods, the pleasure.  My hips were moving of their own accord and we’d barely started.  Mrs. AP started adjusting rhythm and depth, sometimes short and fast, sometimes deep and slow.  My cock was leaving puddles on my stomach again as I asked for one of the toy cocks.  The texture on the gloves was getting to be a bit too much, but Mrs. AP wasn’t quite ready to stop playing with me; in short order I had two of her sexy fingers buried to the knuckles inside me.  I moaned and trembled and rocked my hips with her rhythm, but quickly needed to move on left the texture of the gloved become an irritant.

Mrs. AP removed her fingers from my ass and then pulled off the glove, placing it in a bag at the end of the bed.  She then grabbed the longer, slightly thinner of the two fake cocks we have and lubed it up, teasing me by placing it between her unbelievable firm, perky, larger than DDD breasts and stroking it seductively.  I stuck my tongue out at her as I mentioned how I adore watching her stroke a cock.  She asked me if I liked watching her stroke only my cock or any cock.  Throbbing in response, I admitted that I love watching her with any cock she likes, but that cocks of other guys are extraordinarily exciting.  Dropping her voice to a seductive, husky whisper, Mrs. AP asked if I wanted those cocks inside me… and while saying so slid the tip of the toy inside me.  I felt it pop inside and moaned uncontrollably with the exquisite pleasure of being filled.  Finger had been but the appetizer, and now I had some “real” meat inside me.  Oh how my ass delighted and welcomed in the cock enthusiastically, taking in more until the balls were resting against my ass.  Mrs. AP set up a slow, gentle rhythm, fucking my cock.  With each thrust I moaned.  With each withdrawal I gasped.  A few times she pulled the cock out of me completely only to wait a breath or two and then slowly slide it back inside.  The burning passion in her eyes was mirrored in mine, I’m sure, as my entire body delighted in being taken, filled, and owned by My Beloved.  We rocked in time, in space, in pleasure, and in soul as she pumped me again and again.  Her hand returned to my cock, stroking me inside and out, and I got lost in the ecstasy.  Even in the middle of it all, I was still curious, so I moaned asking if we could try the other cock.  Her eyes lit up as she reached for it in preparation.

Slowly she pulled out the longer cock and equally as slowly slid the thicker of the two inside my ass.  The stretching feeling was magnificent.  The fullness was incredible.  The desire for more was overwhelming.  I rocked my hips into it, my body begging to be well and truly fucked.  Sensing this, Mrs. AP gave me exactly what I needed and started fucking me with long, deliberate strokes that filled me to the core.  My body was awash with pleasure, and I felt that orgasm again growing deep inside me, only this time only from the strokes of the toy cock buried deep inside my ass.  I rocked harder, and Mrs. AP fucked me faster, both of us increasing intensity and tempo until I rocked too far and twisted her grip on the toy.  I felt it bite into the side of my ass, and at that moment all that had been building faded away beneath the sharp sting.

Mrs. AP slowly pulled the delicious cock out of my ass and took a moment to pet my tender backside in admiration and loving care, which only further deepened my love for her.  In the middle of the most carnal act she shows tenderness and compassion beyond anything to which I’ve ever been accustomed and it’s overpowering.  At that moment I realized I was having the best birthday of my life because I was with the best person, woman, partner, soulmate ever to be in my life.  Funny how the little things can do so much.

Mrs. AP asked me what I wanted next, to which I replied that it was now here turn and that we needed to swap places.  She giggled as we repositioned so that she was laying down before me, naked and resplendent.  The sight before me was of the most gorgeous, shimmering, amazing woman I’ve ever known, and in so being before me was presenting herself to me as mine to hold, cherish, and adore in every way I could.  Overcome with the beauty of her I kissed her passionately, pulling her head to mine as our lips locked and our souls intertwined.  Our lips parted, our eyes met, and I slid down her body to deeply kiss her lower set of wet, luscious lips.  Her taste enveloped my senses, her heat rolled over me, and I was lost in the divinity of her soaked, scorchingly hot pussy.  Mrs. AP was feeling feisty, however, and made some quip about paying attention to her on my birthday wasn’t her job.  I said nothing to this, instead looking fiercely at her before attacking her clit with my lips and tongue as furiously as I could for the next several minutes.
I think she came hard enough to separate her soul from the rest of body.  My point was well and properly made, I think; I do not do anything with Mrs. AP because it is my job but rather because it is my pleasure.

