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My first time – male

What was your first time like?  What do you even consider your first time?  Does heavy petting over clothes that miraculously leads to somebody creaming in the pants count?  What about the first nervous skin to skin contact of hands to genitals?  That first time of oral, where one or both of you were far more nervous and too inexperienced to have a chance at orgasm?  Or do you only count that first time a penis, a hard throbbing cock, slid into the unbelievably hot, wet caress of an aroused pussy?  (There was arousal, wasn’t there?  No?  Ouch!  I’m so sorry, ladies, I know that’s a bitch.)

My very first experience with another person in which bringing the ultimate sexual release was the goal came when I was 13, and was with my best friend, J,  at the time.  He and I attended the same school, we were in the same Confirmation Class at the Lutheran Church we attended, and we often spent the night at each other’s houses, sometimes over entire weekends.  After all, it was easy for one of us to catch the other’s bus on Friday afternoon, hang out on Saturday, and then go to church together on Sunday morning.  We were young, we were boys, and most of the time we spent our time watching movies or playing videogames anyway.

Unknown to my parents at the time, I was involved in a porn distribution chain at my Middle School.  One of my friends had been given his fathers back catalog of Penthouse magazines, stretching from the mid-to-late 1980s to the (then) current 1994.  I would buy these off my friend for $3 apiece, and after a few days of reading every story in the Letters to Penthouse section 4 or 5 times and absorbing each of the pictorials, I’d turn around and sell them to other classmates (usually the 6th graders) for $7 each.  It was decent money for me and left we with no shortage of masturbatory inspiration.

One of the Friday’s I was spending the night at J’s house.  He had ridden the bus home straight from school, and his parents weren’t due home for several hours.  I mentioned I had another issue of Penthouse that I hadn’t looked at yet and asked if he wanted to look at with me.  This wasn’t anything terribly new for us; we’d done so in the youth room at church on Wednesdays several times before while waiting a few hours for the Confirmation Class to begin.  Only this time, instead of being in the more taboo location of one of the church buildings, we were in the living room of his house.  Nobody home but us.  So we laid it on the rug and laid down next to each other, him to my left, as we flipped through the pictorials.

One of the pictorials featured a man and a woman in an art gallery.  It started innocent enough, both of them dressed, but quickly progressed to articles of clothing coming off of each of them.  Soon we were looking at a series of pictures of the woman sliding her lips around the head of the man’s cock, and then down the shaft.  We’d already been squirming on the floor, hard cocks pressing uncomfortably against us, and this just made it worse.  We both said at the same time, as if we’d planned it, “Wow, I bet that feels good.”   We paused, looked at each other nervously, and he whispered so softly I could barely hear him, “You want to find out?”

I nodded, unable to speak.  Ever since I’d started looking at my friend’s parent’s Penthouse magazines stashed above the cabinet in their bathroom 2 years prior, I’d always loved the spreads with guys in them the best.  There was something about seeing that hard cock at attention that always grabbed mine.   Now here I was, my best friend offering not only for me to get my own cock sucked, but to let me suck his.  My heart was pounding so loudly I could swear he could hear it, and the butterflies in my stomach had moved into my throat, but I wanted it.  I had to let him know I wanted it, despite the apprehension and excitement that were surely combining in my eyes.  So I nodded.

We packed up the magazine and moved into his bedroom, where he promptly locked the door.  He was in control, I just knew it, and I was powerless to stop it.  I was sure he’d never done this before, but he was always the one taking the lead when we went out anywhere, and he was doing it again here.  He turned around from locking the door and took off his shirt.  I took off mine too.  He took off his shoes, pants, and underwear, and I followed suit.  Neither of us had said anything since we got in his bedroom, and now here we were, naked, standing close to each other, not really sure how to proceed, both knowing we wanted to.

He asked how we should do this.   I managed to find my voice and suggested “We could get into a 69, that way we both go at the same time.”  He said that sounded like a good idea to him.  Neither of us wanted to be on the bottom, so we settled for sideways.  He lay down on the carpet underneath his loft bed.  I laid down next to him, my face level with my cock, his face level with mine.   I looked at him, taking in the first real cock I’d ever seen aside from my own.  He was still early in puberty — his hair was just coming in, all blonde and sparse — and he was only about 4 inches long and just over an inch across, but he was hard and throbbing with the pulse.  At that moment, it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

I scooted closer, my eyes locked on him, as I felt his lips encircle my cock.  His mouth was hot, like nothing I’d ever felt, and with just the right amount of wetness.  This encouraged me, pushed me over the edge, and I took his cock into my mouth.  My first cock!  He was hard and soft at the same time, the smooth velvet texture of his skin laying just atop firm muscles that pulsed in my mouth.  I closed my lips, sliding them back up his cock, and brushed them over the ridge of his head.  Up and down my head bobbed, feeling him slide between my lips and across my tongue, which I started flicking against his ridge every time my lips passed it.

I don’t know how long we lay there, our cocks in each other’s mouths.  It felt like both forever and no time at all before I heard him gasp for breath as his cock jumped in my mouth.  The next thing I knew a hot, salty fluid was filling my mouth, and instinctively I swallowed and swallowed until it was all gone.  I had made him cum!  And not just a little, he’d cum the way I did when I hadn’t jacked off in a few days. He’d exploded, forcing me to swallow 3 or 4 times to take him all, and it was wondrous!  I’d never felt such a rush of power and excitement.  I knew, now, what bringing pleasure to somebody else could mean!  He lay there, gasping to catch his breath, his eyes unfocused, and I knew we were done.  He hadn’t even gotten me close to an orgasm of my own, but at that moment I didn’t care.  I’d made my best friend experience something he’d never had before, and we were both happy from it.


I didn’t have a repeat performance with J for 2 years.  I was staying at his house for a week, and we took turns going down on each other one night.  Puberty had been kind to him, taking him to 7 inches long and adding an extra half-inch across to his girth.  He still couldn’t get me to cum — in fact, even after he gave up and I went to stroking myself just to get off, it took half an hour — but he was just as tasty the second time around.  I knew afterwards that I’d always crave cock, regardless of how well my relationships with girls (and later women) were going.

And I still do.


Stay SINful, friends.

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