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30 Days of Truth, Day 20 : Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Back with another one of those block rocking, err, 30 days of Truth entries!  Sorry, had a little Chemical Brothers moment there.  Anyway, on with the show!


Day 20

Your views on drugs and alcohol.


Growing up in Southeast Suburbia United States helped shape most of my early views on drugs and alcohol.  Barbara Bush was on the TV every afternoon telling me to “Jusy Say No.”  I was seeing fried eggs in a pan daily, being told that my brain would look like that if I did drugs.   Local police officers came to class to tell us how bad drugs were for us.  A hard stigma was attached.

It probably didn’t help that in Middle School my dad pulled me aside, lit a tea bag on fire in the sink, and told me that marijuana smells very much like that and that if he ever smelled that smell oon me I was grounded my life.

As I’ve matured and been able to apply reasonable cognitive skills to use evaluating the threat of illegal substances so too has my stance altered.

Alcohol is the drug of choice in the U.S., of course, being the one most readily available, the one most abused, and the one responsible for the greatest number of deaths.  However, this is in large part due to the “forbidden fruit” nature of alcohol in this country, with the legal drinking age as high as it is.  European countries that have lower drinking ages and that teach moderation as part of the daily lifestyle do not have nearly as severe a problem with drunk driving (or drink driving for our friends in the U.K.), underage drinking, binge drinking, and deaths from alcohol poisoning.

I think both alcohol use and illegal substance use could be far better managed if we improved the level of responsible education in this country and decriminalized some of the current illegal substances.  I’m not advocating for some of the hard physically addicting substances that can only be experienced through snorting or injection; I think anything that can have that hard, that powerful, and that addictive an effect is dangerous and should be avoided.

What I DO think is that responsible, moderate use of alcohol and some substances is perfectly fine.  I enjoy a dram of Scotch or a glass of Absinthe; not that one could guess from my username and the name of this little corner of the interwebs, of course.  I do not enjoy smoking anything; I grew up with asthma and still suffer sensitivity to smoke of any kind.  But substances that do not carry a physical addiction, and that do not cause one to engage in violent or negative behavior are perfectly acceptable.  Make some magic brownies.  Be like Jay-Z, and let MDMA have you feeling like a champion.  Stay at home, don’t put others at risk, and don’t ever ever ever mix a strong depressant with a strong stimulant.  Play smart, play safe, play sane.

And as Dennis Leary once said, don’t ever use a drug that’s named after a part of your ass.


Stay SINful, friends.

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