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30 Days of Truth, Day 14 : A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Trying to catch up on my lag in the 30 Days of Truth series.  Here’s another one that took some thought to hammer out.

Day 14

A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Dear Orson Scott Card,

I discovered your writing when I was in high school.  It was transformative, particularly your Ender’s Game series, in that expressed both a working knowledge of how highly intelligent people operate in all age ranges as well as a deep belief in the ability for love, cooperation, and understanding of different cultures and believe systems to be able to overcome differences and advance the mutual growth of the disparate groups.  As I read further into the series I saw example after wonderful example of how overcoming stereotypes and preconceptions resulted in more peaceful and unified societies even when the component groups initially appeared incompatible.  I was touched and shaped by the reading of your works, and believed you to be one of the most enlightened authors alive.

Sadly, several interviews of you over the years have directed my thoughts of you toward a less positive position.  Multiple times you have expressed a disdain for the fight the LGBTQ community has pursued for equal rights.  Multiple times you have endorsed the position that marriage should only be allowed between a man and a woman, and voiced support for the proposed North Carolina State Constitutional Amendment to forever deny same-sex couples equal rights.

Mr. Card, how can an author who has expressed such a strong sentiment for cooperation and acceptance in your novels show such a blatant lack for either trait?  How can such love and openness be expressed by such a hateful and closed mind?  How can you simultaneously express such deeply opposite views and still function in your daily life?

I used to think you were loving and respectable, Mr. Card.  Now I think you’re misguided and pitiful.  I hope the love and acceptance you preach in your works finds you someday, and that your readers will be swayed by the good you teach in your books instead of the evils you opine in your local papers.




Stay SINful, friends.

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