An Absinthe-Loving, Polyamorous, Kinky, Sex-Positive Couple talk about all things Sex, Kink, and LGBTQ.

Altered States

Along with the historic votes on Marriage Equality in four states in the United States in November, 2012 also came two historic decriminalization measures passed in the stats of Colorado and Washington.   With the passing of these measures there now exists the regulated control of previously illegal substances — specifically marijuana, which is still illegal at the federal level — with which consenting adults can choose to alter their mental states.  Until a recent bout of agony did I begin to understand the appeal.

I awoke after succumbing to the terribly evil and overwhelming powers of my hypnotizing bed.  All attempts to remain conscious or engage in any form of productivity were stripped away viciously.  My higher functions were not yet engaged; within the formless void between dreams and consciousness I floated.   I was everything and nothing, an idea that shattered in the wind and reformed anew, ever evolving and shifting… right until I tried to roll over.

Agony wracked my body.  My efforts were rendered null, my movements useless.  I was trapped in position, unable to move due to the unbearable tension and insurmountable pain wickedly dancing up my spine in delight like a goblin discovering his first airplane.  With brute determined force I managed to roll as tears streamed down my face.  Whimpers escaped my lips.  I was a child, powerless to help myself.

Mrs. AP immediately took action in the way that only a beloved loving partner can, and gave me painkillers.  I asked aloud what they were, and in the same breath dismissed the question.  Content didn’t matter.  Dosage didn’t matter.  My trust was placed firmly and securely in Mrs. AP to tend to me, to nurse me as only she can, and in that trust I fell into whatever chemical relief she fed me.  She knew I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours, so I knew she chose something that would not upset my empty stomach.  The added benefit, of course, would be that the chemicals would hit my bloodstream, and thus my brain, relatively quickly.  Goodness did they.

The onset was not gradual; one moment I was in pain and the next I was floating above the bed, my back forgotten as my head twirled and danced and spun in circles around the room.  Without moving a muscle I traversed the Earth; Paris, London, Sydney, and Beijing were mere pinpricks of light, momentary distraction as I reveled in the sensation of absolute freedom.  In that moment I was unlimited.

The sound of Mrs. AP’s voice brought me back to the bed, and in her presence I was dumbstruck by how radiant and gorgeous she looked, how silky smooth her skin felt, and how tantalizingly delicious she tasted.  I embraced her with my arms, with my soul, with every vibrating atom of my body.  We blended.  We merged.  My soul passed through hers and was changed because of it.

Over the course of several hours I rode her and she rode me as I flew and floated and plunged and rose.  I was endless and unstoppable, able to roll in and out of intense lovemaking and primal fucking and gentle caressing without ever once nearing the edge of either pain or orgasm.  Mrs. AP was the recipient of countless orgasms, some screaming, as we reconnected in ways that only shamans and mystics may ever be ale to fully describe.  We became the proverbial One Body.  We were Divine.

If something that comes in a legally available pill can do that much to me, it’s no wonder the people in Washington and Colorado voted as they did.


Stay SINful, friends.

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