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Until the Concrete Angels Fall

“If you keep building these walls

Brick by brick towers so tall

Soon I won’t see you at all

Until the concrete angels fall.”

~ Gareth Emery featuring Christina Novelli

“Concrete Angel”

11 years ago I woke up to get ready for work thinking it was any other day.  After getting out of the shower I head somebody rummaging around in the house.  Dad was home from work, and looked distraught.  He always held it together well, but that day I could see the strain on his face as he tried to maintain composure.  I asked him why he was home from work and he said simply “Turn on the TV.”  I turned on the TV as I dressed for work and had to sit down on my bed.  My world had changed.

We built towers in this country, thinking we were impenetrable.   We lay down brick after brick, daring anybody to get to truly know us.  We rest assured knowing that our displays home and abroad would kep us safe.  We were kings.  Until our concrete angels fell.

“I knew who you were from the start

But now I don’t know who you are

Soon there’ll be nothing at all

Until the concrete angels fall”

We came together as a country in ways previously unimaginable.  We gathered international support at unprecedented levels.  New York City became the home city for every American Citizen, and we’ve all loved it since.  We took the assault within our borders deeply personally, and within months the government had begun wars that took the notion of retaliation to unforeseeable levels.

Now we stand, rebuilding into a new concrete angel; this one bigger, stronger, and meaner than the ones before.  Still we fight, with soldiers engaged around the glove fighting enemies they never see coming.  We made enemies where none had been, creating them out of shadow and fear and hearsay.  The world we live in changed 11 years ago.

I hope I never see that kind of change again.

Stay SINful, friends.

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