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Something of Everything

I suppose one could say it started like any typical Monday morning.  The kids were all off to school, leaving the house empty of human beings except for Mrs. AP and me.  She was in bed naked.  I was soon naked and in bed with her.  What happened over the next 2 hours was pure debauchery at it’s finest.

I crawled up the bed and pressed my lips firmly against hers, letting my yearning desire for her press through.  My cock hardened as we kissed, so that by the time we both broke away for air it was throbbing.  She glanced down appreciatively and reached out her hand to hold me, resting me in the palm of her hand, lifting my cock slightly as if weighing it before wrapping her hand around me in a firm grip.  She stroked the length of me slowly as our lips met again, tongues darting back and forth and teeth nipping at tongues and lips in a determined yet playful manner.

In short order I was on my knees looking down at her as she rolled onto her side and stroked my cock at eye level before taking me slowly, deeply into her mouth.  I love it when she’s in this position; I can thrust into her mouth if I want or let her control the pace.  Either way, my hand always reaches down to her pussy (soaked, as it always is once my cock is in her mouth) and a finger or two slowly slides inside her.  I rocked my hand into her, filling her with my fingers as she filled her mouth with my cock.  The fact that this position would work just as well with another male present to slide his cock into her waiting pussy never escapes my attention, and the image always flashes through my head, which makes me throb harder in her mouth.   I’m sure she notices.

I needed more, though, so I reached over to grab a condom and pulled away from her sultry lips to roll the condom on and straddled her left (bottom) leg as she was still laying on her slide and slowly slid my throbbing cock deep inside her.  One of the great thing about this position is that I can thrust deeply while  both my hands are free to roam over her front and back wherever they please.  Today, that meant grabbing a nipple and pinching it hard as I slowly fucked her.  The intensity of my pinching and twisting increased along with my face, and look I was leaning into her, supporting myself with one hand on her hip as I repeatedly buried myself inside her.

Needing more leverage, I shifted and rolled her onto her back and pulled her other leg up onto my shoulders.   I leaned into her and grabbed a nipple in each hand, crushing her breasts to her chest as I resumed my simultaneous assault on her nipples and pussy.  My hips became a sledgehammer, my cock driving hard and deep into her.  Her cries and mine mingled, dropping into low moans as she came and came on my cock.  Each of her orgasms pushed me closer to the edge, and with one final, quaking thrust I exploded inside her, which in turn triggered another orgasm for her.  We trembled against each other as the waves of ecstasy washed over us, lips pressed tightly together in a passionate kiss.

When we could move again I rolled over to her left and she rolled onto her side to nestle into me.  We gasped for breath, even now still breathing in unison, and her hand rested on my chest.   We basked in the afterglow, celebrating each other in body and spirit even if we didn’t yet have the breath for words.  As reality slowly came back into focus I reached down and removed the condom slowly, wincing slightly at the pressure of it passing back over my still sensitive cock head.  Mrs. AP let out a teasing humph and protested at not being able to tease my head before the condom came off — a habit of which she’s quite fond, as it leaves me gasping and squirming and feed her sadistic side.  Nevertheless, her hand reached down to grab me and she delightfully found me still rather attentive.

Of course, this continued attention meant that my still hard cock remained hard, and my pulse began throbbing through it again as Mrs. AP’s hand slowly stroked the length of it.  She focused on the head, rubbing her thumb in small circles across me.  She rolled her palm around the head, igniting all of my nerve endings and leaving me gasping and moaning again.  Enthused, Mrs. AP sat up and moved to sit between my legs, grabbing the lube from the bedside shelf and dripping a line down my cock before again wrapping her hand around me and slowly, deliberately, and firmly sliding her hand up and down me.  She pushed her hand down as far as it would go, wrapped her other hand around me, and leaned forward to blow across the glistening exposed head.  I twitched.  I moaned.  My hips rolled and bounced and urged her to continue.  Grinning deliciously she obliged, hands caressing every hot, throbbing inch of my now painfully hard cock.  After several minutes of exquisite sensations she leaned forward and asked in a sultry, lust-filled voiced, what I wanted her to do to me.

