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30 Days of Truth, Day 10 : Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

Back with another one of those 30 Days of Truth series updates!  Let’s get right on it!

Day 10

Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

We all know people we sometimes wish we didn’t.  Maybe it’s the lady down the hall who’s little yappy dog just won’t shut up all afternoon, or the guy down the street who always rolls home at 4 in the morning with the bass booming so loudly in his car stereo that it wakes half the neighborhood.  There’s the ex-boy/girl friend who was too clingy or negative or so ridiculously overly positive that it felt like saccharine instead of sugar.  With as many different personality types and traits as exists in the world, it is inevitable that some people simply will not ever get along well.  The best one can hope to do is be civil and courteous and know when to leave well enough alone.

I’ve certainly run into my share of people I have disliked; some I’ve even outright loathed.   The former friend who (I felt) orchestrated getting my girlfriend my junior year to dump me so he could date her fell into the loathing category for quite some time.  Nevertheless, I learned some valuable things from him both before and after that incident and it helped shaped who I am today.  I like who I am today.  I am comfortable within my own skin, mostly, and growing more aware and comfortable with every passing day.  Mrs. AbsinthePassion has been instrumental in this in a very large way, and I thank her as often as possible for it.

Because I like who I am, and because who and where I am in life has been shaped by all of my experiences to this point, I cannot think of any one person I wish I had never known.  Yes, I wish circumstances had been very different in many cases, such as with my ex-wife.  Despite these wishes, what has happened can serve as learning opportunities to help me grow and avoid making similar mistakes.

As for somebody I need to “let go”, I think I do almost too good a job of that anyway.  I learned from moving around and having friends move away while I was growing up that it can be easy to drop contact and let people drift.  I’ve done it far too regularly, and have to actively work to avoid it these days.  When I move to New York, I’m sure some of my contact with the people I know in Florida will drop.  Even moving from Orlando to Tampa 2 years ago has led to me maintaining less contact with the people I knew.

Now I’m concentrating on letting go of people who do not contribute to me living a healthy, positive life.  I’ll keep the ones who help me grow, and let slip those who hold me down.  I’ll be a better person for it.


Stay SINful, friends.

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