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A hard friend is good to find

I may have mentioned this before, but in my current job my work schedule is an overnight shift Saturday through Tuesday.  While this diminishes my ability to get out and about over the normal weekend, I still get time off from work as soon as I get home Wednesday morning until I have to leave again Saturday evening.  Keeping to that schedule of “up all night, sleep all day” isn’t as glamorous as rock stars make it out to be, but it does mean that when Mrs. AbsinthePassion and I want to go out late it’s not impacting our ability to function very much.  Wednesday was one of those nights.

Our friend R — whom Mrs. AP has known for years — scheduled in a get together for us after our soiree in Ybor City that eventually led us to The Castle last Friday.  We ran a little late in the shower, and by the time we got to Tijuana Flats to meet him they were 10 minutes to closing, so we opted to get it all to go and head back to his place.  It was more convenient, and as a successful member of an IT branch of a large corporation, this also meant we would have the solace of R’s 3-bedroom townhome all to ourselves.

We got to R’s place and broke out the food while we put Inception on the TV in the background; none of us really paid close attention to it, but the lack of total silence when we weren’t talking seemed to ease tensions a little.  We settled down to eat while Mrs. AP put the 3 bottles of extra Riesling we brought with us into R’s fridge.

Side Note:  Mrs. AP and I inherited 20 bottles of late 1990’s German Riesling from friends of her family 2 years back, and we’re still trying to move through them all.  Improper storage over the years has led to dry cork on many of them, so any opportunity to empty a bottle of two is greeted with enthusiasm.

After breaking out the first bottle and talking for a bit, and subsequently finding our glasses drained, we opened the second bottle and sat down at the table, where R broke out a pack of cards and started shuffling.  I think it was more to keep himself occupied, but as having a pack of cards in one’s hand often does, he soon started dealing and we found ourselves playing 7-Card Draw for absolutely no stakes.  After reviewing Hand Ranks and setting a 3-card draw limit and establishing there were no wild cards at play, we set to down to re-acquaint ourselves at the Gentleman’s Game of poker, where it was very quickly established that Mrs. AP and I could hit strings of good luck that left R with the lowest hand.  This, of course, left R feeling non-plussed, and after losing several hands in a row he declared “Okay, this next one’s real.”

We found out the very next hand what “this next one’s real” meant, as R lost yet again and in frustration quickly yanked off his shirt and dropped it one the floor.  About this time we all realized our glasses were drained, so we paused to pop open the third and final bottle and sat back down.  A few quick banters and nervous half-jokes later it was determined that our game of No-Stakes Poker had just elevated to Strip Poker.  Did I mention the table was a glass, see through top?  This night was now getting interesting.

Neither Mrs. AP nor I had ever played Strip Poker before, but we were all far enough into the night that we each just gave a slight nod and smile to each other for reassurance and carried on.  Try as I might to remember the exact order, aside from remembering some quibbling over jewelry and Mrs. AP even sacrificing both her watch and necklace to avoid losing her bra, eventually it got down to R in his boxers, Mrs. AP in her bra and thong, and me in my trunks.  With some very semi-seriousness we dealt the next hand, which Mrs. AP promptly lost; she had a pair, R and I both had 2 pairs.  Off came Mrs. AP’s bra, and R had to take a moment to compose himself and tear his gaze away from Mrs. AP gorgeous 38 DD breasts to deal the next hand.

We all shuffled our hands around, we each took 3 cards, and feeling confident, I was the first to lay down my hand; a Straight, 5 high.  Then R lay down his hand; a Straight, 10 high.  Finally came Mrs. AP, blushing, as she lay down her hand; a Royal Straight.

We sat there, stunned, as it dawned on everybody that I was the first to completely disrobe.  Only there I was, cock hard in my trunks, a slight wet spot forming from all the sexual tension in the air, and I was too nervous to move.  I knew this was a tipping point and that I should act, but something in me just wasn’t letting it happen.  R saved the moment by dealing, just between him and Mrs. AP.  I don’t remember the hand, only that she lost, and that she, too, was having difficulty working up the nerve to disrobe.  R dealt one more hand to the 3 of us, in what he declared was Double or Nothing, and I promptly lost that hand as well.

