An Absinthe-Loving, Polyamorous, Kinky, Sex-Positive Couple talk about all things Sex, Kink, and LGBTQ.

Wake and Take Me

I was lost in a sea of dreamscapes, spinning or twirling or flying or something.  Whatever I was doing was freeing and free from the demands of such silly things like gravity or friction.  Next to me, above me, behind me, and around me was Mrs. AP, laughing and skirting around me as we danced and spiraled and flirted with free fall.  She moved closer with every pass, reaching out to brush and caress me, and soon she was reaching out to tug and stroke at my cock, urging it to respond so she could enjoy me in even more ways.

I woke from this to realize that my dream wasn’t entirely subconscious; Mrs. AP was pressed tight against my back as I slept on my side, and her arm was across me as her hand encouraged my cock to wake up with the rest of me.  Still groggy from the haze of a deep and dreamful sleep I pressed back into her harder, giving small encouraging noises.  Her hand grew more insistent as I responded to her touch, to her fingers squeezing the head and massaging the shaft, and I shifted to roll onto my back and allow her more access.  She cooed slightly, getting a better grip on me as her attention became more firm.  I slid my arm up as she nestled into the curve of my torso and our lips met in a gentle, exploratory, soulful kiss.  Our lips pushed and pulled, parting as tongues gently explored… and then we got pounced by the puppy.

Nothing ruins a great kiss like a 4 month old hyper puppy diving in to share in the love, let me tell you.  Laughing, Mrs. AP scooped her up, escorted her out of our bedroom, closed the door, and locked it behind her.  I must have slipped back into the edges of sleep at this point; I remember looking at a naked Mrs. AP — we both sleep in the nude all the time — and smiling.  I was informed later that I missed Mrs. AP crawling up my legs and caressing my cock in her cleavage before licking and sucking me for a few minutes.  How the hell did I miss that!?  What I DO recall, quite clearly, is Mrs. AP sliding her very hot, very wet, very wonderful pussy down my hard cock.  I pushed up against her as she settled against me, pressed as tightly together as two humans can be.  Then she started rocking, and her hips started rolling, and the rest of the world vanished.

Mrs. AP has three styles when she’s on top.  When she’s just getting warmed up she rocks her hips slowly, not really doing more than getting accustomed to having me inside her and enjoying all the wonderful sensations that come from that first penetration.  This is where she sat, rocking her hips slowly, very much in the same way she dances, and my I savored the feel of being inside her, of looking up at her and seeing the pleasure, the delight, the love, and the lust all mixed and swirling in her eyes.  The says her blue eyes are dull and boring, but the light catches them just so when she’s on top and they become shows of their own, with colors swirling and emotions pouring forth from them.  I love her eyes all the time, but these times are special.

As she sped up her rhythm, Mrs. AP shifted to her second style of riding me; her hips bounce more, creating more of a typical fucking motion.  She lifts more, which creates a wonderful sliding motion for my cock inside her.  As she did this I caressed her back and sides and thighs, my hips rising to reach each downward thrust of hers.  We rose and fall, my hands wandering over every sexy inch of hers I could find before sliding up to cup her full, perky, 38DDD breasts.  I love the feel of her breasts in my hand, so strong and divine and erotic.  They fill my hands wonderfully, spilling out to become almost more than I can handle.  Almost.  But then I squeeze and lift, pinching her nipples between my fingers and become an erotic human corset for her, which never fails to set her hips into overdrive and send her into her third style.

