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30 Days of Truth, Day 07 : Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Here we are again, with yet another edition of 30 Days of Truth.  Day 7 is here!  Why, that’s nearly 25% complete!  Not too shabby so far, yeah?  Enough celebrating, let’s get on with the update.


Day 7

Someone who has made your life worth living for.

Life is generally worth living, yes?   We all have our down moments, and some of us battle depression either briefly or for very extended periods of time, but even those of us who have had depressive episodes off and on for over 15 year still find ways to keep going because, after all, life is full of opportunities and New Stuff! that makes life fun.  And while the cop-out easy answer to the question is “Me”, I don’t believe that’s the spirit of the question.  Besides, other people deserve the credit more than I.

As a Military Brat I moved around some as a child, although not quite as often as most of my fellow Brats.  We got lucky, in that Dad landed 3 deployments in succession at the same base, leaving us in the same house for 7  years.  In all the moving both my family and my various friends encountered, I have had the mixed pleasures of meeting a great many people, some for better, some for worse.

I had awesome friends with whom I spent massive amounts of time.  I had fantastic teachers who instilled a love of learning and word play and encouraged my curiosity.  I had teammates who became friends, fellow Boy Scouts who became friends, and more than my fair share of coworkers and classmates.

In ALL those people, only 2 have ever stood out of fantastically shining examples of people who helped change my perspective on life, who helped kill depressive episodes and reinvigorated me and renewed my interest in living.  These two wonderful women helped shape me, helped change me, and have helped me become the man I am and am becoming.

In the summer between my Junior and Senior years of High School I began taking a very special notice of one of the girls who attended the same church as me.  She was a few years younger but had a maturity beyond her years and could spar intellectually with me.  My previous year at school had been rough, I had alienated myself from most of my fellow classmates, and I was still somewhat recovering from a double-shot of Strep Throat and Mono that cost me the soccer season and helped me drop nearly 25 pounds in one week that I couldn’t afford to safely lose.  And here, here was this intelligent, becoming, lovely girl who not only noticed me but also wanted to be noticed.

We flirted.  We courted.  We dated, and were exclusive for 2 and a half years.  She and I had a bad falling out, but after we both licked our wounds we became friends again, and remain good friends to this day.  She helped me realize that even if most people around me neither understood me nor wanted me that somebody could and would, and that I wasn’t doomed to be alone and lonely.  She pulled me from the brink of teenage despair, and I will be forever grateful.

Most influential, though, and I can never say this with enough emphasis or expository adjectives attached, has been Mrs. AbsinthePassion.  She turned my dark, cold, stormy life completely around for me.   When Mrs. AP found me I was deep into a clinical near suicidal depression.  Hopelessness and despair were my bedfellows, and they both paid me more attention than did my wife at the time.  I saw no future at all.  Mrs. AP changed all that for me.  She extended to me the firmness, kindness, and reality I needed to see that life had the potential to be bright and good again.  Further talking with her led to me finding the most wonderful, caring, loving, understanding, and supportive human being I have ever known.  Now she is also the most fantastic, nurturing, talented, beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy partner I have ever had.   Every time I look at her I see the most amazing woman in the universe, and she gets this look or this walk to her sometimes that very quickly reminds me that I’m a red-blooded male.  Nobody has ever satisfied, rejuvenated, or intoxicated me the way Mrs. AP does.

I live to make life good because of and for Mrs. AP and me.


Stay SINful, friends.

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