We sat around a moment, trying to figure out what the Double part was, when 3 glasses of wine hit my bladder with full force, so I excused myself to the half-bath downstairs.  As I wrapped up and washed my hands, it dawned on me that I could just saunter back to the table naked and see what became of things, so I slowly opened the door with my trunks in hand to find that instead of still sitting at the table R and Mrs. AP were now on the couch.  I slid my trunks back on and joined them, Mrs. AP to my right and R to her right, as we tried to settle on something to watch.  After perusing the OnDemand movie channels we threw Fast Five on the TV and sat to watching for about the first 10 minutes.  Then all the attention turned to Mrs. AP.

Sitting between us, she’s been rubbing both of our legs a bit, and was still topless while R and I were just in our bottoms.  Mrs. AP later said she noticed both of our cocks getting hard while she was sitting there, and she knew something was going to happen.  Sure enough, I heard a slight intake of breath and glanced over to see R teasing one of Mrs. AP’s nipples, and never one to let her be neglected I started tweaking the other.  We sat there, R pinching and twisting Mrs. AP’s right nipple while I played with the left, until R could take no more and took her nipple firmly into his mouth.  I followed suit, and Mrs. AP melted back into the supple leather of the couch, her head laid back and her eyes closed, as she trembled and moaned and let the feelings take her.

R started sliding his hand down Mrs. AP’s hip as he and I were tending to her nipples, and my hand was trailing up and down her leg a she draped it over mine.  R and I both teased the edges of her thong, and she mustered up just enough clarity to mention that 3 people would have a difficult time doing anything on the couch, so we slowly pulled apart.  Mrs. AP grabbed a few condoms out of her purse, we grabbed some bottles of water, and we made our way upstairs to R’s guest bedroom.

We lay down on the Full Size bed, Mrs. AP in the middle, R on her right, me on her left, and I kissed her deeply as R started playing with her nipple again.  In short order she had both of us sucking and biting and licking her nipples again as hand trailed up and down her body.  R and I each grabbed a side of her thong and pulled it off, and our hand started wandering more.  Very soon, as I was feasting on her nipple, R slid a hand between Mrs. AP’s legs and she gasped slightly as he slid at least one finger into her.  She arched her hips toward him, and I pulled away from her breasts to kiss her again as R slowly got to work exploring Mrs. APs incredible pussy.

R soon found a rhythm that worked for him and for Mrs. AP, and between his ministrations with his, as she phrased it “very talented hands” and my tweaking and sucking on her nipples she was losing herself in orgasm upon orgasm.  I love the way her face lights up, her eyes roll back, and her hips and back arch when she hits a strong orgasm.  It’s like she’s offering her body to the gods of pleasure, and I’ve never seen a better sight.  She is a divine woman all the time anyway, but when her stronger orgasms hit she tips into another scale of gorgeousness that is almost overwhelming.  R was busy overwhelming her as well, as she muttered between clenched teeth “must not flood the bed.”

R took this as a challenge of sorts, and got to working even more vigorously with the 2 to 3 fingers he now had inside Mrs. AP.  His whole arm was moving back and forth very rapidly, and I soon heard the familiar sound of Mrs. AP gushing as she started squirting into R’s hand.  Her head thrashed back and forth, her hands beat and clutched at the mattress, and her back arched almost a foot off the bed as a soft wail escaped her lips as I heard her gush and gush some more, forming a sizable puddle on the sheet.

As she came back down I nestled in tight against her, my lips at her neck, and R slid in against her other side, cradling her as she recovered.  Once she could focus again her hands started wandering across our bodies, which very quickly led to my trunks joining her thong on the floor.  R got up on his knees to play with her nipple some more, and with him working one-handed and Mrs. AP lending a hand they quickly removed his boxers and tossed them on the floor as well.  He and I both sat up on our knees, and Mrs. AP soon had one of her happier moments as she lay there with a hard cock in each hand.  The smile she had one her face was incredible, a perfect combination of orgasm afterglow and sexual satisfaction of having two hard cocks at her disposal.

