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Date Night!

One of the things I always strive to do with Mrs. AbsinthePassion is make sure that she and I have ample US time.  Sometimes it’s something as simple as cuddling while watching something on TV, sometimes it’s a date out to her favorite area restaurant.  She’s the absolute perfect mate for me, and I never want there to come a time when she doubts that.  Together Time is important for any couple, of course, but I know that I have this habit of getting stuck in habits and routines and forgetting to display to her just how amazing and wonderful she is.  It’s no fault of hers; that blame lies squarely on my shoulders, and I daren’t ignore it.  I get distracted by the latest tech news, by the latest custom ROM update for my hacked Android phone, by the latest sexy story to hit one of the many blogs I follow (and thank you ALL for your updates!), or by some other relatively trivial and unimportant thing.  To combat that, I tr my best to always catch when she’s hinting — if not saying bluntly outright — that she needs more quality time just the two of us.  It helps that, quite often, when she starts mentioning such things I”m already feeling a bit off from a changing of attention we’ve been giving each other and I need more of her time as well.

Friday was a combination of our need to reconnect a bit combined with both of us being a bit under the weather.  Something has bloomed in our area of Tampa that has both of us absolutely miserable anywhere near the house.  Sinuses are inflamed, eyes are watering, noses are sniffling.  The symptoms are entirely unsexy and didn’t leave either us truly inspired to make our second visit out to Eyz Wide Shut.  I wanted to go, especially with the theme of the night being Corset Night and Mrs. AP having some fantastic steel-ribbed corsets that do incredible things to her already magnificent 38DD breasts, but I didn’t feel the excitement of anticipation of going that I thought I should.  I was just too down from sinus and headache pain.  So we decided to change our plans, focus on us, and find a way out of the house  that could still make for a good time and get us away from obnoxious roommates and the noises of children.

As luck would have it, I’m a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan, and they had a game Friday night as well.  We made our way out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game and sate a craving I’d been having off and on for weeks for the Caribbean Jerk boneless wings.  On our way to the restaurant one of our friends asked if we’d like to meet him in Ybor City for a drink later, and after Facebook messages and missed text messages back and forth we settled on the venue where we’d meet after the game.

Thankfully for me the Penguins won (hey, it’s the Playoffs, and a loss means they’re done, which is a serious mood killer for me) and we set off to meet R.  The bar he was in was kinda kitschy meets geek with some art on the walls I could only describe as abstract cartoon.  I’m sure it has long-term endearing qualities, but I’m not much of a bar guy and didn’t quite settle into the place.  R’s friend R2 showed up, and we all agreed that it wasn’t quite our style of place, but we had no real idea what else to do, so we settled on one drink each while chatting before taking off to find something else.

Drinks consumed, we walked down the main drag in Ybor City.  There was a light sprinkling, which led to all of us being wet without being soaked, and after a walk from one end to the other of the night-life section (about 1 mile, give or take a block or two) we hadn’t found any place that really seemed calling to us, so we wandered over to our favorite place to be in Tampa; The Castle.

The Castle is the first club I ever visited.  It has been for years the best Goth and Industrial club in the Tampa Bay area (now the one and only, I believe.)  It served host to the Official After Party when VNV Nation performed in town.  It has been host to Fetish-Con parties.   Taboo Masquerade has chosen The Castle as the official venue for years.   The energy that comes on Friday nights, when upstairs and downstairs are both playing Goth and Industrial music from across the years is unlike any energy I have ever felt outside of a Tool concert.  Plus, as a wonderful bonus, they have an Absinthe Bar!

As you may guess from the names around here, Mrs. AP and I have a passion for a good glass of Absinthe.  The bitter from the herbs, the bite of the anise and licorice, and the sweet finish from the sugar make it one of my top 3 preferred straight drinks, just behind Single Malt Scotch and Small Batch Bourbon.  The staff at The Castle gets Absinthe right, offering Pernod, Lucid, and Grande Absente along with several other lesser recognized varieties.  While not top-end European made Absinthes, they offer a respectable introduction for American audiences.  The drinks are prepared in the Czech fashion; the Absinthe is poured over a sugar cube sitting atop a slotted spoon that straddles the glass until roughly 1/6th of the glass is full.  The sugar is the lit on fire, caramelizing just before dripping into the Absinthe below.  Iced water stored in an Absinthe Fountain is then dripped over the sugar, quenching the fire and liquefying the sugar.  When the glass is roughly 5/6 full the drip spout is closed and the drink is stirred using the same spoon that held the sugar.

Mrs. AP and I made our way straight to the bar and ordered each a glass of Grande, along with one for R.  We nestled in to the familiar bouquet and made our way upstairs to the main room, where our favorite DJ was doing his absolute best to make sure nobody left the dance floor unsatisfied.  We stood of to the side near the cage with the back-to-back St. Andrew’s Crosses drinking and lightly moving with the music until our drinks were done, at which point Mrs. AP and I hit the floor for a song or two.  We weren’t in our normal gear, which actually through us both off a little in our balance and timing and movements.  We are, sadly, also not as accustomed to dancing as we once were, and made our way back to the bar to grab some seats and chat with R for a time.

Finally around 2:00-ish we were getting hungry again and called it a night.  We drove R back to his car, took off for home (with a quick stop at IHOP for a sandwhich, wherein a group of biker-ish / roadie-ish guys gave us the horrible creeps), and settled into bed where we very promptly passed out cold.

It felt good to be on the dance floor with Mrs. AP again.  I love the way she moved, the way she loses herself in the music.  The serene expression she gets when she’s in tune with one of her favorite songs is divine for me, and it reignites in me the absolute unequivocal knowledge that she is the perfect woman for me.  Dancing with her, our steps intertwining then drifting only to come together again, arms and torsos weaving but not quite touching as we bend and dip and sway, is almost as intense and every bit as intimate as our sexual moments.  We may be surrounded on the dance floor, but for those moments, it’s just US.

No matter what else we do, I absolutely love those times when it’s just us.


Stay SINful, friends.

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