When Mrs. AP is getting close to orgasm while she rides me her hips drop hard against me and she rocks back and forth, grinding her clit against my pubic bone and my cock against her cervix.  The combination of hitting the two spots, especially while I’m assaulting her nipples, brings forth the most delicious moans and groans from her.  They start deep inside her and come out almost as a growl at times, and the gasps that accompany her movements are nothing short of incredible.  She sits up almost completely on me, throws her head back (which thrusts her breasts against me even more) and  glows with an erotic radiance that I’ve never seen matched in any pornographic film.  She exudes womanhood, desire, vitality, sensuality, and sexuality in that moment, and even with my cock doing the vast majority of my thinking I am always in awe of how amazing she looks.  And then, as her hips danced in a wild samba on my cock, I felt her shudder and clamp down on me as a low moan escaped her lips.  She came, hard and without abandon, and I watched the waves of ecstasy roll over her body, crashing hard against her as she bucked on my cock.

She fell forward — gods, how I love that moment — and lay her head on my shoulder, gasping for breath as she attempted to come back down to earth.  I gave her no rest, though; I tucked my legs under me and began thrusting into her, keeping her near the apex instead of letting her come to rest.  She responded with deep moanings and was soon hovering over me again, her face looking down on mine as we did our best to watch each other’s eyes.  When we can lock on, there’s a power that comes over us and we become one continuous loop of love, lust, energy and sex.  We are primal, unleashed and unmatched, and nothing in this world can stop us.  We rode against each other, my hands on her shoulder, my back arching off the bed, as our hips drove hard to meet each other.  Our rhythm built, both our bodies tensing against each other, as I felt the pressure begin to build low and deep inside me.  Mrs. AP picked up on, our moanings and gaspings becoming synchronized as we worked each other toward that sweet release.   That firm, demanding pressure built low inside me, and as our eyes locked one more time it came rushing to the surface, exploding deep and hard inside Mrs. AP.  She gasped and shuddered against me, waves of another orgasm crashing through her, and she came around me.  Each throb, each thrust set us both off again, and we became an orgasmic circuit, feeding and being fed by each other for what surely felt like an eternity.

I don’t care what anybody says, time stops in those moments of hard release.  I am convinced that’s why the orgasm is so often called Le Petite Morte – The Little Death.  Nothing else on earth can stop time like reaching that release together, locked in a continuous loop of lust, love, energy, and release.

We collapsed against each other as Mrs. AP rolled off me and took again her spot nestled against me.  We kissed softly before she rolled over to grab some wipes for our standard post-coital cleanup.  In typical sadistic Mrs. AP fashion she soon delighted on watching me writhe and flail as she wrapped the wipe around the head of my cock and proceeded to wipe, twist, stroke, and squeeze me.  The sensation blended pain and pleasure into an agonizing and exquisite melange of sensory overload.  I struggled to breathe, my lips moving in soundless patterns accented by  wordless gasps.  It is in these moments I understand masochists; the lines between pain and pleasure blur to the point of irrelevancy and everything becomes sensation, simple and seductive.

After Mrs. AP relinquished my cock and I could breathe again I rolled into her, cradling her in my arms as we relished the afterglow.  Cuddling is our hard sex aftercare and I fully admit that without it the rest of the day feels askew.  As we cuddled and kissed my bladder awoke and demanded release of it’s own.  I try not to argue with my own body, and excused myself for a few minutes.

Upon return to the bedroom I resumed my cuddling position with Mrs. AP.  My hands began exploring Mrs. AP some more, taking special care to caress her back, her butt, her side, and that divine curve of her waist between her ribs and her hips.  When she’s on her side it forms the perfect resting spot for my hand and is one of my favorite places for me to touch.  Soon my caresses had Mrs. AP inspired again, and she guided my hand between her legs to feel just how wet she still was.

Being the ardent fan of Mrs. AP’s wet pussy that I am, I began caressing her lips.  Her wetness was abundant, coating her everywhere, which allows for some very fervent exploring.  Soon her lips were parted and using just the middle finger of my left hand I strummed her clit, flicking and rubbing it until Mrs. AP’s eyes were closed, her head was rolling back, her lips were parting, and her breath was coming in short little gasps.  Her hips rolled, her back arched, and an orgasm washed over her.  I could see the waves hit, centering on her hips and rolling up her body until as her bark arched, her breasts bounced, her head snapped back against the mattress.  Watching her cum, watching the way her body flows and reacts, is always a wondrous and incredibly erotic sight.