Mrs. AP’s juices were dripping down my chin as I lifted my head and slowly slid two fingers into her dripping pussy, curling them to find and massage her G-spot in that circular pattern that always drives her wild.  I slowly set up a driving rhythm that mimicked the solid fucking she had given my ass, which in similar mimicry soon had Mrs. AP moaning and crying out as I had.  As I added another finger and pushed upward just a little harder Mrs. AP gasped and released in such a way that calling it squirting does not do it justice.  Mrs. AP hosed, for at least 5 seconds, and in the process soaked me from the waist to the knees upon which I was kneeling.  Did I mention we had put some extra absorbent cloths underneath the towel?  Our foresight was gifted.

My hand now covered in orgasmic sacrament, I added a fourth finger and massaged Mrs. AP’s G-Spot even more, which triggered more intense moaning.  Her back arched of the bed, lifting her breasts up high in a physical representation of her reaching the summit of pleasure, as another hard squirting orgasm crashed into and over and through her in an energy tsunami.  Feeling her ready for more, I grabbed the lube and dripped a generous amount into my hand and then across the edge of my knuckles.  Cupping my thumb in tight I started pushing harder into Mrs. AP, her hips rocking and her body quivering with every movement, as I slowly worked my hand into her amazing pussy.  When my wrist slipped in and her hot lips embraced it like the arms of an eager lover she moaned long and loud.  Her hips took on a life of their own, rising and falling against my hand in an effort to work more action out of me.  I moved to her rhythm, letting her set the tempo of this portion of our sexual sonata for a few minutes before I began twisting and thrusting and adding to the composition.  Thrusts became longer and deeper, with her body rocking from every push as my hand slid in to the wrist and then out to the fingertips repeatedly.  Mrs. AP’s head rolled from side to side, her moans a near-constant wail, as she climaxed over my arm in one long, continuous orgasm.

I slowed my pace, our sonata slowing in time and intensity, and reached over to grab the largest of our toys, which I lovingly call Big Blue.  Total length is nearly 8 inches, with over 6 of that insertable, but the girth is incredible; it measures just shy of 3 inches wide and between 7 and 8 inches around, at a guess.  (And yes, I have a good point of comparison that has been meticulously measured many times, thank you.)  I cleaned it and lubed it, and as my fingers slid from the heavenly heat of Mrs. AP’s pussy I slid Big Blue inside.  Slowly I filled her, fucked her, and her orgasm picked up again as she took Big Blue to the hilt.  My pace quickened, as did the pitch of her moans, and when her backed arched again as she squirted around the toy inside her I leaned up and forward pinch one of her nipples.  Doing this made her cum even harder, flooding the toy and my legs.  I shifted my weight, and holding the toy underneath my cock I slid along the top of Big Blue and into Mrs. AP’s divine pussy.  The moment the ridge of my cock head popped inside her she shrieked and squirted again.  I pushed deeper, still holding Big Blue in place.  In short order Big Blue and my cock were both buried to the hilt, which felt incredible.  I was being squeezed hard along the top of my cock by the strong muscle wall of Mrs. AP’s pussy while rubbing the bottom of my cock alongside a firm yet pliable cock-like toy.  If this was but a taste of the real thing, I was sold on the idea of DVP immediately; to feel another hard, throbbing cock alongside mine inside Mrs. AP would be extraordinary.  And oh dear gods, how she came hard, squeezing against my cock and squeezing me against the toy in waves upon waves of pleasure.