With two hard cocks close to her Mrs. AP pulled us a little closer, and very soon was sucking me into her hot mouth while stroking R.  She gives the best head of anybody I’ve ever been with, and the enthusiasm gets kicked up an extra notch when she has another guy with us, making it perhaps the best feeling I’ve ever experienced.  After not more than a minute or two I pulled away, feeling some familiar pulsings that I didn’t want yet, and she turned her head and took R into her mouth.  The look on her face as she closed her eyes and parted her lips to slide them over his firm head, around his head flare, and down his shaft was one of pure bliss.  I throbbed and pulsed again just watching her, my hands wandering up and down her body, before looking down and seeing her legs spread wide and her hips wriggling ever so slightly.  I slid down her body, kissing her breasts and stomach and hips before slowly licking her soaked pussy from top to bottom several times.

I buried my mouth against her hot pussy, fucking her with my tongue before sliding up to flick and suck on her hard clit.  As I was savoring her delicious nectar, R had shifted to get up closer to Mrs. AP’s head and was angled slightly down her body now, kissing her leg as hip as he fought to keep from face-fucking her.  I slid over to the side and he kissed his way up her thigh and buried his face in her pussy.  I slid around back to her side and started pinching and tweaking her exposed nipple as she sucked hard on his cock and he licked her pussy.

Soon he shifted up and away — Mrs. AP said she felt him start to get close and guessed he didn’t want to risk popping so soon — and she rolled up as he and I lay down next to each other.  She crawled between us and alternated taking each of us in her mouth for a few seconds, sucking first him and then me and then him again.  Being the teasing Domme that she is, she then crawled up his body some and brushed her nipples across his lips, encouraging him to try to catch them.  He got one once or twice, but she was soon sliding down to trap his cock in her cleavage, sliding up and down while watching his face; his eyes were locked on the sight of his cock sliding between her tits, and so were mine.  The sight of him disappearing and reappearing was incredibly erotic.  Every few strokes she’s take the head of his cock into her mouth and he’d moan just a little.  As she was doing this I reached over and grabbed the condom, holding it on my chest as she slid her way down R’s legs and took his cock into her mouth again, making sure he was rock hard and ready for her.  She sat up, ready to slide forward…

And then everybody’s bladders woke up, so we took a few minutes for us all to compose ourselves.

Back on the bed again, me kneeling next to Mrs. AP as she settled between R’s legs again, she said the hottest thing of the night.  Taking R’s cock into her hand, she said softly in a very lusty tone “Let me firm that up for you” before sliding her lips all the way down to the base of his cock.  He jumped just a little, his eyes rolling back, as Mrs. AP sucked him back to full vigor.  I handed her the condom wrapper opened for easy access, and she rolled the condom down R’s cock, squeezing tightly.  She crawled up him, trapping him between her legs, and he reached around to grab his cock and hold it still as she slid back onto him.  She teased him, taking just the top edges of the head in, working her hips in small circles as I watched from behind.  Her hips swayed and danced, rocking back and forth seductively, as R tried hard to thrust more of himself into her.  She asked breathlessly “You want all the way in?” and I think he whimpered just a touch as I saw him nod.  Mrs. AP rocked back, slowly, feeling R’s cock slide deep inside her as she bottomed out, the edges of her pussy lips resting against his balls.

She started rocking back and forth, and I got as close as I felt comfortable, knowing R is straight, and rubbed her back and grabbed her ass and pinched her nipple whenever and however I could as she rode R.  She started out soft, getting used to the feel of him and letting him get the feel of her, but soon she riding him harder, her hips slamming onto his cock.  She’d sit up, rocking hard against him, and whenever she did I grab her right breast and squeeze hard, pinching her nipple until it was flat between my fingers, as she’d cum all over his cock.  She’s fall back forward, thrusting some more, and to get extra leverage she’d put her hands on the headboard to get the full force of her body behind those thrusts.