I shook my head, almost too lost in the pleasure to want to change it, and almost too embarrassed to ask to have my desires filled.  She sensed, though, and trailed a finger down past my cock and beyond my balls to tease my perineum and hint at dropping lower to tease my ass.  She knew, in that way she always does, and she squeezed my cock again as she repeated her question.  I pulsed and throbbed in her hand, trying to find my voice, and a third time she asked, hew voice lower and somehow more insistent than the other two.  I opened my eyes, fought to find and control my voice, and looked into her eyes as the words poured forth from me.

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

Her eyes  twinkled.  Her hand slowly stroked my cock, almost absentmindedly if I believed she could ever do anything without being fully aware of her actions.  She asked me if I was certain.  I nodded, and then paused a moment before mentioning that I should probably prepare myself for that first.

She nodded and rolled her hips back away from me as I scampered to the bathroom for a quick clean up session.  When I got back to the bedroom Mrs. AP had laid out a towel, a curved glass dildo, the Kama Sutra Cool Mint Body Soufle, and the Eros Bodyglide Lube.  She was also wearing a pair of black vinyl gloves.

(A side note: the gloves Mrs. AP uses, while marketed toward such things as protecting one’s hands from hair dye, work fantastically well for anal play and the texturing on the fingers makes for a delicious sensation when she strokes my cock.)

I lay down in front of her, my ass on the end of the towel, and she say down in front of me cross-legged.  Her knees provided a comfortable resting place for my feet as I pulled my legs up and spread them, giving her full view and access to every inch of my cock, my balls, and my ass.  I was hard and throbbing for her still and her eyes drank in the sight of me like she’d been dying of thirst and I was her oasis.

Her hand dipped into the mint cream and she spread it around the edges of my ass, teasing and testing just enough to help me relax.  The cream went on smooth, but the longer it lay there the more it started to warm and tingle.  She followed with a bit of the cream on my cock, causing the same cool to tingling reaction.  Her fingers slowly circled me, almost petting me, and the longer she circled the more I relaxed. Her circling spiraled in slowly, getting closer to the center of my ass, and soon I felt the tip of one finger testing my resistance.  She grabbed the Eros lube and applied it liberally to her fingertips and my cock and then, wrapping her left hand around the base of my cock, she slid one finger slowly inside my hot, tight ass.

Mrs. AP’s finger stopped when her knuckles came to rest against my skin.  She curled her finger up in a “come hither” motion and in doing so rubbed against my prostate.  The pressure from her finger rushed through my entire cock, almost — almost — as if she were able to fuck my cock from the inside.  The feeling is intense and borders on my abilities of processing sensations without overloading.  For you men out there, recall that moment when you’re on the precipice of orgasm, when your cock is swelling and you feel all that pressure struggling for release.  It’s like that, but like riding that edge without the release.

Mrs. AP wasn’t going to let me stay on the edge, though.  She slowly slid another finger inside my ass alongside the first and started stroking the base of my cock in time with her thrusts.  The angle she used was hitting my prostate as she fucked me, and soon the pressure building in my cock was moving beyond the already incredible level it had been.  I grabbed my legs under my knees and pulled my legs up and back, opening myself to her further.  Her hands moved faster, fucking my ass and stroking my cock.  At one point she let go of my cock to focus on just my ass and I whispered heatedly “don’t stop on my cock!”  I was close, the build up slow and deliciously agonizing.  She chuckled and wrapped her hand around my cock again, focusing on the top of the shaft and the head as her fingers plunged deep into the essence of me.  My moaning and groaning became animalistic, primal urges and needs spilling forth from me and bouncing around the room in carnal echoes.  My hips bucked to meet her hands, matching her rhythm, and with one deft twist of her wrist I was there.  My moan became a roar as cum shot forth from my pulsing cock, spurt after hard spurt coating my chest and stomach.  Mrs. AP kept massaging my prostate and ever so slightly stroking where my head and shaft meet, aiming my cock down onto me, painting me with my cum as she extended my monstrous orgasm.

