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30 Days of Truth, Day 11 : Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

We’re into double digits and over a third complete in the 30 Days of Truth series!  Let’s see what’s on the docket today!


Day 11

Something people seem to compliment you the most on.


As Mrs. AbsinthePassion can attest, I often do not notice attention being paid to me when we’re out and about.  When I focus I can pick up on somebody checking me out or flirting with me, but most times I am dense and clueless.  As such, I don’t necessarily notice somebody paying me a compliment outside of my close friends and partners.

With that in mind, the one thing I have been hearing for years from friends, coworkers, and partners is how unusually fast I seem to be able to process and absorb information when I choose to learn something new.  Whether it’s how to tweak new software, troubleshoot a new OS, learn the geography of a new town, or learn the basics of a new language I can pick up the skill rather quickly.  To show my geeky side a moment, in videogame terms I am akin to the Red Mage in Final Fantasy.

This skillset has been incredibly useful over my IT support career.  As technology advances I an pick up the tips and tricks to work with the new equipment without compromising in my support of older products.  Corporate environments are no longer just Windows PC connecting to a central server; there are Windows, Apple, and Linux desktops and laptops, there are Blackberries and Windows Phones and Android and Apple phones and tablets, and they all need support.  I can jump between them all without missing a step in the dance.

In terms of other benefits, Mrs. AP rather likes and benefits from how quickly I learn as well.


Stay SINful, friends.


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