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A mess is best

We’ve all seen the scenes in films and television series where a couple has just finished having a round between the sheets and they’re recomposing themselves with a nice, slightly rumpled sheet covering them as they engage in pillow talk.  Maybe the man and woman are side by side, not touching, with the sheet down by his waist but hiked up to cover her chest.  Maybe she’s resting her head on his chest, his hand slowly playing with her hair.  In every scenario, though, the theme always remains the same:  they just got done having sex and the bed looks perfect.

Who ARE these people?  How are they having any kind of sex that doesn’t result in the sheets being kicked off the bed, pillows being knocked off, and there being at least one wet spot that neither person wants to roll into?

Mrs. AbsinthePassion and I cannot keep sheets on the bed, or at least not the top sheet, once we get into the groove.  We’ve even tried staying between the sheets on a few occasions, and every time we do the sheets ends up being tossed away after we start entangling ourselves in it.  Pillows often start following suit, as more often than not one will try to fall on us or get in the way and in the heat of the moment it just gets tossed somewhere.   And let’s not forget the fact that oftentimes we’re going to have to change the sheets if we don’t first put down some sort of protective pad, because Mrs. AP is a squirter.

Some people will try to refute the claim that women can squirt.  They’ll say it’s just urine, and do their damndest to degrade the woman who enjoys this kind of release.  These people are ignorant asholes.

When Mrs. AP squirts, the fluid is always clear, regardless of how well hydrated she is at the time.  With urine this would not be the case.  When Mrs. AP squirts she expels violently and in a wave pattern, sometimes (if I’m not positioned in the way) shooting off the bed — we have a King and she’s almost always near the headboard — and onto the floor.  This is not a urine stream, but a flooding rush of liquid.  And yes, if we play hard and long at it, I can get her to squirt multiple times with multiple waves and the resulting wet spots can be quite large.  Even with some soaking into the sheet and mattress — which happened before we began buying protective waterproof mattress pads — we’ve created spots large enough for an adult to curl up in.  During our first visit to Eyz Wide Shut, which uses waterproof bedding, we soaked the entire bottom sheet.

Squirting is a natural thing.  It’s also a wonderful erotic, sensual, primal release that I absolutely adore sharing with Mrs. AP.  Whether I’m using a few fingers, my whole hand, a few toys, or my cock to make her pop, feeling that hot rush over me as she bucks and practically screams with release is the most incredible and arousing thing I’ve ever witnessed.  When we can make it happen again and again it’s divine.  I love it when she squirts, I love being apart of it, and I don’t ever wish for it to not be part of our sex life.

I’ve seen those scenes in films and TV where sex is clean and sweet and there’s no cleanup afterwards.  Let them keep it.  For me, sex that makes a mess is always best.


Stay SINful, friends.

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