As I came down from the massive release Mrs. AP slowly, gently, removed her fingers from my ass.  The rolled the glove off the hand that had been in my ass and held it in the palm of the other glove as she removed it, effectively double-bagging it before tossing both gloves into the bedroom trash can.  She grabbed some wipes and cleaned up the mess we’d made all over myself, giggling at the pool of cum that had gathered on me.  For my second explosion of the morning it was still quite substantial.  I unfolded my legs as she cleaned me, and once I was wiped down she lay down to snuggle into me once again.

We lay there kissing gently, her eyes dancing in delight over making me explode everywhere, and once I had full control of my body again I put my arms around her to hold her close.  I could feel the energy vibrating through her as we spoke of how much I enjoyed her fucking me and how powerful my orgasms are that way.  As we spoke I tweaked her hard nipples and teased her neck with my lips.  She started squirming from the attention and quickly grabbed my hand as pressed it firmly between her legs.

Her pussy was drenched and radiating heat.  Working me over had really worked her up.  I slid 2 fingers into her effortlessly and curled them up against her G-spot.  Immediately she bucked and clenched my fingers hard as small waves of pleasure washed over her.  I worked her G-spot as she rode out the small orgasm, and when she relaxed again I slid out my fingers just long enough to add a third finger and resume molesting and caressing her.  My fingers brushed her G-spot again and she bucked harder, pushing against my hand as her hips rocked in orgasm.  We moved together as she rode the wave back down, my hand now completely soaked without her having even squirted, and I quickly added a fourth finger to fill her completely.

Her eyes shot wide open and she gasped for breath as I rubbed her G-spot with all four fingers.  Her head thrashed and her hips bucked, her hands slapping against the bed and gripping the sheet in some vain attempt to find something to which she could hold.  One hand found my hip and her fingernails dug in as she was rocked by long, strong orgasms rolling her around and over and under again.  When she came back down and could breathe again she muttered something about trying not to flood the bed.  Of course, we only had one reasonable solution.

We folded the towel used earlier into quarters and placed it under her ass as she shifted into a more comfortable position against the pillows.  My hand slid back between her legs and all four fingers slid back inside her, again my fingers curling to play with her G-spot.  She bucked and jerked and moaned and gasped, her body dancing underneath me as I brought her closer to the edge.   Her head thrashed side to side as squeals and squeaks and groans and moans emanated from her, but she wasn’t quite hitting the “gasp of life” orgasms I wanted from her, so I sat up a little and shifted to reach down with my other hand to flick her clit.

At the touch my the tips of my fingers to her engorged clit Mrs. AP went off like a bomb.  Moans and gasps turned to screams as the waves of pleasure turned into an unstoppable tsunami.  As I fucked her G-spot with one hand and flicked her clit with the other — in rhythm! — she bounced and bucked and screamed and finally, giving in to the overwhelming sensations, started squirting.

I love the way Mrs. AP squirts.  With my hand curled to fuck her pussy she was squirting directly into my palm, hard thin streams like from a pussy-powered super soaker that splashed up against my wrist and back against her thighs.  At times when I’ve not had my hand in the way she’s been able to squirt the length of the bed, overshooting the end and leaving a small puddle on the floor.  With a little bit of position control I can prevent that, though, and in this case we were able to keep everything on the towel and ourselves.  My hands worked on her, fucking her G-Spot and flicking her clit as she moaned those deep, guttural moans and rolled her head from side to side as the pleasure ran off with the thinking parts of her brain.

