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T.M.I. Tuesday – Movember 13

This week’s T.M.I. Tuesday (courtesy of celebrates Movember!  Want to read more?  Come on down!

If you don’t know what Movember is all about see previous TMI Tuesday posts or click here.


Some men who have been treated for Prostate Cancer are unable to get an erection.

1. If they were treated with surgery, the usual reason is nerve damage. They may have success with a penis pump. 

Question: Have you (or your partner) ever used a pump? Did it work? Was it a turn-on or a turn-off?

I have no direct experience with a pump.  Mrs. AP and I have tried cockrings, both around cock and balls and only around the cock.  In both cases I was more firm and more sensitive, which rather seemed to negate the benefit of delaying orgasm.  Oops.


2. If they were treated with radiation, the usual reason is damage to blood vessels. They may have good luck with Viagra or or one of the other impotence meds.

Question: Have you (or your partner) ever used Viagra, Cialis, or similar? Did it work? Any interesting side effects? Any 4-hour erections? Tell us how you made use of that ;-)

I’ve no experience with any of the erectile enhancement pills either.  I wouldn’t mind partaking of a half-dose before attending an event where lots of “loving” was scheduled to take place, though.  Ya know.  To keep things going.


3. Some men may opt for a penile implant. See Do you have experience with a penile implant (as owner or lover-of-owner)? Did it work for you?

Also no experience with this one either.  I’ve heard promising things, though.


4. If they were treated with hormone therapy (e.g. Lupron Depot), they may also lose all libido. I can’t think of a good question, but if you have a story, please share.

I seem to lose mine sometimes as part of situational or seasonal depression.  It usually means I take longer to get warmed up and can have a more difficult time remaining interested if there’s any soft of interruption or distraction.  It’s frustrating when it does kick in, but I’ve found that I can usually overcome it with good help from Mrs. AP.


Some men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer change their diet or avoid certain foods.

5. Did you ever change your diet for health reasons? How did it work out? How long did you stay on the diet?

In 2006 I nearly passed out while donating blood, despite having had no problems donating in the past.  I bought a digital scale that could also test (via electrical current through the body) for body fat percentage.  At a height of 5’6″ my weight came back as 128 pounds and my body fat percentage was 42%.  Finding this incredibly unacceptable I joined a no-contract gym and changed my diet.  Breakfast every day was one piece of whole wheat toast and a small low-fat yogurt.  3 hours later I had a low-fat, low-calorie smoothie.  Lunch was a salad or soup or shrimp cocktail (1 dozen shrimp).  Afternoon snack was a cup of fruit and a handful of nuts.  Dinner was baked chicken or turkey was either a salad or roasted vegetables.  I coupled this with 2 to 3 hours at the gym 6 days a week, alternating between long cardio sessions or strength-training sessions.  I dropped 50 pounds and 19% body fat in 14 weeks.  I maintained the diet for another year or so, but lost access to the gym after moving across town.  Sadly, such a diet isn’t financially feasible right now, and my weight is higher than I’d like, but still nowhere near as bad as back then.


The prostate is a sexual organ, and treatment of the prostate changes the sexual experience.

6. A man who has had his prostate removed does not ejaculate at orgasm. How would you react to a total lack of cum?

I would miss the explosive feeling of expelling my hot fluids deep inside Mrs. AP.  Both of us react strongly to that sensation.  However, Mrs. AP has helped me learn how to orgasm without ejaculating, and the whole-body reaction of feeling the energy build and then release like the snapping of a rubber band is intense in a different manner that feels almost as good and leaves a longer lasting feeling of riding a wave of pleasure.  SO yes, I’d be disappointed, but not unsatisfied.


7. Although removal of the prostate reduces the intensity of orgasm in the pelvic region, some men report orgasmic feelings in other parts of the body, some describing a “whole body orgasm.” How cool is that?

As one who has had them, and in fact had them triggered without even having my cock touched, it is incredibly cool indeed.


8. Do you think a man treated for PRostate Cancer deserves a blow job? If yes, please email Virtual Sin aka SinnerMan…

Sounds like a policy I could get behind… or down on my knees for.  😉


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Stay SINful, friends.

3 responses

  1. I opted to give a smart-assed answer to #4 rather than sharing an honest-to-goodness story that might have been related to the topic. As it turns out, in the two and a half years that I’ve been a stay-at-home Dad, I’ve been subject to loss of erection from time to time, mainly because as our daughter gets older and more active it’s rare for her to let me retreat to my bedroom long enough to actually get myself off in the middle of the day. I can sneak off and get started, but long before I have the finish line in my sights she’s banging on the door asking what Daddy is doing. Needless to say I can’t possibly have an orgasm with all that adorableness happening on the other side of the door.

    November 14, 2012 at 1:26 am

  2. Im a HUGE fan of cock rings, i love the effect it has on YSL, and he rather likes the effect of a beyond hard cock and super sensitive.

    Great contribution xx

    dont for to add the competition link banner to enter as well as doing a load of good spreading the word.

    cut n paste into post…

    Read how to enter Movember awareness month with Sex Shop 365.
    Use code: MOV20 to get 20% off all prostate massagers this November.

    November 14, 2012 at 5:01 am

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