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T.M.I. Tuesday – Movember 6

This week’s T.M.I. Tuesday (courtesy of celebrates Movember!  Want to read more?  Come on down!

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Please participate in TMI Tuesday the next three Tuesdays–Nov. 6, 13 and 20 to help us raise awareness about Prostate Cancer. Come get anal as the questions will be prostate related.

Grab the TMI Tuesday button for Movember and display it with your TMI Tuesday post or for the entire month of November.

TMI Tuesday Blog


This week the questions, from, have a moustache theme and a request for you to join in, even if it’s just a little self checking.

1. Ladies…Have you ever kissed a man with a moustache?
Gentlemen… Have you ever had a moustache?
Did you like it?

I wear a mustache (as it’s spelled on this side of the pond) year round, and have nearly continuously for the past 12 years.  I keep it trimmed very short, so that it’s soft without being bushy, and find it serves my face well.  I like it.  I have also kissed a man who sported a mustache, but his was overgrown and poky and I didn’t fancy it much.  He was a better kisser when he shaved.


2. The saying ‘putting on the beared’ means going down on a lady with a full bush. Do you prefer a bearded, trimmed or bald pussy?

This must be colloquial outside the United States, as I’ve never heard it.  Or I’m that ignorant of more polite idioms.  Regardless, my preference is the “landing strip.”  I want fully unfettered access to her lips and clit, but I ant some hair on her mound to remind me that I am with a woman in all her glory.  Mrs. AP is quite happy to help me in this regard, as it keeps up both quite happy.


3. What’s your preferred style of ‘tashing on’? (snogging)

Thank you BBC America for teaching me that snogging is, essentially, what American’s label “making out”!  I love to start slow and sensual and let the intensity build to where tongues are wrestling and hands can’t keep still (except the occasional pulling of the hair) on each other’s bodies.


4. When was the last time you cupped yours or anyone else’s testicles?

I cupped mine within the past few hours during a restroom break.  It’s the easiest time to check for things being out of sorts.  Mrs. AP cupped mine before I left for work, which was as comforting and thrilling as her touch always is.  The last time I cupped somebody else’s testicles was back in, oh goodness, I think February or March.  It’s been some time.


5. If you had a moustache what style would you be and why?

Well, I wear mine trimmed short, and clipped straight up from the corners of my mouth.  It’s soft and inviting, I believe, and lends just the right air of authority.




If you want to get involved and raise awareness more on your blog or twitter join in here and win a gift set of prostate toys and accessories and £100 shopping voucher!

U.S. prizes and co petitions:


Be sure to check the T.M.I. Tuesday blog comments section for links to other participants!


Stay SINful, friends.

5 responses

  1. Swinger has a mustache and full beard (it is trimmed not long). He has not seen what he looks like without one for the last 30 plus years. I think he is the only man I have ever kissed with a beard.

    I’m completely bald as a landing strip looks odd on me, not sure why.

    November 6, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    • Different things look good on different people. I’m a fan of my facial hair, but I can’t do a full beard. It just looks wrong, like I’m training to be a lumberjack. I don’t want to be a lumberjack.

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      November 13, 2012 at 4:20 am

  2. I think landing strips look funny, but that’s me. I really don’t have the time or inclination for anything that involved.

    Sounds like it’s past time for you to cup someone else’s testicles, my friend. Thanks for playing!

    November 9, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    • It is very past time to cup a pair other than mine. I also think landing strips can vary in width, and some look better thin than others. I’ve seen hearts and triangles and the like that can also be quite tantalizing.

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      November 13, 2012 at 4:25 am

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