She came down slowly, her eyes unfocused, and I kept my fingers buried inside her as I lifted my other hand to hold her face and kiss her lovingly.  She was glowing everywhere, practically bathing the room in joy and contentment.  I could see from her face how relieved she was to have been given that strong release.  Her eyes were thanking me and admiring me even if her mouth wasn’t stating the words.  I basked in the moment, immeasurably proud to have such a wonderful lover and partner in her.  Then I squeezed my hand inside her pussy, pulling her hips up off the bed, and she gasped again.

I lifted my hand up and down, bouncing her hips off the bed and driving my fingers into her G-spot.  She gasped again and I sat up to work her clit in conjunction with her pussy some more.  I fucked her hard, mercilessly, and in less than 10 seconds of the combined assault on her pussy and clit she rewarded me by squirting again, this time longer and harder than before.  Her back arched, thrusting her magnificent breasts into the air as she came and came against my hands.  Sexual fluids coated her thighs and my arm yet still my fingers fucked her pussy and still she flooded me.

She came back down, figuratively and literally as her back settled onto the bed again.  Again I held her and kissed her, wiping the hair out of her face to better look into her eyes sparkling up at me.   We whispered mutual I love you’s and she grinned in tired satisfaction as she gave her hips a little wiggle against my fingers still inside her.  I flexed and curled them, eliciting another low moan from her.

I sat back up and outright fucked her hot pussy with all four fingers, driving up into her G-spot as I brought my other hand down onto her clit again.  Her hips rolled and bucked against me as she cried out again, her orgasm wracking her entire body.  Breasts bounced, head thrashed, hands clutched at empty air as she squirted again in a long, slow flow.  My hand was coated past the wrist, so I tucked my thumb in against my palm and slowly, firmly, pushed my hand inside her pussy.

Mrs. AP ceased breathing, her mouth locked in a silent scream as my fist filled her pussy.  I rotated my hand upright, curling my other fingers around my thumb, and started slowly fucking Mrs. AP.  At that angle the webbing of my hand between my thumb and forefinger rubbed just underneath the hard nub of her clit.  Mrs. AP regained her voice to the constant chorus of her moans, and as my hand increased speed so did the volume and pitch of her cries.  Soon she was outright screaming, the rest of her body limp as she came and came and came around my fist.  I slowed my pace, letting her breathe, and slowly decreased my tempo until her cries were down to little whimpers.

I rotated and uncurled my hand and slowly pulled out my thumb to rest four fingers inside her again, curling my palm up to cup her clit and mound.  I leaned down to kiss her, stretching out next to her as I slowly, ever so slowly, slid my hand out until first my pinky, then my index finger, then my ring finger, and finally my middle finger — the fucking finger — slid out of her trembling pussy.  I cupped it, holding it, protecting it from the cooler air of the room and the currents from the ceiling fan as Mrs. AP recovered in my arms.  We kissed, tenderly, tongues gently exploring.

Slowly yet determinedly, she reached a hand down to grasp my hard cock as it throbbed against her hip.  I felt her grin against my lips as she rolled me onto my back and she rolled with me, swinging one leg over me and bracing herself against my chest as she lined me up and rocked her hips back to take me to the hilt in one hard thrust.  I gasped at being inside her, mentioning something about us needing to be covered but reveling at the feel of her bareback.  Her hot velvet walls caressed the tender flesh of my cock as we joined completely, and she rode me tenderly as she adjusted to me inside her before looking down at me and slamming her hips down purposefully.

I reached up to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples, and her hips rose and fall in a hard slam again.  I increased the pressure against her nipples and she increased her pace.  She went from riding me to fucking me in fewer than five strokes, and in a long wail she came on my cock.  Neither of us relented, my hips thrusting up against her as I lifted her breasts upwards, flattening them against her chest better than any Victorian-era corset and pinching her nipples as if I could somehow flatten them as well.  Mrs. AP caught fire.  Her hips became a blur, rising, falling, and rocking against me as she worked herself into a carnal frenzy.  She moaned with every thrust, her moans growing louder, and as I did my best to lift her off my cock by her breasts she exploded, screaming out in pleasure again as I felt the barest of squirts around my cock and down my balls.  She sat fully upright, motionless, her head thrown back and her chest thrown out as she quivered all over from the intensity of the orgasm possessing her.