I couldn’t help but be drawn more to here as she came, and my hand drifted downward to feel her lips now parted, juiced practically flowing out from her.  I slipped my middle and ring fingers inside and curled them upward, pressing against her G-spot, and her eyes sprung wide open as her hips lifted off the bed.  I motioned my fingers in a “come hither” motion and she bucked against me, moaning and groaning as a rolling wave of orgasms began washing over her.  As my motions and her motions became more insistent I slipped my pinky in as well, using all three fingers to fuck her G-spot.  I dipped my head down to take the nipple of her left breast into my mouth and sucked, gripping it between my teeth as I flicked the tip of my tongue over her.  She bucked harder, and as I slid my index finger inside her and gripped her G-spot hard she released a small flood over my hand, coating my fingers and hand.  I released her nipple from the grip of my teeth and shifted upward to kiss her.   Our tongues danced, our lips in a bruising passionate lock, as my fingers continued to pump her pussy.  Each thrust brought another gasp from her, and soon my lips trailed down to her right breast.  I locked my lips around her nipple as my right hand came up to grab her left nipple; together they squeezed and rolled and flicked as I rubbed her G-Spot for all it was worth.  I was rewarded with another small mini-squirt, and as she came back down I shifted position, releasing her nipples and sitting up between her legs.

I slid my cock inside her as I rolled my fingers out, giving Mrs. AP the combined sensation of being filled and being emptied simultaneously.  She bucked again, head thrashing side to side as I slid hard into her.  I put my left hand — dried off on the sheet — under her shoulder and my right hand cradled her head.  Our lips locked as I thrust hard, taking possession of her with every thrust.  I slid my lips around to her neck and bit down on the spot behind the large bundle of muscles.  She thrashed and moaned and came around my cock.  As she came down I sat up, grabbed her neck with my right hand, and balancing my thumb against her jaw I pressed my fingers into her carotid artery.  She bucked harder against me, cumming in spasms, and I watched her carefully.  When her eyes rolled a little I released my grip; her eyes sprang wide and she came again in yet another mini-squirt.

Now that I was in full Dom mode I grabbed both her legs and locked the bend of her knees into the curve of my elbows and bent her in half as I leaned forward and drove my hips down into her.  My cock became a means of attack, her pussy my target, and I impaled her hard and fast again and again.  I fucked her hard, driving my cock inside her, driving her into the bed.  I was a blur, an animal, and a god as I took from her what I wanted and drove myself toward my ultimate pleasure.  I watched her tits bounce with each thrust, heard the hard slaps that only come  during a hard, wet fuck, and felt the release rising fast and hard within me.  Like a punch to the gut it hit, and I throbbed in sweet agony as I came hard inside her, buried to the hilt.  She practically screamed, struggling to stay quiet and my cum filled her and set her off to another world-bending orgasm.

We collapsed again, my cock still inside her as I rested my head on her right shoulder.  I kissed her neck gently, and then her cheek before she turned her head toward me as our lips brushed again in our floating state of bliss.  As I slowly rolled my hips inside her, softening far too soon, Mrs. AP commented that she loves the feel of my cum inside her and that it makes her unbelievably horny.  For a woman who had just cum an uncountable number of times it certainly sounded like she needed more.  My cock insisted otherwise, softening and sliding out of her.  What was a poor Mr. AP to do?

