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Mister Sandman…

… bring me a dream!  Bring me the sexiest dream that I’ve ever seen!  Involve other people while we’re on vacation!  We’ll have the best of times while we’re all naked!

Did you sing along?  I just couldn’t help myself.  You see, last night I had the most vivid dream I’ve had in years, possible decades.  Actually, I had a series of dreams but it was the third dream that stuck the most and hasn’t stopped bouncing around in my head on repeat over 14 hours later.   If I can’t shake it, at least I can share it.  Let’s dive in, shall we?


Part 1:

Mrs. AP and I are in a hotel room somewhere warm, but not overly hot, with a cool coastal breeze.  This particular room is a corner room with sliding glass doorways on each outside facing wall that could slide completely into the walls, effectively leaving half the room as an outdoor space.  The balcony contained a private pool, and no other rooms were within line of sight from the pool so we didn’t need to bother with swim wear.  It was in this setting that Mrs. AP and I were swimming together nude and I surprised her by suddenly grabbing her legs and pulling them up onto my shoulders so that she was left floating on her back as I buried my face between her legs.  My tongue fiercely pushed through her lips as I licked as deeply inside her as possible, sucking her labia into my mouth and burying my nose in her tightly trimmed landing strip.  Her pussy began immediately flooding my mouth with her sweet taste as her juices jumped at the chance for release, and as my tongue fucked her firmly and my nose ground against the top edge of her clit she flailed in the water, back twisting and arms splashing.  For minutes on end I ravaged her pussy with my lips and tongue, pulling away only far enough to shift my tongue to her clit to that I could flick it quickly, viciously, until her moans became screams and her flowing juices became gushing rivers.  In all her thrashing she somehow was able to reach the edge of the pool just as her squirting orgasm was calming down, and she pulled away from me only long enough to twist around and throw me against the edge of the pool.  She wrapped her legs around me as she grabbed the edge for support and impaled her hot pussy down my throbbing cock.  Weighing nothing at all we fucked hard, our crashing bodies turning the small pool into a wave pool, and by the time I was emptying my hot cum deep inside her we had soaked the pool deck.


Part 2:

Completely unrelated and terribly unsexy.  We were at a nature preserve, and during recent renovations somebody forgot to seal part of the cage for the spider monkey exhibit.  They had learned they could climb under a branch through a gap in the fence and run amok as the pleased.  Terribly amusing to watch, but not at all erotic like the first and third parts.

Part 3:

Mrs. AP are laying in bed in what I believe is the same hotel room.  We’re naked with something on the television, though I can’t say what.  Mrs. AP is cuddled into my right side, my arm wrapped around her, as she’s languidly running her hand up and down my body.  She teases my side and my hips, causing my cock to slowly swell.  Seeing this she grips me firmly and starts squeezing until I’m hard as steel and visibly bouncing in time to my pulse.  She makes a comment about how she loves me in this state and gives my cock a very hard squeeze, causing some of my pre-cum to appear and form a nice tight pearl at the head of my cock.  The woman on my left — a shorter haired blonde with a creamy tone to her skin and roughly B-cup breasts — then comments about how she’d love to make me do that, and Mrs. AP invited her to have a squeeze and tease my head with my juices.  This other woman then reaches for me timidly, wraps her hand around me, and slowly squeezes me while milking from balls to tip.  This causes a near gush of pre-cum, which she then spreads slowly across my head before letting go of me and licking her fingers deliberately.  Mrs. AP is beaming with pride as she watches all of this, and then we’re all shocked as the other woman who was laying at the foot of the bed watching all of this suddenly shifts and slides her mouth down my cock to the hilt.  Mrs. AP scolds her firmly for breaking the rules and not asking for permission to engage in oral first.  In response this third woman (with dark, nearly black hair, tanned skin, and C to D cup breasts) lunges forward and grabs Mrs. AP, pulls her upright, and then throws her down atop me.  I now had Mrs. AP’s back against my chest, her neck against my cheek, and her ass molded around my cock.  I instinctively did what I thought best, and wrapped my arms around her to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples.  My right hand landed solidly on her firm DD-cup, but my left hand found the hand of the blonde woman, so I slid my hand down to Mrs. AP’s hip instead.  I felt the bed shift and heard the very obvious sounds of a pussy being licked.  Mrs. AP moaned, and her back arched ever so slightly, which increased the pressure of her ass against my cock.  Her neck is one of her trigger points, so I started kissing and nibbling in while the dark-haired woman was doing the same to Mrs. AP’s pussy.  In the time compression that is the wonder of dreamland, no sooner had I started biting Mrs. AP’s neck and pinching her nibble than she started cumming from the ministrations of the tongue against her clit.  Wave after wave of orgasm crashed and rolled through her, each stronger than the last, until I felt her entire body tremble and her head rocked side to side as I felt her squirt all over the face of the dark-haired woman — which of course soaked me from the waist down as well.

At this point I awoke, very hard and very much wondering where I can find a hotel room like this.  I think Mrs. AP and I need a vacation.


Stay SINful, friends.

One response

  1. Very, very hot . . . welcome back! And more dreams before your holiday please!!!
    Xxx – K

    October 21, 2013 at 5:40 pm

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