She fell forward, my support of her breasts controlling her fall, and she swung her leg off me… and stopped on all fours, looking at me with a flushed, lustful, expectant look on her face.

I reached over for another condom, rolled it on, squirted some lube into my left hand, stroked my cock with it a few times, and slid around behind her to mercilessly bury my cock inside her waiting pussy.  I grabbed her ass, her deliciously delectable ass, and fucked her with everything I had.  I drove into her as hard as I could, doing my absolute best to fuck my cock all the way into her throat.  Every few thrusts one of my hands rose and smacked down onto her ass in a hard smack.  Every smack left her gasping and tightening around me.  After a few of these smacks there were red welted impressions of my hand on both cheeks of her wonderful ass.  Empowered, unleashed, I grabbed at the top of her ass just below the small of her back and dug in my fingers as I leaned against her and over her, pushing her back down and her ass up as I found another gear and fucked her with no abandon.  We were past sex.  We were past being simply lovers.  We were beasts, primal and perfect, fucking like we’d never have the chance again.

It’s one of the things I love about Mrs. AP; I can not only fuck her hard without fear of hurting her, but I can also feed her occasional need to be completely taken and owned in the process.  I don’t fuck rough and hard often, but when I do she keeps up with me — or ahead of me — every step of the way.  This time, I was slamming my hips into her so hard the entire four-poster solid wood bed frame was swaying.  We hit and held a tempo not even German porn can match, and she dropped her head and let her arms go and lay there, breasts crushed into the bed, head pushed into the pillows, as I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her.

I was on the edge, trying to find that way to push over, but no matter how hard, how fast, how deeply I fucked Mrs. AP I couldn’t get any closer to a third orgasm.  Instead, I fucked her until eventually my motor started running out and my pace slowed, like a wind up toy slowly winding down.  Eventually I was thrusting too slow to do any further good for either of us, and I somehow found myself pulling out and collapsing on the bed next to her, my lips meeting hers.  Both our eyes were glazed over, neither of us able to focus.  We grunted and shifted and somehow worked ourselves first to the bathroom and then back into bed, barely able to stay conscious long enough to get the sheets arranged properly.

We passed the fuck out, fucked silly, sated, and satisfied.


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Stay SINful, friends.

14 responses

  1. That was unbelievably hot! 🙂

    December 12, 2012 at 5:35 am

  2. Any guy who reads that and still believes having his ass probed somehow equates to being gay needs to have his head examined. Damn, that was hot.

    December 12, 2012 at 6:49 am

    • What’s that? With just a little relaxation I can have stronger orgasms? Sign me up! (What every man *should* think, you’d think.)

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      December 16, 2012 at 6:18 am

  3. You are tempting me to explore new sensations…

    Mr. No Name

    December 12, 2012 at 8:25 am

    • I have no problems with being a tempter. 😉

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      December 16, 2012 at 6:18 am

  4. mskjoy

    Wow! This was fucking hot! I love it!

    December 12, 2012 at 8:25 am

  5. Amazing. (sorry for brevity, must just go and, erm… )

    December 12, 2012 at 10:25 am

    • No need to apologize. Encouraging the need for, erm… things … is a high compliment. Thank you!

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      December 16, 2012 at 6:19 am

  6. Wow that is one seriously amazing session… the last line is priceless though.


    December 12, 2012 at 11:18 am

    • Many thanks! I love leaving it with a good happy ending.

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      December 16, 2012 at 6:21 am

  7. This is incredibly hot! And like Molly, I love the last line!

    Rebel xox

    December 12, 2012 at 1:19 pm

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