I had a great view the whole time, watching from behind, as she slid her pussy up and down his cock.  Not quite as thick as me but just a little longer, the site of her taking all of him in, of making his balls bounce every time she slid back down on him, and watching him come back into view as she slid back up were exquisite.  I was rock hard the whole time, and every so often Mrs. AP would reach over and stroke me while she fucked R, using her motion to stroke me in time with her thrusts.

After about 10 minutes, as Mrs. AP was building back up to a forceful rhythm again, R announced that he was going to be cumming soon.  This drove Mrs. AP to fuck him harder, and his hips were rising to meet hers, both of their breath coming faster, her moans growing deeper, and as she let out a deep, long moan to let me know she was cumming he tensed and moaned, exploding inside her.  This triggered another hard orgasm in her and she squirted a bit all over his cock and balls and hips as she sat straight up.  I grabbed her, holding her tightly, feeling the waves of orgasm crash over her, and our energy kicked in together as we rode that orgasm wave together.

She collapsed backward, legs pinned under her, as she tried to catch her breath.  When she could finally move she lifted her hips off him and crawled around to nestle between him and me, snuggling in the afterglow of a post-orgasmic sandwich.  We lay like that a bit, cuddling, and she started laughing before turning to R and saying “You know, if you wanted to sleep with us you didn’t have to get us drunk first.  You could have just asked.”  R looked shocked and amused, but seemed overall very happy with the idea.

As we all came to and realized it was nearly 4 in the morning, we started getting our things together and recomposing ourselves.  R still had to work in the morning and wasn’t going to get much more than a short nap, but he agreed the lack of sleep was well worth it.

Mrs. AP and I settled in for the drive home, discussing how we were feeling.  When I first met R two years ago I saw him looking very at Mrs. AP as if she was lunch, and my territorial nature kicked in.  I wanted to let everybody know that she was “Mine, dammit!” and was guarded and protective.  As I’ve come to know him better and understand the relationship he and Mrs. AP have had over the past 10 years, I’d come to see that he’s a good friend who respects boundaries but still has carried this lust and longing and slight bit of love for Mrs. AP that, frankly, is hard NOT to get for her.  She’s gorgeous, friendly, loving, and has the best set of breasts on the planet.  That they’re a natural perky 38 DD without any lifts of enhancements often gets her some very angry glares from women; as if Mrs. AP somehow did something special to grow the perfect pair.

Now that I know R better and have spent even more time with him, AND now that Mrs. AP and I have been talking about us and our relationship and how dedicated we are to each other, I don’t pick up on R as the “threat” I thought he first was.  He’s a good guy, he’s a good friend, and he also happens to be pretty darn good, albeit a bit quiet, in bed.  There’s no awkwardness or trying to figure out what to do next.  He fits in well, and I’m sure next time we can all end up in a position or two that will allow all three of us together.

After Mrs. AP and I got home we had not one but two hard rounds together.  She and I somehow strike this balance where we can start out making love, transition to fucking, and just bounce between those two on the spectrum until we’re collapsing in each other’s arms — or me across her back, as in the second round — catching our breath from the simultaneous orgasms we just hit.

I love it when Mrs. AP and I have a good time with another guy.  That it was somebody she’s known for 10 years, that was the boyfriend of her once best friend, made it seem more intimate.  That they’d both wanted each other to varying degrees over the year made it seem somehow more satisfying, as if I’d somehow helped them finally hook up like they’d each wanted.  I know Mrs. AP is never going to leave me, or even do anything sexual with somebody else without me unless we’re all three in an established relationship together.  I know she and I are wonderful and perfect for each other and that nobody can come between us.  I am secure in the knowledge that she has all the love in the world for me, and that with anybody else that connection just isn’t there.

Even so, it’s the most erotic thing in the world to watch her cum while she’s making somebody else do the same.


Stay SINful, friends.

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    Mr. No Name

    April 28, 2012 at 10:58 pm

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