The position was unsustainable, and the point had been made, so I slowly slid out and pulled Big Blue out after me.  Mrs. AP was flying ’round the universe on orgasmic energy, and looked me deep in the eyes as she asked if I could replicate what she’d read in an erotic post somewhere on line once.  I knew immediately to what she referred, so I slowly slid my hand back inside her and rotated it, curling my fingers into a tube, and slid my cock inside my hand inside Mrs. AP’s pussy.  I must have been doing something right, because while I mostly felt my cock in my hand I also felt Mrs. AP trembling and clutching me and writhing in ecstasy as she exploded into another monster orgasm.  She nearly bucked me out of and off of her, so intense was she.

As she came down from her massive orgasm I grabbed one of the glass toys, cleaned it, and lubed it up before pressing it against her tight little back entrance.  She moaned and wiggled, but the toy and her entrance were not agreeing no matter how gentle or less than gentle the pressure I applied.  At her suggestion, I abandoned the toy and slipped a glove over my left hand.  After a thorough cleaning and lubing I began giving her cute little bumhole the same treatment she gave him, using slow gentle circles and steady pressure to slowly get her to relax and let me in.  As I felt my knuckled begin to slide through both her muscle rings she moaned softly.  I set a slow rhythm, being a lovingly gentle and calm with her as she was with me until her moans grew louder and her hips began to rise and fall in rhythm to my pace.  I began a gentle circling movement inside her, slowly increasing outward pressure.  Expending.  Massaging.  Preparing.

Once Mrs. AP was coming back to a near constant state of moaning from the anal play I slowly slid the one finger back to her entrance and placed another finger — now up to the middle and forefingers together — against it, slightly crossed, palm up.  With my other hand I began rubbing her clit until she started rocking her hips again, at which point I slowly slid two fingers inside her dripping pussy and curled upward.  When the pads of my fingers hit her G-Spot I slowly pushed the fingers from the other hand inside her ass and curled those slightly upward as well.  Slowly I slid the fingers in her ass out almost all the way, then pushed back in as I slid out to the edge inside her pussy with the other hand.  I alternated thrusts, the counter-rhythmic movements creating constant action against all of her most sensitive inner bits, and as my tempo increased so did her volume and pitch of her moans.  We moved in unison, my thrusts joining in time to fill her in both holes simultaneously, my body rocking forward into hers, and as our pace grew more frenzied she let loose a long low, deep from the belly moan and squirted all over my chest and waist and crotch again in perfect mirrored fashion from her first flooding.  As the flow slowed to a trickle I slowly dropped tempo until I could gently remove all fingers from inside her divine presence.

I quickly removed the glove, cleaned my hands, and grabbed the other clear glass toy — this one with a tapered tip — to replace my fingers inside Mrs. AP’s rapidly shrinking backside entrance.  As the smooth glass slid the 5 inches to the hilt inside her she moaned again, still sensitive from the intensity of her orgasm.  We built to a faster rhythm, my other hand stroking her clit and sliding inside her pussy to tease her G-Spot, as I started properly fucking her ass with her glass toy.  Faster and harder we moved both inside her ass and on her clit, and soon she came again with a low moan.

Quickly I cleaned and lubed the final toy.  A black glass dildo that tapers from a small-ish head to an incredibly thick base, all with a circular ring for a handle.  It’s sexy and scary and with a little pressure popped right inside Mrs. AP’s hot ass and slid slowly over halfway to the hilt.  We quickly worked back up to a solid rhythm.  With every thrust the big black glass cock slid a little further into Mrs. AP’s ass, which looked amazingly sexy in contract to her alabaster white skin.  I think I understand why very pale women having sex with dark-skinned men is such a highly touted fetish; the look with just the toy was incredibly arousing and momentarily got me wondering if we know any sexy black men with whom we could play.  Then Mrs. AP moaned and rocked her hips harder and all further thought fled my mind and I set to make her cum again.  One hand fucked the black glass cock into her while the other hand rubbed and flicked her clit, which was soon rewarded with another explosive orgasm and a long, loud moan.

