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Changing on the fly

Do you ever make plans for something and have to change them at nearly the last minute?  Sure you have.  We all go through that, most of us more than once.  Life never follows the script we try to provide, and like good actors we all learn to improvise our lines along the way.  This week is one of those weeks for Mrs. AbsinthePassion and I.

We had it all planned out to go to Eyz Wide Shut on Friday, but a confluence of a monthly biological visitor coming to visit alone with a different opportunity have combined to push that visit to next week.  That’s not so bad, though, as next Friday is Corset Night!  This means Mrs. AP can wear the more Goth outfit she would normally wear when we go out on Friday nights, we’ll just be somewhere other than The Castle for a change.  As for our other opportunity?

A guy we’ve been talking with on OKCupid off and on since January is in town for the weekend.  We have a date planned to help him celebrate his birthday.  Its the first meeting in person for all of us, so we’re playing it safe with dinner and maybe coffee afterwards, all in very public places.  Mrs. AP and I take no chances!  J, our date, is a smart guy, and we’ve all hit it off well online.  It’s just a matter of seeing how things go in person.  No pressure.  More of a meet and greet.  Good food, good people, good conversation. Good time.

Stay SINful, friends.

2 responses

  1. We got tired of changing plans. We were to ‘blame’ as often as others, so we gave up on meeting on line and now exclusively (well, not exclusively) meet at the club.

    Mr. No Name

    April 14, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    • This was of our own doing, really. We realized a trip to Eyz wouldn’t work well under the circumstances, so we adjusted. As much as I like having a schedule to keep and timetables to follow, Mrs. AP reminds me that flexibility and adaptability are useful skills to keep sharply honed. We had a good night anyway, even with changing our plans again last minute.

      April 14, 2012 at 8:07 pm

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