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What’s Your Fantasy?

Fantasies.  We all have them.  Some are relatively tame, some are relatively wild, but they all come down to one thing — satisfying some part within that yearns.  Yearns for a tropical vacation for a week; yearns for a backpacking trip across Europe; yearns for a sexual experience that would make even Jenna Jameson blush.

Sometimes people repress their fantasies.  I know for a great time I did.  My emotional state was in such turmoil that I stopped fantasizing.  I had Mrs. AbsinthePassion satisfying so many of my needs and was so scared of ever losing that security and comfort that my fantasies went on their own fantasy vacations.  Only as I’ve become comfortable with myself again, and worked through my own issues, hangups, and mental blocks have my fantasies been returning.

Thankfully, gratefully, Mrs. AP and I being both open and active on the Poly/Swing spectrum enables us both to pursue fantasies that would leave most Vanilla couples balking.  A MMF threesome?  Some couples can’t handle that, but as my lovely regular readers (thank you all!) know, Mrs. AP and I are no strangers to having another guy involved.  Thus far, our action in such threesomes has involved either having Mrs. AP being spit-roasted (whether by 2 cocks or by cock and hand, whatever) or the other guy and I being involved in some male-on-male oral action while Mrs. AP watches.  Some variation of these themes has thus far stayed true.  But in my mind (and hers) there are things we still yearn to do.  Things we crave to try.  Things about which we fantasize.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of my fantasies involve Mrs. AP and I along with one or more males.  She is a very happy woman when she has my cock and another with which to play, and I love watching her in action as she works her magic on another guy.  We both win in these situations, and we both yearn to add to our repertoire.

First and foremost, we both want to sandwich her in a double-penetration.  We’ve attempted this once before with her ex-husband (back when we were all together), but the poor guy couldn’t maintain his erection and slipped out, resulting in me fucking Mrs. AP’s ass as she was astride him.  While it was incredibly hot and we learned that she can squirt from anal during that incident, it didn’t really satisfy the DP urge.  We really want to find a guy with whom we’re both comfortable and can pursue that.

Similarly, we’d also love to find a guy with whom we’re comfortable and secure enough to engage in Double Vaginal Penetration (DVP).  We know from our fisting experiences that Mrs. AP can handle that kind of stuffing, but we also know for it to work best both myself and the other guy cannot be wearing condoms.  Two condoms rubbing together would cause one or both to rupture.  Because of this, I would have to go bareback, which right now isn’t practically feasible until we can get Mrs. AP on some proper birth control.

Along those veins, I’d really like to make Mrs. AP Airtight — that is, one cock in her pussy, one in her ass, and one in her mouth.  We know this one will be a little more tricky to reach, as we’d need two helpful males who are at the very least Bi-Comfortable, but preferably Heteroflexible or Bisexual male would be involved, since mane of those persuasions tend to be less picky about male-to-male contact.

In a different version of MMF, Mrs. AP and I both want me sandwiched in a Lucky Pierre, and for us to put another guy in the middle.  For those not familiar with the term — I wasn’t for years — Lucky Pierre is a MMF position where a guy is in the middle of a woman and another guy.  The guy in the middle is fucking the woman while being fucked by the guy on the outside.  I know from toys and pegging that I get rock solid hard and have extremely intense orgasms during anal play, and can only imagine that being inside Mrs. AP while a guy is inside me would be incredible.  Of course, I’d then want to return the favor. {Wicked grin}

There are some other fantasies I have that Mrs. AP isn’t as excited about.  She doesn’t take an interest in the vast majority of most women, and I understand that completely.  I don’t notice other women in a sexual manner if Mrs. AP doesn’t notice them either.  I can appreciate that other women posses beauty, but there’s a trigger in me that stays off until Mrs. AP’s head turns and follows another woman.  So should she ever take a hard interest in another woman or a full couple, the two following fantasies come to mind.

First, I would love to fuck Mrs. AP while she’s going down on another woman.  The idea of her on her knees, face buried between the other woman’s legs, while my thrusts drive Mrs. AP harder into the other woman gets me all kinds of excited.  As for the second fantasy, just take the one above, where I’m fucking Mrs. AP while she’s going down on another woman, and have the other guy join in by fucking me; his thrusts pushing me deeper into Mrs. AP, who in turn is pushed deeper into the woman she’s eating.  And maybe, just maybe, all of us are so comfortable and relaxed with each other that every eventually gets to experience every combination of all of the above fantasies combined.  Wouldn’t be a swinging time?

So now I’ve shown you mine.  Won’t you show me yours?


Stay SINful, friends.

5 responses

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  3. Oh yummyness! You share a lot of fantasies that my BF and I do, specifically the DP and Lucky Pierre (had no idea it was called that). There’s no way I could handle the two dicks in my pussy (although my BF would certainly love it)… I can’t even take a full fist (yet).

    We’ve also talked about the airtight (triple penetration) and then we would like to try a gangbang on me where he has clean-up duty.

    I think one day I’d like to cuckold him and make him watch – that just turns him on as well.

    And then of course I want my full gambit of experiences with women as well.

    September 18, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    • No wonder we get on so well! 😀

      I think once Mrs. AP and I have the schedules and financial freedom to get to exercising in earnest we’re going to shape up and start pursuing more of these fantasies. Right now it’s just not quite as feasible. She has said she’s open to going on a Swinger’s Cruise, and oh my goodness the things we could, and likely would, do on such a cruise might force us to create an entirely new list of both fantasies and new favorite positions!

      Stay SINful
      Mr. AP

      September 18, 2012 at 8:38 pm

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