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30 Days of Truth, Day 05 : Something you hope to do in your life.

Here we are again, with yet another day in the 30 Days of Truth series.  Let’s see what we have today, shall we?


Day 5

Something you hope to do in your life.


This topic threw me for a second.  I had to sit back, stop, and really think about things I hope to do.  I mean, there are places I’d like to see — I’d love to tour Germany and the U.K., I’d love to visit Paris and Prague and Amsterdam, and to visit Melbourne and Sydney, and to revisit Tokyo — but that’s just travel.  Those are places to go, things to see, but not really something to DO.  Doing something, to me, should be an accomplishment.  Something good and productive and wonderful.  And that’s when it hit me.

I want to raise my children to be loving, accepting members of society.  I want them to be proud of who they are and of what they believe, and to that end, I hope to always display that for them.  I want them to see me be proud of loving Mrs. AbsinthePassion.  I want them to see me be proud of loving whomever we may find as a boyfriend.  I want them to see me be proud of who I am, and emulate that.

To that end, I want to be more vocal in my support of equality for all.  We’re at the point in our society where, 50-60 years ago, Science Fiction writers were theorizing we would have moved beyond caring about gender, sex, creed, and melanin hues.  I want to help instigate that.  I want to help bring about a better life for all.

I hope my children will be good, proud people, and I want to show them how it’s done.


Stay SINful, friends.

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