Out slid the black glass cock.  I poured lube into my hand and stroked my rock hard, throbbing, straining cock and slid it promptly into the entrance to Mrs. AP’s tight hot ass.  As she moaned and relaxed I slowly pushed all the way into the hilt.  We pulled our heads to each other and kissed fiercely as I started fucking her ass slowly.  She rocked back against me hard, and we picked up the pace.  As always happens — and I love that it always happens — Mrs. AP started talking hot and sexy dirty talk as I fucked her.

You like fucking my hot ass, don’t you?  You like owning this ass and making me yours?  You cock feels huge in my ass baby, own it.  Claim me.  Make me yours.”

Of course I responded, and asked her if she wanted to hot cum deep inside her ass.  She groaned and moaned and shivered and trembled and clamped down on my cock before whispering hoarsely “Yes, please, fuck my ass harder.  Do it.  Fuck my ass hard!”  Of course I obliged the request.

We fucked hard.  My hips slammed into hers with monster truck force.  I fucked her ass until her head was sliding under all the pillows and hitting the headboard.  Her moans and my moans intertwined like a porn chorus, all the while her begging for me to fuck her ass and use her and own her and claim her.  Our orgasms built, and I felt her ass pulse hard around me before she let loose a near scream and came — squirting — all over me.  This set me off, and I filled her ass with what felt like a pint of cum exploding out my cock like a bullet from a desert eagle.  We writhed and moaned and twitched and after-shocked for what felt like ages.

When I could move again I slowly pulled out and collapsed backwards.  I couldn’t feel anything other than my throbbing cock and the fullness in my heart and soul; the rest of my body had ceased to be.  As the world drifted back into place I reached out to grab Mrs. AP’s ankle and held her as my legs unfolded into her arms as well.  We held each other, hands on each other’s ankles, as we waited for the world to once again coalesce.  Once vision returned, I wiggled and spun to lay curled up next to Mrs. AP.  She grabbed baby wipes and we cleaned each other off as best we could using one hand each and even less energy.

For what felt like an hour we cuddled and drifted with each other before finally our bodies reminded us that we needed more than sex tonight.  After mandatory post-coital trips to the bathroom to release other fluids — how did we still have any to lose? — and cleaning up body parts more thoroughly, Mrs. AP rolled her head onto my chest and teased my cock with her fingers.  I’d never really gone more soft than a half-limp state, which was quickly revived into a full, throbbing, dripping cock once again.  Not one to resist an opportunity, Mrs. AP slid atop me and lowered her tender, tight, terrific pussy down my cock… but only to the edge of the head.  She bobbed slowly, teasing the tip, until I begged her to ride my cock and use me as her fuck toy.  In a flash she’d dropped her full weight down onto my cock and grabbed my hands to squeeze and play with her tits.  I assaulted them, squeezing and pinching nipples and full,  firm breasts as she rode my cock better than any porn star could ever hope to do.  She both rocked and lifted, and the harder I pinched her nipples the more force she put into fucking me hard.  Her hips became a blur, her eyes got the far away look of an impending orgasm, and she sat straight up on my cock.  I kept my hands on her nipples, pinching, pulling, and twisting as her pace grew more frenetic.  With a high wail that caught in her throat, Mrs. AP came all over my cock once more.  The waves of her orgasm washed over us both, and as she slowly slid down and off to the side she grabbed some remaining wipes, did a quick wipe down of our very fluid covered crotches, and drifted into a state of bliss.

Sometime later we stirred, having never truly fallen asleep but not having completely remained awake either, and cleaned off the bed of all our accoutrements before stumbling into the shower and washing ourselves from the necks down.  A short stumble back to the bed and we collapsed, pulling sheets and comforters and pillows back into proper positions before rolling into each other and drifting off to a very well earned sleep, smiles on our faces, hands clasped, souls united, as we closed out my best birthday ever.


Stay SINful, friends.

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