I slid to Mrs. AP’s right, nestling my hand between her legs and again playing with her hard little clit.  My hand moved in circles, my fingertips pressing against her clit as I worked Mrs. AP up to another round of orgasms.  She came and came, moans and gasps and groans escaping her lips, but she wanted more and pushed my hand down further, entreating me to fill her with my fingers.  I slid my middle and ring fingers inside her easily, our combined orgasmic juices making a perfect lube, and fucked her pussy hard, curling my fingers up into her G-Spot.  I quickly added a third and then a fourth finger, rocking my entire body with the thrusts of my hand, pausing as some of her stronger orgasms hit to grab her G-Spot and cup her clit with the heel of my hand, pulling her hips off the bed for her as she released herself to me.  Softly, she began uttering through her orgasms, losing herself in the sweet abyss of subspace that I owned her pussy, that I owned her, that she was all mine.  Our dirty talk began a tango of her declaring that I own her and me demanding more release from her, parrying vocal thrusts from her with physical thrusts from me.  As her voice became more distance with pleasure I curled my thumb in and slowly, over several minutes, thrust and pushed my entire hand into her waiting, yearning pussy.

As the widest point of my hand slipped fully inside Mrs. AP’s hot pussy her groans dropped in timbre and her hips stopped thrusting; her head slowly shook back and forth as I fucked her with my fist, her pussy constantly pulsing around my hand.  She was in an endless orgasm while flying through subspace, her body on autopilot as her declarations of property became the weakest of mutterings under her breath.  I was heady with topspace, feeling the floating of subspace coupled with the feeling of power and control that comes from being in the lead role.  She gasped with every push, moaned with every pull, and slowly her voice rose in both volume and pitch.  I played her pussy like an instrument, her voice the notes I created, as her hardest, biggest, longest orgasm of the day rose up from deep within her and wracked her; she convulsed and thrashed, arms and legs flailing as she sang her release with body and voice.  As she came down I slid out to just my fingers, cupping her G-Spot again.  She half sat-up, gasping great breaths as she soaked my hand with one final mini-squirt flood.

As Mrs. AP collapsed back onto the bed and I slowly removed my fingers from her pussy I cupped her, holding my hand tight as she pulsed and throbbed under me.  It is a protective, possessive gesture, yet also a caring, nurturing maneuver.  I hold her body and her pussy as she recovers, grounding her as she slowly comes back from subspace.  I wrapped my left arm around her shoulders and rested my head on her breast, my legs tucking around hers to provide the maximum amount of skin contact possible.

Slowly our breathing returned to normal.  I sat up, head spinning, and grabbed the wipes for our cleanup. I warmed one between my hands before wiping her clean from top to bottom.  With her clean tended to my own bits and my hands, removing anything that had dried from our extended interlude.  Cleanup completed we arranged the sheets in proper order and settled back down to get some more sleep.  I had 4 hours before needing to leave for work and had no energy remaining with which to stay awake.

We drifted off to sleep snuggled in against each other, blissful, together and complete.


Stay SINful, friends.

8 responses

  1. SirQsMLB

    Well marathons have nothing on you two. I totally agree, time stops and euphoria is reached when we cum together. It’s a moment (or hour) of heaven on earth. You were inspiring.

    September 2, 2012 at 9:46 am

    • Thank you! Who knew that sharing (bragging?) our experiences could be so beneficial to others? It is truly humbling.

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      September 2, 2012 at 7:21 pm

  2. I love when a wake-up call works out so well. That was amazing!

    September 2, 2012 at 11:17 am

    • It was a WHOLE lot of fun, too! I don’t often get my sleep split in half like that, but I will absolutely take it.

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      September 2, 2012 at 7:23 pm

  3. ohhhh…mr AP! You’re killing me here! that was super hot. 2 more day till my hubby’s back… just two more days…I can make it…

    September 3, 2012 at 1:32 am

    • You can make it… and then make him take you! 😀 I’m glad you liked it.

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      September 3, 2012 at 1:33 am

  4. Thank god I had sex today [well I guess God wasn’t really responsible, lol) or I would be crazy jealous!!

    September 3, 2012 at 1:35 am

    • Who does God call out to when he’s cumming? I mean, he can’t call out “Oh God!”, right? That’s a little narcissistic.

      Glad you had a good day yourself! 🙂

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      September 3, 2012 at 1:37 am

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